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  1. IceBreaker is your app to find people nearby in a fun and easy way
  2. Dating Websites – Top 10 Icebreaker Questions You Can Use To Start Conversation
  3. Icebreaker Dating App - Date Better
  4. Icebreaker - Best Dating Sites

IceBreaker is your app to find people nearby in a fun and easy way

This lady nailed the response Or you could just threaten to kidnap them The familiar approach works too Everybody loves a bargain This one is obviously a classic [sc: I think this is meant to be I'm not sure Andrew quite has the sexy chat up lines down just yet Frankie says RELAX So after seeing some brilliant and not so brilliant examples of the Happn icebreakers at work, do you think you can craft a classy opening line?

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Stefan Armitage Viral Emma Listicle 31 Aug If you see a photo on the dating profile that interests you, ask about where that photo was taken. This helps in creating conversation because then they can describe where it was taken and what they were doing. Everybody loves to have a vacation.

Dating Websites – Top 10 Icebreaker Questions You Can Use To Start Conversation

It could be a vacation doing something that they love or being in a favorite location. Asking this gives them a chance to really think about what they would do.

Most people dream about winning the lottery. The response here will help you not only draw similarities with what you would do but also shows you the type of person the other member is. This is a two part icebreaker. It opens a response about not only the favorite season but also the favorite activity.

Icebreaker Dating App - Date Better

People tend to think of seasons as activities as well. For example if they like to ski they may love the winters. It opens the discussion to both seasons and activities. You know what you like, so cut to the chase. Icebreaker lets you filter and browse profiles by interest, so you can find someone who likes the things that matter to you. If they like you too, it's a match!

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Icebreaker - Best Dating Sites

Just see everyone nearby and like the ones that catch your eye, or grab their attention by leaving them a note! No more "hi how r u?

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Answer revealing questions , draw pictures , or put your match to the test with challenges like two truths and a lie and more. Each day, everyone on the app is given the opportunity to show off their unique personality and impress their matches by completing the daily icebreaker , which their matches will see in their daily newsfeed.

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Get to know your matches better by browsing, liking, and replying to their answers. With the daily newsfeed, there's always an opening to connect when the time is right.