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I'm not on the prowl, so don't PM me about dating, camming, or chatting. This is a forum to trade success stories, frustrations, discuss cougar dating sites, worries, analyze cultural reactions, or just chat with fellow cougars and cubs. Your moderator is a lifelong fat woman.



NO sexy photos and no personals. This forum is for chatting and discussion. If you're looking for My cougar dating experience self. I'm 36 and dating a woman who is somewhere between 52 and It would be rude to ask exactly how old she is, even after a few months as a couple.

I get the impression that my experience would be a welcome story here. This chick is actually a friend of my mother's. We met a few years ago when she was interviewing me for an article she was writing about me. She has always been extremely hot at every age, based on photos I've seen. She still turns heads. Thin, but with an hourglass figure, boobs just small enough that they never sagged, and high cheekbones.

Brunette, except the one spot where she's let the natural silvery-grey show. I hadn't seen her in a while and bumped into her at a party when I happened to be single for the first time in a while. The next night, I messaged her on FB inviting her to meet me for a drink the following night. The only reason I did that was that I was drunk and reckless. But it paid off.

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Dating a woman in her fifties is, in many ways, like dating any other woman. They all want the same basic things. In some respects, a 50 year old is the same as an 18 year old. She wants you to kiss her.

Great Cougar Bars in Austin

She wants to look up to you and respect you. She wants to be able to have an intelligent conversation. She wants to have sex.

She wants you to take her on adventures and she wants to imagine a future with you. The differences are mostly pretty positive. Primarily, I have almost zero stupid bullshit to deal with. This woman learned a long time ago not to act petulant or jealous. There have been zero games and very few shit-tests.

Conversation is way better than with women in their twenties. She has seen a lot of life and can talk about a lot of things in a substantial way that keeps her interesting to be around. Everything is just easier and more comfortable with her than with younger woman. I don't have to worry about a pregnancy scare! Sex is about the same as with a younger woman.

Her blowjobs are exceptionally good, which may come from having fucked close to a hundred men in her life yes, she's been tested and having WAY more experience sucking cock than younger women. Or it could be natural talent. There are 25 year old woman who give great blowjobs too, so I'm not going to read too much into that. But she's a yoga instructor and very flexible and the sex is every bit as good as what I've had with women young enough to be her grandchild.

With over 20, members in Austin alone, this is the perfect place to start looking to see what is out there in your city in fact it was the highest rated cougar dating site for Austin in our yearly review. Cougar Life is free to join and where you can browse thousands of profiles, and get to know the Cougars in your area without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Cougar Life also has great tips and advice on the best way to approach a Cougar, everything from how to dress to what to say so you can get out there and feel confident that you will charm the ladies.

This typical all-American joint is the perfect place to start if you are hoping for a relaxed evening where you could meet many of the Cougars in Austin. Steiner Ranch Steakhouse is located in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Austin so attracts a classy kind of lady. You can expect to find all types of Cougars here from lonely housewives to rich businesswomen. Groups of ladies love to come here to hang out and unwind over a good glass of wine and a hearty meal. This dog park is perfect for those who want to get out about in the day and start the Cougar hunting early.

Parks are well known as great places to meet an older lady.

Free cougar dating website uk

Those who have come to walk their beloved pets, or simply for a pleasant stroll are happy to stop and chat. If you have an adorable pooch of your own, all the better, get the dogs to make friends and she will be putty in your hands!


Weekend mornings or after work are the best times to head here, be friendly and confident and you are sure to do well. Take a break from the daily grind and head to the hip and happening Recess Arcade bar where you can get in touch with your inner child and play a variety of old-school arcade games all night long. Perhaps not a typical Cougar haunt, you may be pleasantly surprised if you head down here as this is actually a popular venue for the more mature ladies in Austin hoping to snap up a younger man.

78764 Cougar Dating

This is a truly excellent venue, so if you are hoping to meet a fun and carefree Cougar in Austin this is to place to be. The drinks are flowing, and everyone sings, jives and claps along to the awesome piano tunes. Energy and conversation are what this cool bar is all about, and the friendly atmosphere means that it is the perfect place to socialize with energetic, fun-loving older ladies.

This classy venue first opened its doors over 15 years ago, so if you are hoping to meet a chic and sophisticated Cougar in Austin this is the perfect venue to do so. Smooth bluesy jazz flows gently from the stage, and groups of well-dressed, attractive older ladies lap up the sensual atmosphere. Don a suit, grab a cocktail and get out there! This chic bar is a perfect meeting place for Cougars in Austin who gather in groups to sip on cocktails, soak up the atmosphere and unwind after a long day at the office.

The long dark bar is perfect for catching eyes with an older lady on the lookout, and with ample seating there are plenty of places to settle down and get to know your Cougar better. Wednesday night have a third off wine, so this is a particularly good night to come for a spot of hunting. Come here to catch all the latest games and keep your eye out for sexy Cougars on the prowl to bag a younger guy.

15 Top Rated Places and Bars To Find Single Cougars In Austin for 12222

Here are the cougar bars in Austin you need to try:. TenOak is located in the trendy part of Austin and is one of the hottest spots to meet your next mature girlfriend. This bar has one of the best and the most whiskey selections in all of Austin. She can maybe suggest one for you to try as well.