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But I am also glad you found my post here and got to read about some of our experiences. Giving out personal emails on there was a no-no, I discovered. They want to keep you tied to the site. Just another horrid thing about that site. Seems like it was a Good thing that the Join did Not work for me today. Thank you God and Angels. Yes, someone was definitely looking out for you, Mandy.

Feel free to email me any time at ravynehawke at gmail dot com. I would love to chat. Looking for sex with hot nordic alien for hybrid children …. Your planet or mine. Hello, My name is Robert. Many other words came to mind.. My mind, the reason??

A Cautionary Tale about the Paranormal Date Website

I to am a member of the dating site.. In listening to George I heard him plug The paranormal dating site so I looked into it and when I found out he started it along with a likeminded friend.. Think of it like this, every time George plugs his dating site have you noticed how George is always saying how great it is to have thousands of likeminded members…. Wow Rob, I read your letter here and I know how you feel.

C2C was the reason I joined Paranormal date too. I agree George should be ashamed his dating site is saturated with catfish. He should not be advertising it as like minded people etc.

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He is as bad as this production. Has anyone investigated Gaiam tv, or David wilcock and Corey Goode of the secret space program? Often hear about these programs and guests on George noory. Finding like minded people, will not happen on Paranormal Date.

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Corey is now scheduling end of summer expeditions to inner earth. Contact him at 1 KARI. George Noory specializes in having every huckster, con artist, liar or cheat on his overnight-radio program. Because no credible media source would put these cheap carnival hacks on their airtime. Because they have to maintain credibility — at least to a degree — which Noory does not. For cheating people and failure to pay on what was promised. Why Premiere Networks hired him for Coast is beyond me. As some of you may known now. Thank you for your insightful and informative comments, James.

I do appreciate you spreading the word on this fraudulence. Happy to know that my blog post is showing up under Google. Thanks for letting me know. But I care about people and will try. These products are not mean to prevent, treat or cure any type of disease. Further, consider Section of the Communications Act of , as amended, 47 U. I have logged so much nonsense with that criticalhealthnews dot com. Even Wallach implied something is very fishy and scammy going on. This is powerful need-to-know information, James.

So thank you for including all of this information here. What in the world? George, boys and men play baseball. Then, as he claimed, threw a wicked fastball that honed his supposedly hitting skills. She pitched overhand like a man? Just look up Harvey S. Lowery High School in Dearborn, Michigan from to No mention of George Noory playing baseball or any sport. When I emailed him to ask, I got this back when I informed him I failed to fail any evidence that he played any sports: Did u play any sports….

He got caught in lies — then lashes out at those who call him on it. Incredible how many fools fall for this guy. You either play baseball or do track, George, but not both. I informed the person on the other end of that email address I consider that a stalking threat that may put me in danger. It appears that one email address I used has been blocked since. That George Noory may be one unhinged person. The sooner he is off that radio the better the airwaves will be. Get someone truer and better to run that program. Or any other program, for that matter. We know crooks and possibly anti-social people when we hear or read their words.

If this man acts in good faith in business or even personal matters, then George Noory must be right and the rest of the world is wrong, huh? Even a housing lawsuit leveled against his condo home, then a lawsuit against him for that Jaguar car he bought. Looks like he gave people his word and had no issue with lying and even breaching contracts?

Then people today feel they might have been ripped off by this huckster? And now, after reading all of that, I am glad I no longer support him.

Paranormal Date

Thank you for sparing me from disappointment! Thought about signing up If you ever wann talk paranormal you can chat with me! Thanks for posting my tale of woe. My only excuse is that I had never joined any site before, but I should have known when I started asking the men there about Paranormal Date and they knew nothing about it! I agree with the claim of catfishers on the C2C site. He also wanted to send things to my home? Please Ladies,see it coming. Especially if he starts saying I Love You, too soon.

So sorry that happened to you, but I am not at all surprised. I represent excon blacks that want to to beat your will for a new place to live and to steal your hard earned cash. I have found that the majority of people on Paranormal Date have absolutely no idea what the Paranormal is all about. They would be better suited to sign up for Christian Mingle! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Ron. I am not surprised. I am sure C2C may have had something to do with it. The response that I received was that the TOS stated plainly that other networks were involved.

So according to them, warning was given and it was just tough luck that my profile was being spread across their entire network of dating sites. Not sure how to get the message out more, but if you discover a way, I would be delighted to hear about it. After being on the site for just a few months— I found the exact same thing as these other people.

Too cheap to pay to be on the site or something more nefarious?.. He asked me to go to lunch with him… he ordered…. He then followed me to my car and had the sheer audacity to hold out his arms and ask…. One guy said he was vietnamese and he was clearly caucasian. Said he was interested in black women. You're gonna need it. Most can't type a comprehensive sentence in English. As another reviewer said, they can't even keep their facts straight LOL What a joke this site is.

How can it be that 48 out of 50 men over 45 are widowed and god fearing christians, who say their name is one thing in the description but another in the description. So many are pics of white dudes but they just happen to live in completely hispanic or black neighborhoods. Then if you type your name into the internet you'll see you are on many many other dating sites that have nothing to do with Paranormaldate. LIke Farmers and Cowboys, I think not. They have a TON of technical glitches and it doesn't recognize the most common emote symbols. They say the site is free, but it's not. You cannot tell other members that you don't have a paying membership or they won't approve your profile.

They removed my profile entirely just because I posted a link to an innocent, romantic, soulful music video. Not to mention that George acts like he came up with this idea himself, when I've been emailing him about it for over 10 years now--trying to get him to do this and he always rudely dismissed my idea. Now all of a sudden he's taking credit for the idea. It was MY idea! In addition, it's supposed to be for people interested in the paranormal, but it's full of people with zero interest in the paranormal, and who actually make fun of it, in fact interesting that those profiles are approved, but profiles on the actual subject matter are not.

It's run like a Nazi prison camp. I have so many things to say about this sight, but they are all bad, and I really don't want to say something hateful.

ParanormalDate Reviews - 22 Reviews of | Sitejabber

Just trust me, before you pay a dime, get to know the sight a bit. You will be glad you did before forking over money for a sight that acts like it is a Catholic school dating sight. They are so uptight and prudish. I love George and C2C am, but this dating sight really sucks. I am sorry too, was hoping to meet someone on that sight. It is like E harmony on steroids. This site is a complete scam. You are not allowed to post or message anyone on the site about your membership. They edited my profile to their liking and then "approved" it.

Now that I've read what others say it makes more sense. If you said something about your membership it might not apply to whomever they are pulling in from elsewhere. Avoid this site like the plague. I was linked with someone from another dating website.

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It turned out the guy was a criminal. When I asked him how he found out about the dating site he said the app store. Then he got on and I saw another website. He had no idea what paranormal date or coast to coast were. I had to threaten paranormal date that I would contact the BBB and state attorney general if they did not take my profile off completely. I'm looking into cancelling my credit card because I do not trust this company. It turns out the are part of global personal. When I called paranormal date on the phone it seemed like a conglomerate and also sounded liked they recorded their message in a bathroom because of the echo sounds.

Not only did I have trouble getting rid of the guy, but I also had trouble getting rid of the service. I had signed up for 3 months, but was on less than 3 weeks. I was ready to forfeit my membership. I have had to threaten the guy I met with the police if he ever bothers me again. I think I'm off it all finally. If you want to read more about the company who owns this site and the problems they have look at the Wikipedia article on global personals.

Don't use this site. Threaten them with legal action if they won't take your profile down. This is not a way to find like minded people. I never signed up for bbw and other sites.

Customer Questions & Answers

I signed up with the wrong credit card and immediately asked to cancel. They refused and threatened me that if I do a chargeback that I would be subject to legal action, that I would be fined and that my credit would be affected It's a inadequate design dating site After upgrading it seems there are profiles on the site that are falsified and used for luring in memberships!

I'm very disappointed with coast to coast promoting such a site. Signed up August 9th for membership, figured out they were 'trolling' or pushing other member 'interested' emails into my inbox, cancelled the membership on their website August 12th which was set to November 7 expiration. On November 8th bank account was debited for another 3 month's membership fee. Obviously, they have no intentions of rectifying this practice as they make money this way. My lesson learned is that there are many sick scammers out there that make a living on lonely folks.

Take screen shots of emails and support messages and put into a secured folder for future reference, as messages in the site inbox are deleted after a short period of time leaving the consumer with no 'copies'. I, unfortunately, became a member. First, lots of of winks and emails from people I would never be attracted to. Then just before my membership expires, I get an email from someone who seems to actually have read my profile. Takes about a week to answer when I respond. We talk on the phone, person sounds really old, does not know internet terminology and keeps on referring to stuff that had nothing to do with our messages.

Week later a text message with personal email address This time the email seems to have been written by an 11 year old who can only write the texting sort of way. No way the person on the phone and the email one can possibly be the same. On the email, the person defends paranormaldate saying: Yes, they lie, but, they give people what they want. Funny, that is exactly what the shady company that manages this site said in a article. I can go on and on about all the red flags.

Too bad, it would have been nice to meet people on the same wavelength, but, obviously, the juveniles running this site have no respect for those who join it. The typical scam site.