Cape coral water hook up

Utilities Extension Project

  1. New Construction/Utility Extension Connections

When the utilities construction is complete and the systems are online, homeowners will receive a "Notice of Availability" from the City and must connect to the new utilities within days.

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The property owner or their plumbing contractor can obtain a permit. These fees must be paid prior to connecting to the new utilities.

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  3. Connecting!

After payment s is received, City personnel will physically install the water meter followed by the inspection of the water, sewer and irrigation services for the property. To eliminate the deposit fee the City of Cape Coral requires a letter of good standing. Per City Code the letter may come from any utility company.

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The letter must show a 24 month history with no late payments during the preceding 12 months. If the home site already, has an existing irrigation system, applications and affidavits can be obtained at the Customer Billing Services Division or you can call For your convenience, you can mail or fax the application.

New Construction/Utility Extension Connections

If a new irrigation system is being installed, contact the Department of Community Development at , option 6 to apply for a permit. If you prefer to pay these fees in installments, our New Construction Customer Service Representative can explain the payment plans available: Opening a New Account To open a new account, the following information is required: An application can be faxed or mailed to you, if requested.