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Dating/Banging Short Girls

  1. What's so attractive about short girls? - Forums
  2. What's so attractive about short girls?

No I don't feel weird. If bf was 5'2" then I would feel weird.

I see what u mean. Other than she can't reach stuff high up in the kitchen and I find her on top of the counters a lot getting stuff.

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Originally Posted by SinisterGains. Originally Posted by classybrah. Originally Posted by PSachs. In on this thread. I'm 5'2" and its never even occurred to me that some people might find it weird so I want to see the responses lol. As long as she's not underage you shouldn't feel weird at all OP.

What's so attractive about short girls? - Forums

My gf is 5'3" and nothing looks weird. Originally Posted by cookiefiend. I lift therefore I am.

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Originally Posted by playsintrafficc. This is complete news to me, but I don't have anything to compare it to. I wouldn't have it any other way. And how can man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his gods?

Current girl is 4'11" lol. Can sometimes feel weird but I just ignore it. Little bishes are awesome. I love the way my cock looks in their tiny hands. I've never dated a spuer short girl man, what's it like? Just gets annoying when you hear it all the time, how are you supposed to respond lol. People just find it cute.

Bro, I am 5'8". Might as well be a midget. You're a lucky guy Man, they must be phucking retarded if they feel the need to repeat it over and over again. Originally Posted by malexiou2. Originally Posted by Violator Same height for me and my gf. Never had anyone else comment on it. Though you will notice it does make certain positions more interesting.. Lost all my gains and had my dreams crushed because of crohn's disease crew.

I had this for a long time with one gf, until eventually I just upgraded to a taller girl. I'm 5'10 shes 4'11 lol Neither of us mind the height difference, I've always been more attracted to shorter girls most of them are batchit crazy tho. Nobody has a problem with us. If I get down on my knees and shes standing next to me, the top of my head reaches her shoulders lol. Only smashing 5'0'' - 5'4'' girls personally srs - only dated girls in the 5'8''-6'0'' range in the past few years Smallest was 5'4'' and it was a serious relationship, but I always knew that her height was bugging me and that I would never wife her srs.

What's so attractive about short girls?

I know its not fair and nice, but thats how I feel, deal with it. Originally Posted by Braveheart My mom is 5', my dad is 6'. My sister is 5'3" her fiance is 6'2". My uncle is 5'4" my aunt is 5'6". I've been on a dates with girls as short as 4'10" and as tall as 6'1" Not going to lie, it's pretty damn awkward dating a girl who towers over you But seriously, who cares and why?

Would you NOT date a short girl for the kids?

Originally Posted by daisygirl