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The first was him telling me his name was [Henry] and mentioning our names started with the same letter I don't know why this was relevant. The second asking if he could try to convince me of why I should date him in one message. I thought it'd be entertaining, so I said sure. Then later after he was arrested asked if I'd ever been with a guy who had a mug shot. Needless to say, with that level of romance and sensitivity, I swiped left. I was just looking to have fun and was swiping right on everyone. I talked to a bunch of people but didn't really remember them half the time.

One night I was at Common with my buddies, two girls came up to me and asked if I was [Trevor] I said yeah, who's asking? I think I may have been talking to two girls who knew each other.

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I'm still kinda unsure, though. I asked her what team she liked and told her if she was wrong, we can't talk anymore I sent her a flame emoji as a hint. She replied with Eskimos.

I was kind of confused considering the Eskimos are a football team. Safe to say, she was wrong and we didn't talk anymore.


XOXO! Valentine’s Day Speed Dating | Moxie’s Bar & Grill, 7 Ave SW, Calgary | To Do Canada

He took me to the forest-like area surrounding Calgary at the edge of 69th street. During the da told me he wanted to burn the forest down. I hid and waited three hours until he finally left. I agreed to go on a date with him, but when we went back to his place after dinner there was no dog in sight. We were in the car driving to the restaurant, and he asked me to Google map directions.

Speed dating how to set up matches

When I opened up his phone, the very first thing was a fetish porn site. I looked at him and he winked at me. Bold move, but not ideal first date behaviour. I matched with a nice looking guy named [William] and so I said hello. He replied at the speed of light saying, "Let's cut right to the chase. I have a family dinner coming up and they think I have a girlfriend that I see three nights a week. They asked me to bring her and I will pay you to pretend to be my girlfriend for four hours. I asked him what he's been doing 3 nights a week thinking he was a serial killer.

He replied, "Going over to my buddy's house and binge watching My Little Pony. I matched a guy on Tinder who asked me on a date to his house but had a dog.

19 Calgary Tinder Nightmares That Will Make You Glad You’re Single This Valentine’s Day

Not just any dog but one of those dogs who's tongue is constantly out, wet, and dripping. I asked if we could meet somewhere else due to my dog allergy and he agreed. Here are some tips to prepare you for our busiest one yet! The Dome Theatre From the edges of the known universe to the far flung reaches of planet Earth, immerse yourself in a movie or a live planetarium show — a narrated story with a full Dome Theatre visual experience.

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