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Optial Stimulated Luminescence Dating Labor - School of Earth and Environmental Sciences @ UOW

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Osl dating australia

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Reviews of luminescence dating. The biggest polish dating. OSL dating can be used to determine the time since naturally occurring minerals, such as quartz and feldspar, were last exposed to light within the last few hundreds of thousands of years. It is one of the main methods used to establish the timing of key events in archaeology and human evolution, landscape and climate change, and palaeobiology in the latter half of the Quaternary.

The age is obtained by measuring the radiation dose received by the sample since it was last bleached by sunlight, and dividing this estimate by the dose rate from environmental sources of ionising radiation.

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Past and present research interests span a wide geographic compass, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, and topics as diverse as the evolution and behaviour of humans Homo sapiens, Homo floresiensis and Homo neanderthalensis , their response to climatic changes over the past , years, and their interaction with the indigenous fauna and flora. The OSL dating laboratory is also at the forefront of technical advances in the analysis and interpretation of OSL data collected from single sand-sized grains of quartz, building on the pioneering research of Roberts and Jacobs in this field.

The new, state-of-the-art laboratory consists of separate rooms for the preparation and measurement of quartz and feldspar grains, as well as storage rooms for quarantined material. A full range of modern facilities are available to extract and purify quartz and feldspar grains for dating. PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to become proficient in OSL sample preparation and measurement procedures, and in the analysis and interpretation of the resulting data.

This laboratory is likewise equipped with state-of-the-art instruments to measure the chemical properties of miniscule samples, such as the individual foraminifera analysed by Colin Murray-Wallace and his team.

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In this laboratory, individual biomolecules can be identified, extracted and purified for dating, under the direction of Allan Chivas. CAS recently purchased three new Olympus microscopes for study of artefacts and thin section analysis of minerals and grain size distributions.

The new microscopes cater for current research into soil micromorphology and the function of ancient stone, bone and shell tools. This laboratory is dedicated to the basic sorting and analysis of archaeological materials and faunal materials, as well as sample preparation. A range of basic weighing, measuring, sorting, and analytical equipment is available. Secure AQIS-approved space is provided for storage and analysis of archaeological materials under quarantine restrictions and there is storage for other materials.

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