How do i hook up with my professor


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Is this really happening? Shit, what should I do? Should I like pull away, or…? Why the fuck am I letting this go on for so long? This was definitely weird.

How long had he thought I was cute? Is that why he wanted me to stay in the class so badly, so he could hook up with me? For so long I had thought our dynamic was this cool and unique thing. Now I just felt cheap. We positioned ourselves on the couch with some strategic distance between us. But at some point in the middle of a second episode of Baggage quality TV programming , we started making out again.

The whole experience—hooking up with someone who was ten years my senior and oh yeah, also used to be in a position of somewhat authority over me—was new. This is too weird.

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By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Yeah, that was awkward. An awkward silence stretched out before us. More From Thought Catalog. Small Liberal Arts College. Get our newsletter every Friday! Together, they cited information from 10 references. Check out their ring finger on their left hand. Is there a wedding ring? If there is no ring, try to determine if they have a significant other. Listen up, and see if they throw out any hints. I think I saw you and your [girlfriend or boyfriend] at a restaurant last weekend.

However, even if your teacher is believed to be straight, remember they can also be bisexual, or their sexual orientation may not be known on campus. Some universities ban them completely, while others only strongly discourage them. This information may not make a difference to you, but it can help you determine how difficult it might be to convince your professor.

Your relationship may be technically permissible, and therefore it may not take much convincing at all. Determine the risk and reward. If you signed up for a random class solely in hopes of seducing the professor, you may not have much to lose.

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However, if your professor is also head of the department for your major, you should probably consider outcomes before diving in headfirst. If the professor rejects you, will you be OK? If you know you have to take three more courses with them to get your major, tread carefully. Classes can be even more difficult if you have a strained relationship with your professor.

If you successfully seduce them, could a relationship negatively affect your academic future? Be a good student. Pay attention in class and act interested in the material being taught.

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Participate in class discussions, answer questions, and take good notes. Stay off your cell phone and avoid daydreaming. Look truly interested in every word your professor is saying. Remember, they are doing their job, and your interest in the subject will please them.

Look good in class. Keep your outfits school-appropriate, but wear things that flatter you. Looking neat and polished will also show them that you respect their class. Try to look more elegant and mature than your peers: Putting a little extra effort into your appearance can also raise your confidence. Smile at your professor in class, and try to hold their eye contact whenever you can.

I Hooked Up With My Professor And It Was Weird

Be a little shameless— if you know you have a great physical feature, find a way to discreetly show it off. Bend over to grab a pen, adjust your clothing to give a little peek, or simply take your time walking to your seat before class begins. The goal is to get their eyes on you. Don't stare while making eye contact. If they catch you looking, simply hold their gaze for a little longer than it's socially comfortable, and smile. If they smile back at you, it's a good sign!

I Hooked Up With My Professor And It Was Weird | Thought Catalog

Go to office hours. Many professors are required to hold office hours and a lot of students do not take advantage of them. Go to their office hours regularly to get help with an assignment, talk about exam prep, or ask for help with a paper. However, once you have developed the habit of seeing your professor during their office hours, you may come and just talk for a while about any other topic, not related with school. By this time, they will probably realize you are interested in them.

Familiarity can lead to fondness. Simply getting in face time with your professor can lead to them developing feelings.

Talk to them before and after class. Try to arrive to your classroom or lecture hall a few minutes early, and make it a point to greet your professor with a smile. Say hello, ask them how their day is going, discuss an aspect of the class, whatever! They will appreciate your friendly and outgoing nature. Ask them with a question about class or about a homework assignment. Share your thoughts on an interesting discussion brought up during class. Send them a link to an article that you think they would find interesting.