Dating good night messages

Wish your partner sweet dreams with one of these good night messages for her.

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Go to sleep and let the night end quicklyso that I can see you as soon as possible in the morning. Sometimes I can't sleep because I miss you so much then I remember that I can meet you in my dreams and I fall asleep instantly. Thank you for being in my life, my lucky charm. Do you feel that cool breeze touching your face at night? That is me telling you how much I love you. Sleep tight, my dear. You complete me in a way that the stars complete the moon. Without each other, the sky is just incomplete. That is my life without you. Always be around my little sparkle.

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We hope that these good night texts will help you tell your loved one the way you feel about her. Never underestimate the power of a good night text as it can do wonders for your relationship.

💕 Romantic Good Night Messages for Him 🌛

Even after a tiring day and a day when you didn't have the time to talk, a simple good night text will make everything alright. If you found this post helpful, then please share it with others and if you have some tips for us then do let us know in the comments. Don't try to frame large messages as the word count doesn't matter.

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A simple I love you can melt her heart in ways that a thousand words can't. So go for messages with two lines and keep it short and sweet. Don't forget to mention how she makes you feel. This is the best way of expressing your love and makes her feel loved. Don't forget to mention the words "good night" as they bring a certain charm to the message.

You can also use words like "sleep tight" and much more. You can always compare your love to the night, moon, stars, etc. Tell her the best feature about her which you love. It can be her eyes, smile anything. We all have a favorite feature which we can't stop looking at. Tell her that feature, and it will instantly bring a smile to her face. Tell her that you miss her even after a tiring day. Many days your work ethic doesn't allow you to text much which leaves her waiting the whole day.

A simple I miss you at the end of the night can brighten up her whole day and night. You can always ask her sexy question to spice things up and keep the conversation going. This is the best way know how she feels about you and the ways you can make her feel special.

Always appreciate and thank her for being in your life. You know that your life has changed completely since she met you. Let her know by telling her how thankful you are, and you will be. Tell her that she was the only thing which was constant in your mind. Telling her how much you think about her is the most vital part. Even texting all day doesn't express your exact feeling for you as "I think about you the whole day" can.

You can always form poetry as a message. No, you don't have to be a refined poet to do that. Just two lines of a small poem are enough to make her feel special. Always send a unique message.

I wish I may, I wish I might, be there guarding your dreams tonight. Just wanted to say good night. Run away into your sleep. And dream your way into paradise. Let's just sleep all our troubles away. Let me sing you to sleep. I'll see you in my dreams. Twinkle twinkle little star. I hope you know how loved you are. Now close your eyes and sleep real tight. And have a truly wonderful night.

Sometimes, on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one. Hope you find the best one tonight.

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I wish i was there to hold you tight, instead of just sending you this loving "Good Night". To create your tomorrow, go over your day when you are in bed tonight just before you fall asleep, and feel gratitude for the good moments. If there was something you wanted to happen differently, replay it in your mind the way you wanted it to go.

26 Amazing Goodnight Texts and How They Work to Melt His Heart

As you fall asleep, say, I will sleep deeply and wake up full of energy. Tomorrow is going to be the most beautiful day of my life. Roses are red, violets are blue It's hard to get through the night without you So close your eyes and think of me And all you will get in return is sweet dreams. When you look in the mirror see your beautiful face And know that nothing is imperfect, not even a trace Good night my love. Sleep now baby, dream of me And I'll talk to you tomorrow you just wait and see I miss you already, even though it's been a short while I miss your laughing I miss your smile So feel good about us, we make a great two And just know that I really do love you!

I am sending u a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to keep you blessed in life and a prayer to protect you always. The morning is just a few moments away, Go to sleep and when u wake up, remember me as a friend who will always there for u and never let you down. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I may not get to see you as often as I like, I may not get to hold you all through the night. Good Night my sweet! As day turns to night… keep ur worries out of sight… no matter how tough the world may seem… u still deserve the sweetest dream … good night.

Good Night Quotes: + Cute Goodnight Texts

If you feel little bored, little sick, little sad, all lost, YoU know wats wrong? Good Night and Sweet Dreams. Sending a good night sms message to someone special can be very romantic. Time your good night sms message just right and melt her heart. Naughty texts Saucy text messages Cute text messages Miss you text messages Good morning greetings Good night sms message I love you text Romantic messages Texting jokes More free text jokes Birthday text messages Christmas texts Inspirational text messages Get well soon Text message poems.