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Breaking the ice

Well, I'm not gay so can't speak much to the dating scene. You might want to check out The Betty Pages. It's the local alt tabloid run by Betty Desire. Rumours Cabaret is "the gay bar" and they've added an adjacent cocktail bar called "The Back Door. I went to the Back Door with a friend and got eye balled and greeted by the regulars. My friend is more into that scene. My impression is that there's not one place in town to be gay.

It's kind of just part of the fabric of the town. Pride flags at the coffee shop, restaurants, whatever. The guy that runs the food truck is gay and, you know, who cares. He flirts with you even though you're straight and it's no thing. Honestly that sounds like heaven. To live in a place where one's sexuality isn't constantly being scrutinized or criticized sounds so foreign to me with the culture around here.

Thanks for your comment! One of the big reasons he moved was due to the dating scene being so small.

The Best First Date Spots in Bellingham, WA

Bellingham is a small town. I could see that, but I also had the same problem as a straight guy. If you're at WWU, great. But there's a real gap between college age and then you have early 30s married with kids. As far as being gay though - for my friend, he certainly knows all the other gay people in town.

Like he knew them and they knew him and it was kind of an unspoken thing.

Which is how it was in the 80s and 90s but it's more open now. So I think that has changed. But I do agree, what hasn't changed is that it is a small town. You have a social circle and there aren't that many people in your social circle to date and there isn't a whole lot of new blood. Bellingham doesn't have a constant influx of new people like Seattle or LA. Tinder or Grindr are going to take you to Vancouver. That's kind of a bummer to hear though I'm used to the whole, "everyone knows everyone" way of life. But I'm sure the nice thing about moving to a new area is knowing absolutely nobody and not having made any prejudgments based on the words of others: It's definitely only a "everyone knows everyone" in certain groups and not as a whole.

I feel like I run into people I know all the time, all over town. I'm almost 22 and I go almost every week to either Fred Meyer on Lakeway or Haggen over by the movie theater.

Ryan Stiles' The Upfront Theatre - Bellingham, WA

Depends on what I need to buy. I grew up here and I'm pretty good with faces and I can generally spot someone I've seen before, especially if I went to school with them. Which I did go to school with about 4 of the Lakeway Fred Meyer employees. I'd say maybe once a month I see someone other than an employee that I recognize while shopping.

Now if I go to some event in town I'm bound to recognize someone due to common interests, but that's different. Only knew one person when I arrived and have since met quite a few people.

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Compared to the reputation of Seattle people being cold and unfriendly, this feels much different. Couple things to keep in mind though. You'll run into some that are very nice, and you'll run into some that are hostile. Bigots and intolerant people don't define Bellingham, but they're certainly present. That said, most places are gonna be very welcoming, and you'll quickly get to know lots of wonderful people. Yeah that's true, but I've come to expect they're will always be people that are intolerant about whom I love.

Sinxe you brought it up, how does it rate as a college town? Is it solely a college based town or are there a variety of opportunities for college grads to stay in Bellingham? It probably depends on your field, but it's definitely not defined by being a college town either. I've got a lot of friends who graduated and stayed for work, but your mileage will vary.

Some of the Best First Date Spots in Bellingham

But it's a generally friendly college town. Of course Bham's gay scene pales in comparison to Seattle. Have you noticed that Temple Bar is the unofficial lesbian bar? Go there on any given Saturday night and you'll see a group, or two girls on their first date. As others have mentioned, it depends a lot on your age, or I guess more specifically the kind of people you're interested in.

There's a big college demographic, but after college most folks move away to places with wider job opportunities i. To be brutally honest, if you're looking for someone LTR-oriented in their 30s and 40s, well, the odds aren't that good, and the goods can be a little odd. I think it depends on your specific demographic. In my experience and in the experience of some of my friends, including my gf it can be hard to connect with women in the extreme PNW.

Seattle might be different, I really don't know. People are a bit reserved here. I have a close friend who is a gay man and he reports that it can be difficult to meet other gay men he says the gay male dating scene is "practically non-existent. It's a liberal town in a liberal part of the country, so there's not much to worry about there. Bellingham isn't that small of a town, most people who've lived here their whole lives just think it is.

If you actually lives in a small town, especially out of state it will be more than interesting enough.

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  5. There's a decent gay scene around time. I'm not a gay man, but most of my gay friends haven't had a crazy problem with finding dates obviously that varies depending on your tastes. For the most part Bellingham is very gay friendly, so unless you want to move to an even bigger city, then it's probably a good fit. I'd check some job listings on Indeed. I moved here in Can't go out once without running into someone here who is in the midst of becoming a girl and leaving manhood behind.

    So trans people might outnumber gays here? I suspect that many of the former Seattle folk come here to live as it is just more affordable than Seattle. I have lived in Seattle prior it has the much larger gay scene and depending upon what your selection of flavor is it's more likely to have it be they muscle blue collar or twink-d'jour.

    Seattle has bars devoted to various groups, bears, leather, twink bois, queens ,the wild rose if your a dyke. Bellingham is to small to have devoted bars so the ones that are here are just catch-all all the flavors wrapped into one place. Cajun comfort food in a relaxed atmosphere is what draws me to Bayou on Bay.


    The quality improvisational unscripted performances are born directly from the clever, and sometimes devious, minds of their players. This French cabaret-themed restaurant is located inside the old world Sycamore Square building. Its inviting wood floors, exposed brick and simple, delectable seafood take you back in time.

    A short stroll in the sea air along South Bay Trail to Taylor Dock or a meander through beloved Village Books are perfect before or after your meal. The Copper Hog Gastropub is no exception. Afterward, a stroll down State Street leads you to a new spot that feels like old fun. Copper Hog N. Its owner has catered for at least two US Presidents, yet the atmosphere is relaxed and family-friendly. I order the bacon-wrapped prawns and a Big Mama margarita one is all the drink I need for the night. Almost every production is a world-premiere work by talented local writers, directors and actors.

    Their bold, sometimes irreverent, choices have convinced me to become a season-pass holder. And thanks to local business sponsors, many opening nights are free. Bellingham is full of so many more great options for food, drink, exercise and entertainment. Enjoy experiencing these date night ideas with your sweetie or create your own.

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