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I connected the Slingbox to my cable box and tested the signal from my laptop, desktop, iPhone and iPad. The picture quality — both through the official Sling Player software and in the web browser — looked terrific. Sling has updated its software and really put a lot of work into making the user experience consistent across the board.

On iPad and Android tablets, users can now get a grid of programming listings that overlay nicely while watching content, which tends to be much faster and easier to use than toggling with the built-in guide from the cable company. If you're new to placeshifting and want an easy way to access your content on the go, the Slingbox is worth a look. As much as we like the Slingbox 's design, the crown jewel of the Sling line belongs to the the Slingbox In my tests, this allowed me to access my cable company's programming and DVR with no trouble at all.

This is a dual-band The Slingbox also includes its own easy-to-use remote. The picture quality on the Slingbox is phenomenal and like the , viewable in gorgeous p. In my own tests, the Slingbox looked significantly better when streaming live content than Cablevision's excellent Optimum Online app for the iPad. The Slingbox has a few other tricks up its sleeve too.


Sling Box Media 500 Digital HD Media Streamer - Black

The first is something called SlingProjector. Photos worked great in my test and in a demo I saw at Sling's offices, the video transfer went off without a hitch. I asked Sling about the possibility of bringing music to Sling Projector and was told it was on the roadmap. Sling also has a product in the works called SlingSync.

It is a single signal. This would be ideal for a single person with cable at home who travels all the time.

Slingbox 500 Review: Placeshifting TV the Way YOU Want To

Given that the box above is relatively affordable, and there is no monthly cost, that is a bargain and again a technological marvel. But don't be confused into thinking that this just instantly becomes your home cable in a remote location.

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It requires a healthy bandwidth, requires a cell phone or other app to use as a remote, takes a long time to change channels or connect initially, and you'd better have a wifi connection where you are or it will eat up huge chunks of data just to stream a single program. We initially hoped this would work at a lake house, but sadly there is no internet at the lake, so it is useless there. I'm not sure if anyone has been able to employ a wifi hotspot on their phone in conjunction with this device and stream to that location, but if you have a hotspot as part of your phone package, that might be a more universal solution.

Once you get it hooked up and running, and learn some shortcuts it is vital to put a list of the channels you regularly watch together as "favorites" and then just navigate the "favorites" menu because scrolling through the channel cable lineup with the phone remote is more work than pleasure , it works. There is no substitute for it if you want your local cable system on the road or at your office, or elsewhere.

Slingbox 350

It does what it is supposed to do. Just don't mistake it for sitting in your living room running a remote with a fully operational cable system; it just doesn't work that fast or that well.

Love, love, love this! Very easy to use, and does its job. Once I finally figured out how to set this up, it has worked anywhere I have been in the U. I have not traveled outside the country yet to see how in works outside of the U. I did not give 5 stars for one reason only, there where no instructions on how to connect this to tv and then set up.

I am guessing this is because it is a refurbished item???

But, this did not sway me for buying another one for use on a different tv in my house. I am using this product to Sling my OTA HD broadcast up to my second home so I don't have to pay for cable and negate the need for an HD antenna not that one would work where my second home is anways. This Slingbox requires a separate digital converter box to handle the coax cable from my indoor HD antenna that's right I cut the cord from cable. There are others out there that are more fancy but more money. Menghubungkan Slingbox ke Directv. Make sure that your DirecTV set top box is working properly.

Check the cables coming from your wall to your DirectTV receiver if everything is properly connected power, coaxial cable, etc. Switch on your TV. Check if you can watch programs with the DirecTV.

How to Connect a Slingbox to Directv: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Connect the Slingbox to the DirecTV. Power on your Slingbox.