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  2. Man shares photos that show the true side effects of weight loss
  3. Man shares photos that show the true side effects of weight loss | smooth

You obviously care about your health to make such a drastic change in your lifestyle to loose weight, and that is more attractive to me than any loose skin you might have. On an unrelated note, do you do any body building or muscle toning exercises, to see if that helps some with the loose skin?

Do you think GAG should combine these topics?

I know it won't fix everything but it might help some, although it looks like you already have some nice muscle tone in your pecs. Congrats on the weight loss though, you should be proud of that accomplishment. You obviously have a lot of determination and drive. Wow congrats on losing that extra weight! I can only imagine how hard that was and seriously pat yourself on the back for that!

Honestly that wouldn't bother me at all. I think once you find a girl you connect with on a deep level she will look past it and see what dedication you have. No one is perfect and I would suggest after a few dates with a girl being open about how you lost so much weight that way she is aware that you might have excess skin.

That would be my only suggestion. Its not that bad.

Man shares photos that show the true side effects of weight loss

I have seen far worse. Drink lots of water and keep up the toning excersises and that will help a bit with time For what its worth most guys start to look like this when they hit anyway so you got there quicker Your attitude is fantastic though. Any girl who lets this get in the way is mad. Originally Posted by MrGrey Congratulations on the weight loss.

It takes a lot of determination and discipline to accomplish such a task.

Storytime about loose skin, sex and dating with my EX! - LoseitlikeLauren

I'm sure your confidence has increased greatly. Take things one step at a time, your still young. You can get the loose skin issue resolved and your confidence will take a further boost.

It's true some ladies won't see the skin as an issue, to be honest some will. Well, If you can stretch the skin where my moobs use to be by like 2 inches. I think im in no place to judge women with loose skin. I know forsure that there will be a surgery in the next 5 years that will tighten skin up without surgery and will be more than half of the price of traditional skin removal. And there will be a cream that will literally eliminate stretchmarks. Friend of mine is about to open up her own clinic, so i know these things. She says they are all in there testing period before they come out on the market.

So there is hope, even so loose skin wouldn't turn me off. I apprecaite the optimist, But, we both know this shit it just a fast pass to dying alone: Have a nice day. I like who I like That being said - I'd help him with regards to surgery - my dad is a doctor. I did answer yes, but It would all depend on the guy.

Man shares photos that show the true side effects of weight loss | smooth

If I am being honest, it would have to be that connection that you don't have with anyone else. It would have to be quick and come on strong or I would friendzone him. I would like to point out that surgery isn't always super expensive. And if you can get a doctor to say that the folds of skin are causing medical issues, you can get some covered by insurance. I would get to know him and like him before I ever saw him shirtless or naked.

And if he was a great guy and treated me well, then yes, I would absolutely give him a chance. I'm not a face person, or a body person. I date for the personality and how I'm made to feel. Initial attraction is great, but I can get over pretty much anything. I was overweight at one point, and then adopted a healthier lifestyle. I got lucky, though, and got away with just a few stretch marks, but no loose skin.

But I'm familiar with the struggle and the insecurities and emotional pain that comes with it. If anything, i would admire him for his accomplishment. Yes, of course I would because physical appearance is not what I look for in my significant other. Why does his body have to matter? If he is a sweet, nice, kindhearted person and has a great personality that you like then his body shouldn't phase you. People need to learn how to love people for who they are not what they look like.

I would only date him if he planned on getting the surgery to remove it. Congrats to you on losing the weight! If we were married to get married we'd probably have to just get married at the court house and use the wedding money to pay for the procedure. That wouldn't bother me, do you know the type of mindset that comes with a man who over came this obstacle? That's attractive that he wanted better for himself and look at him now.

Absolutely yes I would.

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He probably worked hard to lose that weight. Besides that though everyone has imperfections. I wouldn't want him amy guy judging me or avoiding me because of something so insignificant. As long as he had a good personality not a douche and I found him attractive, the loose skin wouldn't bother me at all. Honestly I would have to love him a lot in order to accept that.

That simply just does not look good at all. It's great that he has lost the weight but the saggy skin makes his body look like he's 80 years old. Not really a turn on and would be hard to get around during sex. But if I truly loved him, there wouldn't be much else for me to do but accept it. It's an interesting question.

I think I wouldn't mind it in private but I'm not sure how I'd feel to go to the beach with you. I think it is. Probably because I'm not that comfortable with my looks either so I need a 'normal' looking person next to me I think he has other qualities that are Hot. His face it cute. I follow him on YouTube.

So u gotta have other things going for u. I would date him. And it's not like his shirt Will me off all the time. Fleetwood Mac has announced a Aussie Tour. Something else that may interest you. Your smartphone might be able to diagnose signs of mental illness. The best dad dance moves of all time.