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This profile might make your heart skip a beat, but it better not skip leg day.

. Dating fails memebase video

We applaud a sense of humor like this on a dating app. Looks like she can pick up just about anyone or anything. If you need more of what the wild word of Tinder has to offer, look over here. Before there was Netflix and Chill, there was Fencing or Frenching. This young woman's ludicrous tale is one hell of a medieval-esque emotional rollercoaster.

Apparently you can find the original script that inspired the eventual Twitter thread, over here. So technically I made out… 1 day. So technically I made out with my second cousin this weekend But it's by marriage and I'm adopted, so it's ok. Move Over, Kittens 1 day. Babies , parenting , Video , roombas. Selena Gomez , crying , David Letterman , justin bieber , dating fails , g rated. Fri Jan 18, The "Late Show" host rips the president for revealing what had been a secret trip to a war zone. Sugoi desu ne 1 day.

A Chonky Boi 1 day. Literally Every Morning 1 day. Are you ready for this? Michael Cohen paid them to create a twitter account that literally just tweets about how hot he is. Paid an IT firm. To make a fake twitter account.

Dedicated to being horny for Michael Cohen. This is a video of two hamsters racing separately through a five-level maze constructed out of cardboard by their loving owner and operator of Youtube channel The Secret Life of My Hamster. Who knew hamsters had secret lives? Although, admittedly, I did wonder what they did under those plastic igloos all day. Keep going for the sweet video. Because who says you can't make your own medicine, a year old Irish man has admitted to doctors that he's been injecting his own semen into his arm at least once a month for the past year and a half to treat chronic lower back pain.

Now that's a hell of a home remedy. My back would have to be so broken I could see it looking straight forward before I tried that. While the man had a history of chronic low back pain, a further examination revealed a red rash on his right upper arm - and the patient subsequently admitted he had been injecting himself with his own semen for a year and a half.

Doctors found that the semen had leaked into the soft tissue in the man's arm. First of all, was it working? And secondly, who comes up with this stuff?

I mean, how does a man possibly decide to inject his own semen into his arm to treat lower back pain? It doesn't make any sense. Unless -- UNLESS -- he asked a coworker like me how to treat lower back pain, and that coworker looked him dead in the eye, leaned in, and whispered 'Inject your own semen into your arm. Thanks to Thaylor H and K Diddie, who want to know if he even bothered eating his own boogers or drinking some of his blood first, or if he just went straight to the semen.

This is a video of Youtuber DaveHax using LEGO minifig shaped ice molds to make some tiny minifigs out of gallium , then melting them like little Terminators. How much melted gallium looks like mercury. So here's my plan, 1 I show this video to all my least favorite coworkers and then 2 on Monday I bring in some mercury and tell them it's gallium and let them all have a great time playing with it until 3 they all get sick from mercury poisoning.

Keep going for the whole video. The Kutztown Police Department of Pennsylvania is seeking volunteers willing to get drunk so officers can practice administering field sobriety tests. As tipster Closet Nerd pointed out to me, this sounds an awful lot like a trap. Nice try, Klutztown, but, wait -- free alcohol? Okay I'll do it.

Dating fails memebase video -

The requirements while I aim to be the wastedest volun that's ever teered: The volunteers must be available on April 4, between 2: Alcohol will be provided however you will not receive any compensation for your time. In order to be eligible you must meet the below criteria: Be in good health between the ages of 25 and 40 with no history of drug or alcohol abuse 2.

Clean criminal history 3. Be willing to drink hard liquor to the point of inebriation 4. Sign a waiver releasing the Borough of Kutztown of any liability 5. Wait -- so do you have to meet all of those requirements or is thee out of five okay? I mean that is a majority. Asking for a friend that, fine, might only meet two of the requirements. Okay just one, I hate signing things. I mean he -- he hates signing things. Thanks again to Closet Nerd, who informed me can smell a trap from a mile away, and a microwaved Hot Pocket from even further.

This is a short, filmed-off-the-monitor security cam video of a driver in a parking garage who hits the corner while making a turn, then proceeds to back up with the quickness, getting their car perfectly stuck between two walls. I'm not even sure if I could do that if I tried, especially considering I don't have a license so trying would be illegal.

Still, I'm a little confused seeing this video because my girlfriend said she was just running to the grocery store, and I know they have a parking lot and not a garage. Keep going for the full video, but you aren't missing much from the gif. Eva Quiala 2 days. When in dry storage mode it looks like a bottle of cabernet wine , but when raining can be opened to expose a functional albeit low-quality looking umbrella.

Now I love wine as much as the next person who's sadly learned it's socially unacceptable to play quarters or flip-cup with shots at a fine-dining establishment, but who needs an umbrella that looks like a wine bottle? Now I'm not saying there was clearly some miscommunication and the manufacturer screwed up, but I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be an umbrella that hides a wine bottle.

Now that makes sense, but they should also make a parasol edition so people don't look at me funny when I'm drinking out of my umbrella in the middle of summer. Thanks to Andrea, who agrees they should make a golf umbrella version that looks like a box of Franzia. This week has been the hardest of my entire life. This is a clip from the science video series Deep Look produced by KQED and PBS Digital Studios highlighting the lives of California turret spiders , ambush predators that spend their entire lives in the little turret towers they've built on Northern California forest floors except for males attempting to mate, who will leave their tower to either get ambushed and eaten by a female assuming they're prey, or successfully mating then typically dying.

Some more info while I'm thankful I'm not a male California turret spider looking to mate: Turret spiders are ambush hunters. While remaining hidden inside their turrets, they're able to sense the vibrations created by their prey's footsteps. That's when the turret spider strikes, busting out of the hollow tower like an eight-legged jack-in-the-box. With lightning speed the spider swings its fangs down like daggers, injecting venom into its prey before dragging it down into the burrow. Thankfully, the spiders are only about the size of your pinky nail, so they're not really that terrifying except when seen up-close.

And if you have my pinky nails they're not terrifying at all because they don't exist, since I don't have either pinky nail. Keep going for the very informative video while I speculate whether ambush predation evolved from members within a species born with the lazy gene. Always Playing Dumb Smh 2 days.

This is a new Kellogg's Peeps flavored cereal coming in time for the Easter season. The limited edition sugarbombs include yellow, pink and blue marshmallow flavored rings, as well actual marshmallows. Mmmm, a little marshmallow on marshmallow action -- I'll allow it.

Storytime: MY DATING FAILS! - Lauren Curtis

Per Instagram user mnmtwinz, who has the lowdown in case you want to try scoring some for yourself a little early from Target: Marshmallow flavored cereal with marshmallows! The cereal has got the same texture as Apple Jacks but literally does taste like Peeps Marshmallows; just without the sugar crystals.

It's strange but it works! The sweetness is a nice balance, not too sweet but not bland. And because it all tastes like marshmallow, you can mix it with nearly any other cereal that you feel needs marshmallow in it. It had no aisle location, perhaps because it isn't Easter time yet, so it might have gotten back stocked. Your Target may have them pushed out already, but if not, ask if they're in the back just in case. The DCPI item number is: I can't wait to pick up one of those red phones at Target and start reciting the launch code.

Foxtrot whiskey tango, this is GW in launch bay 9 requesting permission for blastoff. Launch code is 00 , please advise. Thanks to Closet Nerd, who's smart enough to know that little marshmallows are the real key to a well-balanced breakfast. I have easymac and six pack… 2 days. I have easymac and six pack of beer. This night can't get any better. Responsible things to do… 2 days. Responsible things to do when you're too hungover to get out of bed: Let's just say I peed the bed last night, and I wasn't in it alone.

They Were So Wise 2 days. I think I am just gonna… 2 days. I think I am just gonna marry that lesbian. She is more of a respectful gentleman than any of the guys I've slept with. The idea of the president delivering the State of the Union in writing terrifies "The Daily Show" host. Winter Randomness 23 2 days. What did they do with all the dead bodies after huge battles in history? Were the pulverised bones of soldiers and horses who died at the battle of Waterloo sold as soil fertiliser? I might be a bit longer…… 2 days. I might be a bit longer I found a hot guy at the grocery store, so I'm following him and buying stuff that he's buying.

The Most Honest Valentine 2 days. Rose Betram Gifdump 2 days. Thu Jan 17, Dat Millennial Life 2 days. He sure showed us Earlier this week, the well known razor brand Gillette released a commercial with a very simple message: What a power move. Having to call a plumber to own the libs. Kruse KevinMKruse January 16, So you had to fish it out? Nice Eyes 43 2 days. Poor Jeff 2 days. Honestly, who the fuck knows. FAIL 39 3 days.

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Cannot Unlearn 3 days. The "Late Night" parody pressers are the gift that keeps on giving. But can they spell better than the president?

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Wed Jan 16, In and out of Uniform 2 3 days. The "Late Night" host checks in on "Trump Country" to see how it's handling "winning so much. Stephanie Vino 4 days. Fail 35 4 days. The president's rambling Ohio rally becomes Comedy Central fodder. Tue Jan 15, Women And Logic 9 4 days. The "Late Show" host thinks he's figured out what Moscow calls the U. The "Saturday Night Live" comedian talked trash about his junk at a gig over the weekend.

Dating Fail - YouTube

How is that acceptable behavior? Who allows this person to go on living? How Could They Not Notice? Did he not feel the blood running out of his nose? Did she just think he was a real "moist" kisser? Could neither of them taste the blood? Did they think it was snot? Was the kiss so engrossing that they just didn't care? Seriously, I'm pretty sure you were on a hidden camera prank show.

Dating Fails: IT WILL NEVER END - Likemotion. Dating fails memebase video

Also, props to anyone who carries cookies in their pocket on a date. That's a level of preparedness I've never encountered. And the Conversation Started So Well Sure, eventually someone farts in front of the other.