Does the guy im dating has a girlfriend

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  1. Does He Have a Girlfriend? 7 Signs the Guy You Like is Already Taken
  2. The Guy I’m Dating Has a Girlfriend Already!! What do I do?!? – Aidan Park
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  4. The Guy I’m Dating Has a Girlfriend Already!! What do I do?!?
  5. Autonomy in His Personal Life

Although we all enjoy a certain amount of privacy while on the phone, constantly excusing himself to take a call can be fishy. If your boyfriend only talks to you during business hours, it might indicate that he has a wife or girlfriend at home who occupies his time during the evenings. Only meeting for lunch dates or while on business trips may also be signs that your boyfriend has a romantic life outside of your relationship.

Leann Knobloch of the University of Illinois identified several characteristics that couples self-identified as leading relationship uncertainty including discussing finances, the role of family in a relationship and deciding on religious beliefs. Your boyfriend shying away from these topics may not point to him having another woman, but it can indicate that there are issues within the relationship that may also be a cause for concern.

While the concept of autonomy, respecting each other's lives and interests outside of the relationship, is one of several relationship rules identified by Leslie Baxter of Lewis and Clark College, too much autonomy may indicate that there are elements of his personal life that your boyfriend is trying to keep from you. Though your boyfriend may have a valid and reasonable explanation for why he doesn't talk to his family or doesn't have many friends, refusing to bring you around his social circle may be an indicator that he wants to keep your relationship hidden away.

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If you have never met his friends or family in a social situation, there is a chance that he does not want his friends to spill the beans about his wife or girlfriend. A private candlelight date can make for a very romantic and intimate evening. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content Q: Twitter Facebook Google Email Reddit. Next post Help Me! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

DATING ADVICE: Why A Guy Flirts When He Has a Girlfriend---Will He Ever Leave Her For You?

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You should know the truth before you start anything serious with him, so look for these signs that he has a girlfriend:.

Does He Have a Girlfriend? 7 Signs the Guy You Like is Already Taken

Let's say you visit the guy at his house and notice flowery body wash in his shower. Unless he likes to smell like mango-passion-fruit-wildflower-mist, chances are high that he has a woman regularly hanging around his place. That woman is probably his girlfriend. Now, this could be his sister or a female room mate, but if he seems to live alone and no one else is around when you are, consider it a red flag that he's already taken. Even more of a red flag is if he doesn't allow you over to his house at all and only wants to meet up at your place.

He could be living with a girlfriend, but doesn't want her to know that he's chatting up another woman.

It's hard to casually see another woman on the side in secret if he mixes her up with his friends and family. It would be bound to get back to his girlfriend.

The Guy I’m Dating Has a Girlfriend Already!! What do I do?!? – Aidan Park

It is true that some guys just aren't close to their families, so he wouldn't think to introduce you. Another possibility is that your budding relationship is not very serious yet and he doesn't want you to meet his family so soon. Still, if he seems to actively avoid his friends when he's with you, like he's afraid that they'll find out what's going on, be suspicious. A little mystery is good, but too much is a bad sign.

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Some guys just don't like commitment or genuinely are opposed to labeling all relationships. If he seems like that kind of guy, then consider this particular sign in context. In most cases, though, it's a little weird if a guy has been seeing you for awhile and doesn't want to at least establish that you're "dating.

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Is it hard to get a hold of him? Does he go completely silent after a certain hour and never answers your texts on certain days? Does he always seem busy with something important and you can never quite get him to tell you what it is? That "important thing" might just be his girlfriend.

If he seems especially unavailable in the evenings and during the weekend, he may even be living with her. While it's not a good idea to just drop by his place unannounced, you might try asking him about where he was next time he disappears. If he can't give you a straight answer, he's probably hiding something.

The Guy I’m Dating Has a Girlfriend Already!! What do I do?!?

Whenever you visit his place--or even a popular spot in your town--does he always seem a little anxious? Does he rush you out the door when your date is over? Sure, he could just like his alone time. On the other hand, he could be afraid that he'll get caught with you. This is especially troubling if he told you that he lives alone, and yet he only allows you to come over during certain times and always seems to push you to leave.

In addition, if he never lets you sleep over, there's probably some reason why.

Have you noticed that he has no relationship status on Facebook? Many single guys specify that they are single, so why doesn't he? It might be because he's in a relationship with someone already. Further, he might have privacy settings that hide his status from you and other people. Be extra suspicious if his profile seems really sparse and there are only a few pictures of him by himself with little else.

Autonomy in His Personal Life

Try doing a little digging and see if he has a second Facebook profile that he didn't show you. If you find out that he has another Facebook profile, and that this profile has a lot more friends and contains many pictures of him with a woman, then he almost certainly has a girlfriend. He added you on his "fake" profile, the one he's using to sneak around. Does he refuse to take cute selfies with you?