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He would be reprimanded and some action could be taken against him.

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I'm not sure you would be reprimanded but you still stand to lose a lot. You might be asked to switch advisors, in which case you might have to start over or change your thesis topic. Your joint work, or even your solo work that was done while he was your advisor could be suspected of being the product of his work, not yours.

My thesis advisor asked me on a date - Officially Grads - The GradCafe Forums

I've seen on a number of occasions the talent and dedication of younger female students be questioned and the results of their work ascribed to their senior male advisors. Similarly if the relationship becomes serious, you'll have to report it to university officials and it will become publicly known, in which case again the above outcomes are both likely. If the relationship doesn't work out, regardless of whether or not you get caught, again you stand to lose more than him.

If the working relationship becomes uncomfortable, you might be forced to leave or change advisors. If you stay and feel that he treats you unfairly, you'll have a hard time explaining why and finding someone to defend your rights. You won't be able to get a LOR from him in the future, which could seem suspicious to hiring committees. I'm not saying not to go for it necessarily - I've seen some of these relationships work and make both parties very happy. But consider seriously the risks that are involved before you make a decision. I think its a very bad idea, of course it could end up great, but the chances of that are so very small, and the chances of it ending up incredibly awkward or worse are so great.

I don't know if you have the kind of relationship with this adviser where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with him, but if you have doubts about dating him, then you should probably tell him rather than just going along and seeing how it turns out.

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You should decline and possibly switch thesis advisors if you think things will be uncomfortable as mentioned above. Even if you're a good researcher, it might come back to bite you by the university OR even in the future if it gets out that you dated him. If you do find him attractive and find it difficult to tell him no, tell him that if he's truly interested in you, he should back off. If he truly cares about you, he'll consider how this could hurt you.

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There's always the option of telling him that once you have your Ph. Best luck in this situation.. Just sounds to me like the risks having to switch advisors, possible time lost on thesis outweigh the benefits sex and companionship. If one very attractive man asked you out, chances are there are probably plenty more very attractive men with possibly better professional ethics at your university who would like to date you. I don't know about your university, but at mine, that's illegal. You're not supposed to date someone you supervise or even someone you might supervise in the future.

Let's say you aren't caught, though, that you can "get away with" the relationship; think about what sort of relationship it would be. If you ever decide that it isn't working, you will trapped. You'll be afraid to tell your advisor that you want out because of the way he might take the rejection. And even if you are brave enough to say something and he does take it well, it's gonna be incredibly awkward working together after you've split up.

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Ask yourself why you're attracted to him? Be honest with yourself. This man is in a position of power over you, and despite how you want to look at it, this situation is extremely one-sided. If you are doubting yourself already, listen to that little voice inside your head. It's speaking for a reason. Hope things work out whatever you decide. Some might say that you shouldn't care what other people think, and that there isn't favoritism despite the circumstances, but those claims are misguided and frankly wrong.

I would advise against it. Frankly, I am rather shocked that he would ask his student out on a date I would consider that an abuse of power.

Education research, PhD study, academic publishing, research methods

I would like to add that I have seen this happen. It is awkward for everyone. Aside from the unethical aspect of this situation, and what's been mentioned above there are other consequences to think about As katerific and others noted above People tend to complain or talk too much when relationships go sour; in a worse case, the other party might turn vindictive and again, you'd be in an awful position. On the up side, is it possible that the request to go out is not romantically intended but was supposed to be a purely platonic thing? Are you interested enough to switch advisors, and possibly fields, for a chance at this relationship?

How to handle dating and relationships in grad school

Because that's what it would take, assuming you'd like to have a career. You should probably switch advisors anyway, but if you're serious, you'd need to get out of his sphere of influence altogether. Maybe you're soul mates, or maybe he's the department bicycle every student gets a ride Even if you're fantastic at what you do, nobody will believe him about it - they'll assume you're just fantastic in bed, and he'd like to keep you happy. Plus, you aren't likely to get the advising you need. Personally, I'm in grad school to get better at what I do; I want an advisor who will tell me why my work sucks and how to fix it, not a supportive boyfriend who will let me slide, or worse, a bitter ex who I'm awkwardly avoiding.

Wow - I would run for the hills were I you. I know my response is not as eloquent as those above, but I am a bit shocked. The preceding advice is all very sound; your situation has no happy ending. Something if not several things will suffer: Chen Xuan Project Description: ICube-Using embedded technology support for children's concept development through play Date of PhD registration: Li Le Project Description: Asst Prof Zhang Wei Email: Date of MEng registration: Fahad Hameed Ahmad Project Description: George Rosario Dhinesh Project Description: Ashish Panda Mr Project Description: Navin Michael Project Description: Design of a low power, reconfigurable digital front-end for a SDR handset.

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