Dating a venus in capricorn man

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  1. Your Venus Sign Dating Secrets - Venus in Capricorn - Horoscope - by Michele Knight
  2. Here’s How To REALLY Find Out If You’re Compatible, Based On Your Astrology Birth Chart
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Your Venus Sign Dating Secrets - Venus in Capricorn - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

However, no matter what your age you do need a partner you can take seriously. Implicit in all this was the feeling that if you were held hostage by a terrorist you were highly advised to ask if he were single. Venus in Capricorn often delivers happiness in love later in life and sometimes we have to go through quite a few disappointments before we get there.

If you have Venus in Capricorn the message is: Capricorn is the 10 th house of the zodiac which rules our career, our status or if you are a woman also the status of your partner, recognition, fame and honours. Saturn rules structure and establishment. Can I take you seriously? You love classic style, sophistication, status that is earned, a certain dignity, potential lovers who know who they are and therefore what they want.

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The chances of you Keeping Up with the Kardashians? About seventy five million to one. Seeing as you usually have a pretty good idea as to what you are seeking in a partner why are you still seeking? You are a stickler for convention and this could be what is holding you back.


Instead of going with your feelings you may be worried about what your family, friends or more likely society is going to think of your choice. Our family and friends usually know us the best and sometimes we do need to pay attention to what they are saying about our choice of mate.

However — you may be rejecting someone on the grounds of what you believe they may think rather than what their actual reactions may be when they get to know a living, breathing human being.

Here’s How To REALLY Find Out If You’re Compatible, Based On Your Astrology Birth Chart

And as for what society may think — so what? Remember, if love has been elusive — be open-minded.

What a Man Finds Attractive in a Woman

Capricorn is not a fast-moving sign, because impulsiveness can lead to disaster, mistakes and general upset -- and these folks need a calm environment in which they can stay abreast of anything and everything important. Therefore, when they first meet someone they find attractive, they will probably go to great lengths to conceal their thoughts. And they will likely continue to do so until they are sure pursuing the attraction is a practical endeavor.

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  • Therefore, it could take you a very long time before you even realize Capricorn has his or her sights set on you. For this reason, only the patient and determined qualities Capricorn will admire, by the way! And before you ask about those just seeking a fling Capricorn rarely entertains such ideas, so you fling seekers may want to set your sights on other signs like Aries or Gemini!

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race While it might seem like Capricorn is too slow-moving to accomplishing anything in love, that's not the case. Once Capricorn is sure of you, he will pursue you. And he will probably do it the old fashioned way. If it seems like he's moving so slowly that you'll never reach the alter, bear in mind that his goals are much, much bigger than that and he wants to have his entire life in order first.

    He works long hours because he wants to be totally financially secure before getting married and having kids -- which is what most of them do actually want. This is not a guy who's going to take you through a Vegas Drive-Thru Chapel and pop the question. This is the guy whose going to build you a castle first, and then, when he's sure he's successful enough to treat you like a queen, all the pieces will fall into place at once.

    It could be a long, frustrating wait for some women ie, Gemini, Aries, Scorpio, Leo but it's well worth the wait if you can hang in there, because few men are more loyal, supporting and loving than a Capricorn man. They are not particularly skilled at expressing their emotions, but that doesn't mean they haven't got any! These folks are very loving and caring people, but they hide it better than any other sign. If you are tender with a Capricorn it will probably intimidate them at first, because this is one area where logic and practicality will not serve a purpose.

    Venus in Aries (Detriment)

    Therefore, you should start to express this tenderness in small increments and give your Capricorn a chance to absorb it. Watch their responses carefully, backing off or stepping things up in accordance with their reaction.

    Do not come on too strong, or you run the risk of watching them close down entirely. Patience is key, and if you bring loads of it to the table, you will be heavily rewarded. I am a Capricorn venus woman so I do think Capricorn venuses can be faithful People think we are cold because it takes us a long time to open up because we look for security in our relationships and I don't just mean financial security but emotional and all!!!

    Also we are cold when it comes intimacy but when we find that person that allows us time to thaw out then our earthy sensuality comes through I am still waitin on bae Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Thanks x 13 Hugs! This thread is funny but very true. I recently dated a Scorpio man with Capricorn venus.

    We've known each other a long time and dated before. I broke up with him earlier because I found him kinda cold. I KNOW him and he's a very kind and sensitive guy at the core but he's pretty cool in terms of expressing how he feels. If u don't know him well it would be real easy to believe he doesn't care about you. He's expressed his admiration for women who look well put together and talks about his public image quite often. Hr moves very slow when it comes to relationships and is ever watchful and cautious.

    He's ambitious and cares a lot about how his woman makes him look. Very guarded, even with me and we've known each other going on 10 years.

    Sun enters Aquarius

    I have a Leo Venus so there's a clash there cause although I'm a Virgo I'm very open and affectionate with my love. I'll tell u and show u how I feel for you early on and often. He's definitely more of a slow burn type when it comes to romance. He's also the best lover I've ever had and I've had quite a few. Still love this man. Mar 3, I'm a Venus in Capricorn woman dating a cancer venus guy.

    He's extremely affectionate towards me, almost like a puppy dog lol. I admire him as he's very hardworking and I love his mind and his warmness Leo sun, moon. These things make him all the more attractive to me. I do tend to judge guys based on their ideals and goals.

    I know this sounds mean probably, underachieving guy with no dreams just isn't attractive to me for the long term. I'm not affectionate in public, but at home I am. And it's true we move verrrry slow, but always for the right reasons. Sep 20, Venus in Cap men. If it's not "needed" dont plan on him buying it. Dating A Sag man with a Cap Venus and he's not cheap at all..

    He's moody and broods but I take that as him having a Scorpio moon. Dec 25,