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I am the shy kid who has never asked a girl for her number due to the fear of rejection. One of the most satisfying moments is when I find a girl that I find cute and realize that we have matched. I then know I have a slight chance of going on a date with a girl when I normally would have been to scared to even ask for her number. Now as beautiful as online dating may sound, there are some horror stories that come from it. After swiping left and right a few times, I came across a profile that stopped me in my tracks.

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It was everything I was looking for. There was one problem.

Online Dating vs. In Real Life - SUU News

There were a few pictures but no bio. But, being in the state of mind that I was, I simply swiped right and hoped for the best. Forgetting about it completely, I was shocked when the next day I got a notification that I had a new match. It was exactly what I was looking for, or was it?

After showing up to her house, I found myself a little shocked. It was the home of the same girl. After a very long 45 minutes of listening to her high-pitched and bratty voice, I explained that I really needed to visit the restroom. I entering the restroom and quickly pulled out my phone and called my closest friend.

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I critically told her that I needed her to call me in 3 minutes and make up a desperate situation demanding that I come help her right away. Half laughing as I walked out of the restroom, I sat down and ate the last few bites of my frosty when my phone started to ring. She was very understanding and agreed that I should go help my friend alone.

Approaching her apartment, I left the car running hoping to make this a quick drop off.

I walked her to the door, trying to stay as nice as possible, but quickly found myself awkwardly embraced by her arms. With my arms straight down, she grabbed my face and proceeded to attempt to bite my lip off. Trying to pull away, she grabbed my face harder and pulled me in. After a very long and painful few seconds, I forced myself free ran to my car and drove away. Online dating is quickly becoming part of everyday life with apps on our phones making it easy to connect with people closer than we could ever imagine and to tick all the right boxes before we even meet with them.

Being brought up with online dating and choosing partners through adult chat rooms or an online profile is potentially how future relationships will be created. When speaking with friends and family I am sure some online romances have been filled with confusion and uncertainty whilst other online relationships catapult people into opportunities they may have difficulty finding in reality.

2.Real Life Dating

The rise of adult chat rooms and engaging online relationships is certainly very real, that is not up for debate. More and more people are turning to online relationships and online dating as their main source of romantic interaction and finding potential partners. But does this really replace dating face to face and experiencing the challenges and excitement of meeting in person?

Online dating should be a tool to be used to find potential partners, and even get to know them in some respect prior to arranging to meet or date them in person. Different individuals would be more drawn to either real dating or online dating depending on what they desire, their social skills and what they are looking for in a partner. However, having the best of both worlds by using an online relationship to foot the foundations for a real romance would be the healthiest and more productive way forward in terms of deciding whether your online relationship is the real deal or the stuff of fantasies.

Chat rooms hold users well into their hundreds and thousands, each specifically tailored for different wants, needs and desires. This is certainly not the case in reality. Online dating increases your pool of potential partners literally within minutes, more than you can possibly imagine when going about your regular day to day activities. This is certainly a plus point for online romances as you can pick and choose people very quickly who fit your criteria. Even to the extent of knowing their hobbies, interests, location, types and sexual orientation before you meet or start chatting.

Or could it take away the fun of finding out yourself? However, with your potential partners now into their hundreds within minutes can you tell anymore what and who is real or an online fantasy?

Online Dating vs. In Real Life

This is a lengthy process as opposed to a natural connection in real life that plays with your heart strings and tummy butterflies. Online adult chat rooms provide an endless way to find potential matches and chat to partners who suit what you are looking for. This safe environment does allow you to freely chat with new possible connections whilst building your confidence with partners of the opposite or same sex with different sexual orientations. These very convenient opportunities to chat not only boost your confidence but can improve your levels of communication with many potential partners without the boundaries of commitment and time.