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Architect William Strickland designed twin buildings on the same site, College Hall and Medical Hall both — , which formed the core of the Ninth Street Campus until Penn's move to West Philadelphia in the s. Before World War II, Penn was predominantly a regional school, with many faculty, students and staff residing in the Philadelphia area. As a founding member of the Ivy League in , Penn increased its national stature, but, more importantly, began to focus on serving the nation as a whole, rather than existing as a regional institution.

After World War II, Penn began a capital spending program in order to overhaul its campus, especially student housing. The large number of students migrating to universities under the GI Bill, and the resultant increase in Penn's student population, highlighted that Penn had outgrown previous expansions, which ended during the Depression era. As Penn Trustee Paul Miller stated in , " The bricks-and-mortar Capital Campaign of the Sixties Penn's educational innovations include: Penn is also home to the oldest continuously functioning psychology department in North America and is where the American Medical Association was founded.

Penn's motto is based on a line from Horace 's III. From to , the motto read Sine Moribus Vanae. When it was pointed out that the motto could be translated as "Loose women without morals", the university quickly changed the motto to literae sine moribus vanae "Letters without morals [are] useless". In , all elements of the seal were revised. As part of the redesign, it was decided that the new motto "mutilated" Horace, and it was changed to its present wording, Leges Sine Moribus Vanae "Laws without morals [are] useless".

The official seal of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania serves as the signature and symbol of authenticity on documents issued by the corporation. However, it was not until a meeting in that "a public Seal for the College with a proper device and Motto" was requested to be engraved in silver.

The outer ring of the current seal is inscribed with "Universitas Pennsylvaniensis", the Latin name of the University of Pennsylvania. The inside contains seven stacked books on a desk with the titles of subjects of the trivium and a modified quadrivium , components of a classical education: Much of Penn's architecture was designed by the Cope and Stewardson firm, whose principal architects combined the Gothic architecture of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge with the local landscape to establish the Collegiate Gothic style.

What Hooking Up At Penn Is Really About

All of Penn's schools and most of its research institutes are located on this campus. The surrounding neighborhood includes several restaurants and pubs, a large upscale grocery store and a movie theater on the western edge of campus. The campus has several notable art installations. The "Covenant", better known to the student body as "The Tampons", [46] is a large red structure located on Locust Walk between the high rise residences.

It was installed in and is made of rolled sheets of milled steel. A larger-than-life white button, known as " The Button ", is another popular sculpture. It sits at the south entrance of Van Pelt Library and has button holes large enough to stand in. Penn also has a replica of the " Love " sculpture, part of a series created by Robert Indiana. It is a painted aluminum sculpture and was installed in Postal Building at 30th and Market Streets, now the regional office for the U.

Over the next decade, the site became the home to educational, research, biomedical , and mixed-use facilities.

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The first phase, comprising a park and athletic facilities, opened in the fall of Penn also plans new connections between the campus and the city, including a pedestrian bridge. Located near Kennett Square , New Bolton Center received nationwide media attention when Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro underwent surgery at its Widener Hospital for injuries suffered while running in the Preakness Stakes. The renowned cancer research center Wistar Institute is also located on campus.

In , a new 7-story glass and steel building was completed next to the Institute's historic year-old brick building further expanding collaboration between the university and the Wistar Institute. Penn's library began in with a donation of books from cartographer Lewis Evans. Twelve years later, then-provost William Smith sailed to England to raise additional funds to increase the collection size. Benjamin Franklin was one of the Libraries' earliest donors and, as a Trustee, saw to it that funds were allocated for the purchase of texts from London, many of which are still part of the collection, more than years later.

The library system has 6. Penn's Libraries, with associated school or subject area: As a result, the Penn Libraries have extensive collections in several hundred languages. Since the University museum was founded in , it has taken part in research projects worldwide. The Museum's excavations and collections foster a strong research base for graduate students in the Graduate Group in the Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World. Features of the Beaux-Arts building include a rotunda and gardens that include Egyptian papyrus.

The Institute of Contemporary Art , which is based on Penn's campus, showcases various art exhibitions throughout the year. Many of the nearby homes and apartments in the area surrounding the campus are often rented by undergraduate students moving off campus after their first year, as well as by graduate and professional students.

The College Houses include W. All officers are sworn municipal police officers and retain general law enforcement authority while on the campus. Wharton is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania. Penn has a strong focus on interdisciplinary learning and research.

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It offers double degree programs, unique majors, and academic flexibility. Penn's "One University" policy allows undergraduates access to courses at all of Penn's undergraduate and graduate schools except the medical, veterinary and dental schools. Undergraduates at Penn may also take courses at Bryn Mawr , Haverford , and Swarthmore under a reciprocal agreement known as the Quaker Consortium.

Penn offers specialized coordinated dual-degree CDD programs, which award candidates degrees from multiple schools at the university upon completion of graduation criteria of both schools. Dual-degree programs which lead to the same multiple degrees without participation in the specific above programs are also available.

Unlike CDD programs, "dual degree" students fulfill requirements of both programs independently without involvement of another program. Specialized dual-degree programs include Liberal Studies and Technology as well as an Artificial Intelligence: Computer and Cognitive Science Program. In addition, the Vagelos Scholars Program in Molecular Life Sciences allows its students to either double major in the sciences or submatriculate and earn both a B. For graduate programs, Penn offers many formalized double degree graduate degrees such as a joint J.

Penn's health-related programs—including the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nursing, and Veterinary Medicine, and programs in bioengineering School of Engineering , biology School of Arts and Sciences , and health management the Wharton School —are among the university's strongest academic components. However, the size of Penn's biomedical research organization adds a very capital intensive component to the university's operations and introduces revenue instability due to changing government regulations, reduced federal funding for research, and Medicare and Medicaid program changes.

This is a primary reason highlighted in bond rating agencies' views on Penn's overall financial rating, which ranks one notch below its academic peers.

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Penn has worked to address these issues by pooling its schools as well as several hospitals and clinical practices into the University of Pennsylvania Health System , thereby pooling resources for greater efficiencies and research impact. At the graduate level, based on admission statistics from U. Penn is classified as an "R1" doctoral university: In line with its well-known interdisciplinary tradition, Penn's research centers often span two or more disciplines. Penn is also among the most prolific producers of doctoral students.

Penn's research tradition has historically been complemented by innovations that shaped higher education. In addition to establishing the first medical school, the first university teaching hospital, the first business school and the first student union, Penn was also the cradle of other significant developments. In , Penn Law was the first law school in the nation to publish a law journal still in existence then called The American Law Register, now the Penn Law Review , one of the most cited law journals in the world. It established the first research center in a business school in and the first center for entrepreneurship center in [83] and it regularly introduced novel curricula for which BusinessWeek wrote, "Wharton is on the crest of a wave of reinvention and change in management education".

Several major scientific discoveries have also taken place at Penn. The university is probably best known as the place where the first general-purpose electronic computer ENIAC was born in at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering. The dialysis machine used as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function was conceived and devised out of a pressure cooker by William Inouye while he was still a student at Penn Med; [87] the Rubella and Hepatitis B vaccines were developed at Penn; [87] [88] the discovery of cancer's link with genes, cognitive therapy , Retin-A the cream used to treat acne , Resistin , the Philadelphia gene linked to chronic myelogenous leukemia and the technology behind PET Scans were all discovered by Penn Med researchers.

On faculty since , Ralph L. Brinster developed the scientific basis for in vitro fertilization and the transgenic mouse at Penn. The theory of superconductivity was also partly developed at Penn, by then faculty member John Robert Schrieffer along with John Bardeen and Leon Cooper. The university has also contributed major advancements in the fields of economics and management. Among the many discoveries are conjoint analysis , widely used as a predictive tool especially in market research, Simon Kuznets 's method of measuring Gross National Product , [89] the Penn effect the observation that consumer price levels in richer countries are systematically higher than in poorer ones and the "Wharton Model" [90] developed by Nobel-laureate Lawrence Klein to measure and forecast economic activity.

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The idea behind Health Maintenance Organizations also belonged to Penn professor Robert Eilers, who put it into practice during then President Nixon's health reform in the s. The Center for Measuring University Performance places Penn in the first tier of the United States' top research universities tied with Columbia , MIT and Stanford , based on research expenditures, faculty awards, PhD granted and other academic criteria.

The Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers measures universities' research productivity, research impact, and research excellence based on the scientific papers published by their academic staff. The SCImago Institutions Rankings World Report , which ranks world universities, national institutions and academies in terms of research output, ranks Penn 7th nationally among U. The Mines ParisTech International Professional Ranking , which ranks universities on the basis of the number of alumni listed among CEOs in the largest worldwide companies, ranks Penn 11th worldwide and 2nd nationally behind Harvard.

Penn's arts and science programs are all well regarded, with many departments ranked among the nation's top At the undergraduate level, Wharton Penn's business school and Penn's nursing school have maintained their No. News began reviewing such programs. In the School of Engineering, top departments are bioengineering typically ranked in the top 5 by U. News , mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and nanotechnology.

Among its professional schools, the schools of business , communication , dentistry , medicine , nursing , and veterinary medicine rank in the top 5 nationally see U. News and National Research Council. Of those accepted for admission to the undergraduate Class of , 52 percent are Asian , Hispanic , African-American or Native American. Twelve percent of the undergraduate Class of were international students. The Philomathean Society , founded in , is the United States' oldest continuously existing collegiate literary society and continues to host lectures and intellectual events.

The University of Pennsylvania Glee Club , founded in , is one of the oldest continually operating collegiate choruses in the United States. Bruce Montgomery , its best-known and longest-serving director, led the club from until The University of Pennsylvania Band has been a part of student life since As of fall they have hosted 18 iterations of this international hackathon. Penn is home to numerous organizations that promote the arts, from dance to spoken word, jazz to stand-up comedy, theatre, a cappella and more.

Founded in , the Company is known for its strong technique, innovative student choreography and vivid stage presence. Dating back to , The Christian Association a. The CA is the oldest religious organization at the University and is composed primarily of students from Mainline Protestant backgrounds. After moving around several times it relocated to its new building at 36th and Locust Streets now the ARCH Building , which it occupied from until During its most active period it ran several foreign missions as well as a camp for socio-economically disadvantaged children in Philadelphia.

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The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute 's Sinai Scholars Society Academic Symposium is a prestigious event that brings together Jewish college students with noted Jewish academics for a day of in-depth discussion and debate at the university. The Penn Newman Catholic Center the 'Newman Center' was founded in with the mission of supporting students, faculty and staff in their religious endeavors. The organization brings prominent Christian figures to campus, including James Martin in September The Daily Pennsylvanian is an independent, student-run newspaper, which has been published daily since it was founded in In recent decades, they often have been league champions in football 14 times from to and basketball 22 times from to The first athletic team at Penn was its cricket team.

Rowing at Penn dates back to at least with the founding of the University Barge Club. The university currently hosts both heavyweight and lightweight men's teams and an openweight women's team, all of which compete as part of the Eastern Sprints League. In addition, the men's heavyweight crew is one of only four American university crews to win the Grand Challenge Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta. The teams row out of College Boat Club , No. The earliest documentation of its existence comes from a issue of the Daily Pennsylvanian.

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  • The team existed on and off during the World Wars. The current club has its roots in the s and from the influence of star winger Andrew Margolis. The University of Pennsylvania rugby teams play in the Ivy Rugby Conference and have finished as runners-up in both 15s and 7s. In their inaugural year of participation, the Penn men's rugby team won the Shield Competition, beating local rivals Temple University 17—12 in the final. In doing so, they became the first Philadelphia team to beat a non-Philadelphia team in CRC history, with a 14—12 win over the University of Texas in the Shield semi-final.

    In the latter half of the nineteenth century and in the early twentieth Philadelphia was the center of cricket in the United States. Cricket had gained in popularity among the upper class from their travels abroad and cricket clubs sprung up all across the Eastern Seaboard even today Philadelphia still has three cricket clubs—the Philadelphia , the Merion and the Germantown.

    Many East Coast universities and colleges fielded cricket teams with the University of Pennsylvania and Haverford College being two of the best in the country. Cricket was the first organized sport at Pennsylvania. Following the First World War, cricket began to experience a serious decline as baseball became the preferred sport of the warmer months, but to this day the University still fields a cricket team.

    Penn first fielded a football team against Princeton at the Germantown Cricket Club in Philadelphia on November 11, Penn football made many contributions to the sport in its early days. During the s, Penn's famed coach and alumnus George Washington Woodruff introduced the quarterback kick, a forerunner of the forward pass , as well as the place-kick from scrimmage and the delayed pass.

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    What Penn Hook-Up Culture Is Really About | The Philly Post

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