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Interesting to see so many people saying it was their favourite of the season. For me it wasn't the best, but certainly better than most. Last week's episode was the worst I've ever seen of this show. Am intrigued for the finale, the season 3 one was so well handled as a possible farewell. Which reminds me, where is Starburns?! From what I gather, it was loyalty to Harmon.

Because the guy who played Starburns was not an actor, but rather someone who worked behind the scenes - doing what, I can't recall - that was just asked to step in front of the camera one time. One time which led to more times as his side-character popularity grew. Apparently, he was never overly fond of being on camera That is why a lot of new names and previous directors - like Tristan Shapeero etc There is no chance of him returning, not since Dan Harmon was sacked. Or so I have heard.

Basic Human Anatomy

I don't understand why that would matter unless the actor refused to be in it due to loyalty to Harmon. We have Leonard and others so I don't really know if there's any reason other than it being a story left dangling by Harmon and co. This was definitely my favorite episode of the season. Maybe it's because my expectations were really low -- when I read about the body-switching a few days ago, I kinda wanted to skip this episode entirely -- but I think they handled it quite well. Despite the fact that I didn't like the early episodes of this season for wasting concepts, I appreciate the Dean -- uhh, I mean Jim Rash -- for the way he kept this possibly big concept low-key.

I personally liked Troy's performance more than Abed's, just because I think he was able to match Abed's voice better than Abed was able to match Troy's voice, but both did it well. Hehe Rash's Dean's Jeff. I didn't care at all about Annie and Shirley's valedictorian plot. And while Annie finding Deanfrey attractive all of a sudden seems funny on paper, I couldn't help but groan at it on screen.

I know there have been a few times where Annie gets caught up and silly in moments during previous years, but her silliness just hasn't seemed right this whole season, including this episode. I thought the finger-wag was a bit of a crutch and overused by Glover. In my opinion, Pudi definitely had the harder assignment. And the cadence and inflection of his voice was spot-on.

I'm not knocking Glover. I liked his Abed-like eye movements and subtle head-tilts, but Abed's monotone voice isn't that hard to imitate. They were both great, but Pudi gets my vote. Totally with you on the Annie criticism. What has she even done this season besides play house and complain about grades in her vain attempt at becoming Valedictorian? The writers had no idea what to do with Troy in the early going, but they're slowly finding his voice.

But Annie's been one-dimensional all season. Annie used to be the moral center of the group. She used to be Jeff's conscience, telling him when he erred and helping him be a better person. Now she's a silly girl who rubs feet for grades and bickers with Shirley. Don't get me wrong, she was always very driven and neurotically obsessed with good grades, but she was so much more than that. Now that seems to be all she is.

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Alison Brie is so talented. It's a shame we haven't really seen it this season. Did you know Alison Brie is years-old?!!! Glad I'm not the only one who is dissapointed with Annie's arc this season. Alison Brie's talents are indeed wasted. And no I'm not talking about her boobs. But she will be able to play a 20 year old for a long time. Totally agree that Glover's performance was better than Pudi's. Danny Pudi will always be my favorite actor on Community.

They did such an amazing job imitating Abed and Jeff's voices.. Loved his episode, probably my favorite of the season so far. This was actually really funny imo. And it wasn't as corny as some of the other episodes Plus, Dean Pelton writing it makes sense, considering how demented the whoel thing was Jim Rash is such a good writer.

He should do alot more movies. Troy and Abed were terrific. But they always are. And Dean Pelton pretending to be Jeff - that was just epic, Annie's reaction - priceless. Very good solid episode! I loved this episode! For me this episode is definitely the highlight of the season so far, and on par with much of the previous seasons though not the classics. From what Abed said at the end, about it being the best way to wake up, I think he didn't know what Troy was doing until that morning. Troy must have planned it, though.

I can totally buy the relationship the way it was portrayed. Surely there are couple who stay together for convenience even though they don't really have chemistry. And where did you get Troy saying he was breaking up because he's not grown up enough for a relationship? I totally missed that. I only saw that he knew it wasn't working, but he wants to continue to be Britta's friend. Am I saying that right? Now go into the corner, facing the wall and think about what you said. It hasn't been thaaaaat bad.

I kinda liked it too. You actually liked a season four episode of Community? Right, who are you and what have you done with the real Fringe Fanatic? Jim Rash is a brilliant Writer and actor. His Jeff impersonation was kind of eerie. His voice inflections were perfect. The bottom line of this episode was that it still felt like a luke warm episode that couldn't execute its concept well.

So much of it was just bland. But there were some real highlights in the acting. Jim Rash may have done his best work here with an eerily good Winger impression. Glover's Abed impression was also very good although the material wasn't great. Pudi was solid but not quite on par with the others. Now to the Troy and Britta relationship. I'm bitterly disappointed with the way it's transpired. The relationship was written in the first place because of the amazing chemistry between the actors and because it's clear from the scenes they've shared that they bring out the best in each other, Britta warms and Troy matures.

The relationship was essential to the show but like everything else this season it's been grievously sabotaged. So instead of showing any kind of progression in the relationship we got fountain-gate and a regressed Troy, with the relationship has been mostly ignored. And now the writers would have us believe that it's Troy and Britta's supposed indifference to each other that not only led to the relationship's demise but also its lack of screentime and plot progression this season. What a cop out!

It almost seems as though the writers don't feel that any stable, happy relationship can exist in a comedy, which is both lazy and wrong. Uh uh, just no to the whole thing. But hey "Idiots love tv weddings! More power to 'em. Its fun to see talented actors try out their peers quirks and ticks look at Glover's hands when he's doing Abed; the way Pudi raises his voice at the end of a sentence.

Its wasn't trying too hard hey More of THIS please. The puppets were really the absolute worst!!! I don't know how Codey Barber declared that the best episode of season 4 by far! I hope that you totally messed up my name on purpose. Otherwise, I'd think you didn't like me. Does Harmon strike you as the kind of show runner who is governed by studio notes? I don't think Harmon was too particularly beholden to exec notes except, "You're Fired, we can hire someone cheaper than you". But he acknowledged that there were 4 young people in close proximity of each other, who might hook-up.

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Like so much stuff this season Dr. Who parody, Remedial Chaos Theory being played out to the Nth degree they took his ideas and wrung alot of simple, formulaic, tv sitcom trope, bs from it. Because it's easy, and again, Idiots love a tv wedding. Between the last episode and this one, they're getting back the groove they lost. This is the kind of thing I watch Community for -- old storylines handled in refreshing new ways. There are plenty of breakup episodes for sitcoms, but none take quite the approach of "breakup by way of Freaky Friday parody.

Brita and Troy aren't the only ones that forgot their anniversary. Because it was given such little screen time that I am not even sure you can constitute it as a TV relationship. It has had its moments mind you. But that is all they were, moments, seconds, milliseconds, freaking Plank Time Units. It was a non-relationship relationship. In that it only really occurred off screen. So at what point am I to care about the breaking up of a relationship that we never really saw? Answer; At no freaking point do I care.

It wasn't a funny relationship like Brita and Jeff. Not a feel good relationship like Shirley and her husband. Weird, like Abed and coat check girl. Funny like Jeff and professor. Or Annie and Shirtless guy or even Britta and shirtless guy. So I can't really say I felt one way or another about their break up.

Community "Basic Human Anatomy" Review: A Rough Break-up -

It was another in a series of plots that was diluted with trying to incorporate the rest of the cast in needless ways to give them screen time. Saying that, the concept of the episode I didn't mind. It gave Donald Glover some much needed screen time. It gave Danny Pudi some screen time and they did a lot with it. Though I have to give to Donald for the win. But again with this episode it felt like too much filler and not enough substance. The whole Die Hard thing was dumb.

I know it was tried to illicit a reaction from Abed. But it lasted way too long. Annie And Shirley's quest seemed like it was only there to give them screen time. And it was only saved by Jim Rash and his spot on impression of Jeff. That was the only thing that saved that bit. Chevy is gone so that doesn't really matter.

And frankly after his absence the last couple of episodes I was surprised to see him. I still can't really blame him for leaving. His has been given crap to work with all season. But the episode though it did make me laugh was still based on a relationship that wasn't given to the viewer enough to care about. And for that it just makes it bad.

It pains me to say that because Community truly might be my favorite sitcom of all time.

Community-Interpretive Dance (Troy and Brita)

I would be so bold and say that I feel this conclusion worked best because of the way the show handled their relationship. Thought it was one of the better ones and felt more like the Community from previous seasons. As for the relationship I think you might be watching the wrong show. They have never been serious with relationships on this show. I'm pretty sure they're trying their best to be the anti-friends here and you might just be reading way too much in to it. The whole Annie and Jeff thing hasn't really gone anywhere either.

The show abandoned a deeper plot for any of the characters way back in season 1 and have barely touched on any of them except for a random episode here and there. I find it refreshing actually. There's a difference between the show avoiding romance and neglecting an established romance.

When they've gone to the trouble of building up Troy and Britta then the writers deciding to not take it seriously is actually harmful to the characters. That said I saw this review prior to viewing it, so I skipped the last minute or so during the credits because I don't want my memory of a good Community episode tarnished with crappy outtakes.

This wasn't as dramatic a relationship as say, Jim and Pam on the Office. It just kind of happened, then just kind of ended. The relationship was filler. This whole season never really had a main story arc like the last season, and just kind of felt like it was going through the motions, so the relationship fizzling out seemed fitting. You say that you feel they didn't focus enough on the dissolving of Troy and Britta's relationship, but I think that's kind of the point. There was really nothing there to focus on.

Yes there were some cute moments leading up to it but once they started dating nothing really changed. They went from friends to friends who sleep together. Nothing was really progressing at all, and I think that once someone pointed out that a year had passed, they both realized that. Fantastic acting by Danny, Donald and Jim. Everyone was just great as their character pretending to be another character.

I always feel Danny Pudi is under appreciated as an actor and should be up for awards. I have to say for the body switch though, Donald Glover truly won becoming Abed. I've said it tons but I just feel Community has really changed since it's gone away from it's true roots. In no way would I want Community to mimic Season 1 always but that set it all up and they've strayed from that so far.

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Just seems much more now. Overall from what I read, I'm actually stunned that Community could be renewed?? Think we all ultimately thought when this season started it was nearly "nail in the coffin" over. The route they're going maybe it's good to say goodbye but we shall see.

It was one of those that didn't need a lot of jokes because the characters were developed enough to actually pull this off. The Dean starts acting like Jeff. Annie and Shirley visit the Dean, who continues to act like Jeff, in order to find out why Leonard is ranked 1 in the class. When the Dean confronts Leonard, Leonard runs out of the college, thereby returning Shirley and Annie to 1 and 2 in the class respectively. Annie is attracted to the Dean while he is acting like Jeff but cannot understand why.

Shirley's solidarity with Annie dissolves as soon as she gets the 1 ranking and she gloats about it, which annoys Annie. Over their dinner, Abed as Troy tells Britta that Troy has been talking to Abed about their relationship and wonders if they really are working when they forgot a relationship milestone such as their anniversary. Jeff insists Troy as Abed go find the DVD when he rejects the new copy as it is actually of the remake. The janitors, who are having a murder mystery night during the day, direct them to the lost and found.

While looking for the DVD, Troy as Abed confesses to Jeff that he doesn't think his relationship with Britta is working and that they should break up. Back at the restaurant Abed as Troy is confessing the same thoughts to Britta. Jeff commends Troy for his commitment to the bodyswap with Abed, but tells him that he has to be honest with Britta because "that's what a man does.

Troy and Abed meet up at the restaurant and re-enact the bodyswitching scene, as Jeff turns the lights on and off, to return to their rightful bodies. Troy finally sits down and breaks up with Britta saying that he knows he can be a good friend to her and wishes to have at least that even while he cannot be her boyfriend.

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When the group returns to the study room, Pierce shocks them by having completed the banners for their history assignment, within 25 minutes. In the end tag, which takes place a week later, Troy and Abed perform out-takes with the Dean, to the annoyance of Jeff who demands they stop doing the bit. The episode was written by cast member Jim Rash , his first writing credit for the series. This aired as episode eleven, but was the tenth episode produced.

The episode was seen by approximately 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved April 29, TV by the Numbers. Retrieved April 26,

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