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Of recent, the men I've come to know are much younger to me coz they think I'm around their age. What do you guys think about dating younger me like years younger? Would you date a younger men? This post has been edited by kris Show posts by this member only Post 2. Show posts by this member only Post 3. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Show posts by this member only Post 5. Show posts by this member only Post 6. Show posts by this member only Post 7. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Show posts by this member only Post 9.

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Land below the wind. Show posts by this member only Post I had to change the SD less precise: Sorry lah, but I luv Kopitiam than Cupid's corner I need realistic answers and less emotional ones: May not be advisable but on the other hand, there are plenty of example working out.

Our Relationship - Insecurities of Being with a Younger Man, Women Throwing Themselves at Him

Now it might look nice but u might not know how it would be 10 years later. Imagine u are 40 and the guy is 33,too much of difference then. No babes, he's matured for his age and is everything women atleast me would want Plus mostly have good financial status: I dun mind neither, more mature girl is nice to talk with Old woman, pls dont waste those poor young guys outside because of your silly act in setting high standards when you were young. Feb 25 , Age is not a problem for girls? Marry older wife gets to sit on golden chair: P cause more mature and more garang.

Think for others, dude Wont accept me coz im too young.: No hassle, need not to think a lot to satisfy them as older wimminz are much more independent. Wimminz older than me usually told me they want to find someone to settle down with quickly, as their time is running out, and they are generally stable as opposed to younger ones.

Wimminz around your age are more independent as i said earlier, and much interesting in terms of their way of thinking and have more experience in life. So, for me, this day and age it's probably normal for older wimminz dating younger minz i mean men.

Why do younger men seek older women?

This post has been edited by maxpudding: Feb 26 , Do men actually appreciate true luv? I was chatting with a friend of mine and he said no matter what I was rite, wasn't I! May 29 , Dec 22 , I have heard of this wife older than husband things more than a million times. Personally i think it's not healthy. Psychologically, it's called time bomb relationship.

It's not fair to the girls.. Ok, look here guys, those of you who are in your early 30s or mids. Have you been to one of your high school reunion parties these couple of years? And have you gotten a good look at those female classmates who were once hotties?

Heads Up From Elsa!

I've been there and when i saw them, i was like OMG they're like yrs older than me! And i'm talking about classmates my age! What more to say if they are 2 or 3 years older than me?

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I mean its the law of nature, men's biological clock is slower We men age a lot slower and we retain our youth for a lot longer than women You're just bending the law of nature.. Sure, my gf is older than me, my wife is 3 yrs older than me, Originally Posted by MaxOutReps. Dating women the same age or younger is an absolute headache. I don't think age differences are an issue if both people want the same thing.

However for a lot of women in their 30's that biological clock starts ticking really loudly. No doubt that would break up a lot of relationships. Originally Posted by Isabeli. From what i have seen these types of relationships rarely end well The women are at a completely different stage in their lives as opposed to this young guy they're dating i'm talking about women that are and previously unmarried. It still seen as a bit desperate on a woman's part Originally Posted by Botika.

Originally Posted by rcass I dated a 30yr old when I was It was great, no mind games or drama, and the best part is the older women know how to fuk 10x better then younger girls. Also, most of them know how to cook and take care of a man. The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now out numbered by those who vote for a living. Misc Firearms Crew Bicycle Crew. Originally Posted by jamestown They come with baggage. I prefer bishes young or boarder line jail bait. I am a horrible person.

"Younger" guy dating "older" women - Forums

The thing is that, vaginas come with baggage, and regardless of age or lack of maturity or what have you, they each come with their own bad news. Its a matter of what you tolerate broheem.

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  • You are brave my man. I would come back with HIV. If you weren't so top half heavy, you would catch it. My favorite miscer is Guardian. He likes older women too and drops nothing but wisdom up in this bitch. I hear Brazil is awful for HIV. Worse then Africa no racist. We got hpv and herps all over the place here. I prefer them young but, lots of people like milfs. Doc put it best in saying he fails to see the trill in some "has been pussy". My girl is 31 I met her at a drive through of a MickeyD I don't think i would have met her if I didn't go through that morning because of a customer.

    The first day I saw I literally stood without talking for like 4 seconds dat beautiful face.

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    • Well I kept on going the next following morning just to see her and didn't have the balls to like ask her out or ask for her or ask if she had a bf. Until one day I decided to go super saiyan and ask her if she had a bf she said no I ask her if she wanted to go out for diner or a movie, she said well I hardly know you but if you want to leave me your I might call you.

      older woman with younger man

      She did called me a couple of hours later I thought she wasn't going to call and then I found out she did have a husband well not even a husband because they are not married just together and have 3 kids together and she has one more daughter back in her country. Then I started to know her more at first she told me she wasn't for me and bought up the age thing. I pull out the age card told her it was just a and that it meant nothing. But I told her we could take things slow and be friends for now. We planned out to meet the next day in the morning close to her work in a parking lot after her shift for the day.

      She got in we talked for a couple of minutes I was giving her signs I wanted to kiss her she wouldn't let me and said "I thought we were just friends" I then proceed to apologize and said yea you are right and since she had it to go instead of leaving she kiss me lol then we hit the make out session and have been going out since then. We had sex one time only and was fuking good oh lawd I get her wet pretty easy even when shes on top of me making out with me lol Problem is her kids father treats her like chit she was mistreated when she was pregnant as well, the guy is a physcho, she mentioned to me the only reason she is cheating on him with me is because she never done it before was because she caught him not to long ago cheating on her.

      She tried to work things out even when she had found out about him and still the phaggot wanted to be an ss and he though it was ok for him to do that. She has no family down here her mom is in California and the rest in El Salvador and now to make things worst her little brother past away a couple of days ago and shes been feeling down since then.