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And what do women offer? Sometimes maybe sex and maybe the possibility of the simulation of faking to like you. Not much else except a waste of your time and resources. Also every woman I met on a dating site was a nut job, and it took a lot more effort than the real world. Create female profiles on dating sites and a lot of time you will have extra options that men do not, like searching for income. Anyway women use online dating to play games, to gain validation, shoot men down aggressively to pump themselves up.

Just like in real life. Would the USA anally rape a female terrorist? Also force feeding strikers is against international law. Yes, they do give you malware. Is Christian Mingle a dating website scam? Yes, I know that just because a Christian label was slapped on X, it does not mean X is better than its non-Christian counterpart. I am just curious if you know anything specifically on Christian dating website like Christian Mingle.

The arguments on those websites are bunk. Because it is the Internet and books and they are looking to sell you something, it is reasonable to presume it is bunk and hogwash. And when you work out their arguments, it is all bunk. There is no special or secret benefit to screening a woman through a Christian website or in person at a church. I have an acquaintance who is a hardcore Catholic conservative. He got married at 35 to a 19 year-old virgin through a website. He is obese, dense and broke.

Are dating websites useless for men? - Community Forums

He has a useless degree and is incapable of getting anything but a minimum wage job. How did he score such a catch? She is sexually repulsive. Obviously such stats should come with a health warning but I would think you are cutting off a useful avenue by electing not to do it.

If it only takes one, you should probably persevere with it.

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If your results are bad, get new pics up. Try new combos of profile photos etc until little miss lovely bum likes the cut of ya! OLD is very superficial in the opening phase.

Dating Websites Are Useless

You HAVE to understand that. Get some photos professionally done!

Make you profile seem general and appealing. If there is one thing I have learned it's that women will put up with all kinds of insane bad behavior as long as you don't bore them. I know a party boy who put his GF's head through a wall and cheats constantly. She sticks around because the guy is FUN. I met several women, two of which I had shorter term relationships with before I cut it off neither for "Crazy issues". And have meet the woman I have been dating over a year now through it Match and POF here. All times are GMT The time now is The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

Do Dating Apps Ruin Men's Self-Esteem?

If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number. Contact Us - LoveShack. Add Thread to del. I heard about that but I had no idea.

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The truth seemed much worse that what I have read about. The bulk of the messages from the guys were a pathetic "hey" or "what's up? They seemed in line with what all the experts agree on. And when I'm talking about expert advised messaging I don't mean anything dishonest, just advice on increasing communications skills.

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Reflective of the region I live in, many of the guys who messaged appeared to be redneck douche bags, or I felt that I basically have seen what goes on behind the curtains. I think that if I were a women I would grow a sense of contempt towards men in general after repeated exposure to this. So this was all quite crushing really.

Maybe the paid sites don't have nearly as much traffic as "Plenty of Fish" so that might be hard to say. To sum this experience up. This compared to how things are changing for me in real life. Since I have been getting in better shape and have lived a very different life since fleeing my abusive ex last spring. My confidence has grown a fair bit. At a recent company Christmas party, which was a large event with many companies in attendance. I sat myself at a table with two very attractive ladies who then wanted to spend much of the evening with me and through some of the activities there.

It didn't go beyond that as it turns out they have fella's of their own who weren't in attendance. But that's a start, it wasn't so long ago I seemed virtually invisible to women. My co-workers were awe struck that I could just sit down with them and generate that much interest.

To the point I'm getting at to sum this up. Now she may not be available, or interested enough to want to date me, and being aspie my social skills are somewhat handicapped, but I figure the odds of that leading somewhere are far better than the alternative. Thoughts on the matter? How does online dating work out for men at all to end up in a relationship? Does it take thousands of attempts on average? Ironically I met my said abusive ex on plenty of fish back in I think it was. I had never thought about the statistics behind it before. She told me she liked me because I was one of an extremely rare few guys who didn't seem like a grease ball.

I think I can do far better in person. I just need to get myself in more social situations. I am considering joining a hiking club in my area for starters. Pariah Dog , Nov 26, Informative x 3 Friendly x 2 Like x 1. I'm on Tinder on my phone, and I've had a few matches in the UK, but I don't think Dad would approve of me going on Tinder dates as a 41 year old Aspie. Mr Allen , Nov 26, The Midge , Nov 26, Agree x 3 Like x 1. Roy pryer , Nov 26, The main issue I had with online dating was this: The men put down some variation of: I like doing outdoorsy things, I like concerts, I like hanging out with my friends but also quiet evenings in, and maybe I like some specific artsy thing.

The women put down some variation of: I love joking around, but I can be serious too, I love movies and concerts, but I like a private evening in too. Basically, they were either all the same So they didn't really say a heck of a lot other than how much they valued normalcy - at least the appearance of it.

Then what I struggled with was I honestly wasn't relating to all of that normalcy, I was far more quirky. I think the key is to just find someone whose real personality might shine through and might be one you are genuinely really drawn towards, rather than just finding the people you might think are good looking.

First moves form guys were always just causal "hey" and a comment on my profile description to start a conversation. But the only kind of quirky I found on those sites was very off-putting. I had some exciting conversations with cute guys I liked, but they never had much in common with me, and they fizzled out - like my real life relationships fizzled out when I could appreciate the guy, but we didn't share a heck of a lot in common so they couldn't really appreciate me.

All of those masses of more "normal" girls out there would eventually outcompete me with their promise of shared normalcy Not sure if any of this is useful - and it was only based on my own experience. Maybe you can avoid my pitfalls!