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  1. Why Tim Ferriss Outsourced His Online Dating - And Why You Should Too
  2. Online dating is hard enough. Try doing it with a disability
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Why Tim Ferriss Outsourced His Online Dating - And Why You Should Too

If you can imagine it, you can delegate it. Online dating requires very specific and specialized skills in order to be successful, and you can hardly expect some random guy who speaks English as a second language to be able to meet your needs. When it comes to outsourcing your online dating, you certainly get what you pay for. Want to see what we can do for your love life?

  1. Online dating is hard enough. Try doing it with a disability.
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Instead, like race or sexuality, it forms part of the context in which your personality develops. Often, disabled people are stereotyped, as if we were all the same.

Online dating is hard enough. Try doing it with a disability

This replicates the experience disabled people often have in the education system, where schools tend to group together children with disabilities, regardless of severity or type. This may be practical for a school, but it's often unhelpful or limiting for disabled pupils themselves. It can not only create unpleasant or very limiting experiences for disabled students, but also encourages a generalized fear of disability amongst non-disabled people, which persists even later in life.

After that first rejection, I updated my profile to include my disability.

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I am still receiving just as many winks and likes as I did before, but I am a lot more secure in the knowledge that people are taking an interest in me in spite of my disability. In fact, I would encourage others to be more open on their profiles. It hasn't limited my prospects in the way I initially feared it would. I know I am not alone.

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Others have surely found strategies that work better than mine. Dating websites now have a lot of data on their users and how they interact, and I hope they use their expertise to better advise users, including those with disabilities, on strategies that can be helpful in building profiles and initiating conversation.

Dating sites should also consider introducing a question about mental health difficulties and whether you have had difficulties in the past.

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  • It could even be an anonymous one that doesn't show up on the profile, but helps in the algorithm many sites use that pairs people together. On disabled-specific dating websites, a profile question on why users want to meet other disabled people might be helpful to sort out why people are using the website and the type of person they hope to meet.

    This web page was last updated on : 12222-01-16

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