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Mardell has consistently stated that she would not like polygamy, but that if it had to be done, she thinks that she would be able to tolerate it. On reflection, I think that I could probably tolerate it as well. It would certainly be really, really weird.

But I also think that, despite that attitude of potential reluctant acceptance which is, I think, widespread among members , reinstituting polygamy would never work. As noted, my hunch is that if I had to marry a sister-wife, we could find some sort of marital equilibrium. Probably both women ganging up against me and making me do the dishes.

Polygamy, Courtship, and Dating

But what would be the strangest — something I doubt that I could pull off — would be the courting. Modern marriage conventions are different from what folk did a hundred years ago. Nowadays it requires dating and courtship — going to dinner, holding hands, going to the movies, calling each other to chat, making out in the parking lot. As much as she thinks she could tolerate having another wife, I am certain that she could not tolerate the idea of her husband out on the dating market, flirting with random single members, asking for their phone numbers, and potentially, eventually, marrying them.

And I think that this feeling is universal, or close to it.

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Plural marriage may look like what great-grandma Edna did, but married men hitting on cute singles looks like a run-of-the-mill tawdry affair. And it seems to me that it is this shift in marriage and dating conventions that truly ensures that polygamy can never be reinstituted. HAHA, that is the understatement of the year! I think the reason polygamy will never be reinstituted is because, as others have hinted at in their comments, the definition of marriage has changed greatly over the last hundred years.

In fact, love means something different today than it did in the days of polygamy. The two ideas — romance and polygamy — are incompatible. About the courting thing, Kaimi, it all comes down to sociological habit. If polygamy were introduced suddenly, it would be very awkward for everyone used to the old ways, certainly people already married. But if polygamy were a given as you grew up, it would seem that much easier.

I think polygamy then and now is just a lifestyle choice, only slightly less natural than what we currently employ.

Plural marriage dating site – Osella Corse

Wright has suggested changing the law, removing permanent divorce, as a cure for this particular sociological ailment. She continues to live in the same house, raise the children the same as always. As one not related to Heber J.

For men, I think polygamy was like cliffdiving. This is entirely hypothetical—I have done neither. Looks interesting from down below. Looks really scary at 60 feet staring down. Fri, 16 Apr Hello everybody, I just want to share my story with every one. I started my genealogy research 2 years ago when I bought my PC. As long as I can remember I have had this desire to know who my ancestors were.

My dad was raised LDS and my mom was raised Catholic, they later joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church but always let me and my brother know that we were free to choose our religion. In high school I decided that I wanted to be Catholic, I studied the religion and felt that it was the right religion for me.

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When I started on my family tree, I intended to do my paternal grandfathers side first, but I could find no information, so in frustration I started on my grandmothers side. Knowing my great grandmother, whose maiden name was Andrus, and the names of her parents made it so much easier. When I came to Milo Andrus, I thought there had been a mistake, because he had 11 wives listed under his name. And then I thought, how could 10 women die so fast. So I looked him up and not until I read his biography, did I realize he had practiced polygamy.

Anyhow, I was fascinated by Milo and I spent hours trying to find anything at all I could about him and his life. One night I had a dream, I was with Milo and he was talking to me. He told me that he wanted me to belong to his church, and that he wanted all his descendants to practice his religion. He was kind and gentle and showed me a wonderful place, where everything was glowing white.

I pondered this dream for a couple weeks, thinking it was a nice dream, but I still wanted to be Catholic. But the dream kept nagging at me, so, in frustration I prayed to God and asked him to help me, I told him to send me a sign so that I could know which religion I should be. The next day, two missionaries, for the first time ever, knocked on my door. She put up a good front, but then quickly backpedaled when it came time to meet. Sadly she is very lonely and now we know why, she doesn't know what she wants, and her mother is a paranoid psycho who has her convinced anyone she meets on the internet is an evil axe murderer.

Just be careful, I don't want anyone else to get burnt the way we did. We are still looking but going to take it much slower and be more guarded next time. Good luck to all of you who feel this lifestyle is for you and God has put that desire in your hearts. We are 62 and nearing retirement.

Is it realistic to search for a woman who would be a friend and partner to add to our household? How long did it take you people to find a third wife? Most of the time I feel like giving up because I don't think we will ever find someone. Newer Post Older Post Home. Anyone that says their family life runs smoothly is lying, life is not like the Brady Bunch.

With a clear vision in her mind, Kaye has kicked up her efforts to find a successful polygamous relationship and has joined dating websites to find like-minded individuals. Despite the hardships, Kaye remains resilient in finding what she is looking for and hopes one day Australia will relax its laws to make polygamy and polyandry — one woman with multiple husbands — legal.

Same sex marriage or polygamy. If all parties are consenting adults, why should it be banned? People need to open their minds. Polygamy means large families, just like Mormon polygamist Tom Green with 25 of his children and his five wives.