How young is too young for a dating site

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  1. How young is too young?!? (dating)
  2. How Young Is Too Young?
  4. How Young Is Too Young?

It's really the choice of the individual. I'm 18 and personally wouldn't go on a dating site because I already can meet a lot of people at school or by going out, and it seems like there are a lot of creepers on some of those sites, and I don't want a stalker. My guess is that being so young you might do better in other venues. School-stay in school-is where the best guys are. If there are other issues you are not bringing forward here-like being completely unattractive or some other-work on the issues-while you are in school.

Any age is too OLD to go on a dating site. Yes, you don't need to resolve that type of dating until you are old alone and have a cat! Okay, i know that maybe you have had some bad relationships or whatever but you don't need that yet! I think it is way too inappropriate. Dating sites can lead to very bad things.

But, if you want to throw away your life and be so called "happy" then make that bad decision. I can't make choices for you and only you can. But, I am just trying to protect you.

How young is too young?!? (dating)

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How Young Is Too Young?

Answer Questions Am I pretty? I have a serious crush on my neighbor. But I am in a toxic relationship with children. Should I tell my neighbor or not?


Is it weird to wear a butt plug while hiking? Which is important for marriage, Race or Height? Have you ever had a threesome before? How do you keep your partner from getting jealous? Why do almost all women like getting choked? While a few years difference in age is seldom a major issue between two people, those who are many years or even decades apart may experience some unique challenges.

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For example, there could be lifestyle choices, career or family conflicts, or significant cultural and generational differences. A few years apart is rarely an issue, but those who are decades apart may experience challenges. A something client of mine recently started dating a man in his late 50s. While she found him attractive, charming, and interesting, she still wanted to have a marriage and children, while he wanted retirement and a travel companion.

Despite truly enjoying being together, they determined their lifestyle choices and priorities were too far apart. I also recently heard a man share that while he was fine with his girlfriend being 12 years older for now, he frankly wondered if he would still feel attracted to her when he was 50 and she was He said the thought caused him to question the longevity of the relationship. The classic stereotype is the well-off, distinguished older man who can offer a younger woman security, prestige, or luxury in exchange for her being his arm candy or trophy wife.

Last Jump to page: She is cool, pretty, has travelled many places on the earth and seems quite mature for her age. I can tell she is really into me and will most likely want to date me in the nearish future.

How Young Is Too Young?

I do like her and we get a long great. My question is 26 to 19 too big of an age gap? I wonder what my parents or hers would even say, and my 22 year old sister might think im robbing the cradle!!! Anyways what is the biggest gap you guys would date from in say your 20s? I am kind of torn on what to do here. Check this video, should help you a bit http: My parents met in university and are 6 years apart.

Just go for it. Who knows, one day you could have a kid as totally awesome as myself. Honestly, though, I wouldn't worry about it. Originally Posted by Ambermane. My parents are 10 years apart.