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Get a pen and paper and write down your win percentage and the average win percentage of your teammates in every game and you will see a distinct cliff around They should make public lobbies in easily browse-able interface. Though you won't get items. Originally Posted by whiners. Originally Posted by FunAllowed. Give me my old Traxex back, the one with ice-cold eyes and face paint! Why do carries get all credit for winning a game where he goes 30 min afk farming while the rest is defending everything? Why would you and i consider it to be a card game? Hey thats not a bad idea , just use the cards in VG as a new game mode right?

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I don't know why you capitalized and put quotes around "choose". And yes, it is that "simply". In casual, two teams of three fight until they destroy an objective in the other team's base. That doesn't follow your definition at all, but battle royal does. Also, why even bring it up in the first place? There's no point in doing that. In casual 2 teams of 3 fight until they destroy an objective.

Lol Matchmaking Aram – No Interracial Dating

Inst that an example of battle royal then? So battle royal isnt like casual when casual is basically like battle royal except with a few extra rules Of course you're going to be on teams. There would be no point in having teams and them making the game end if and only if there was one person left alive. Again, I think you're confused. And again, casual does not fall under the definition of battle royal. Where 1 would survive until the end. This vainglory battle royal follows that but multiple times.

I was mocking the battle royal with the ace in vainglory. I also agree with the fact that SEMC should just remove the ace because it gives such a huge advantage to winning teams and no comebacks.

Matchmaking available on the Howling Abyss

That literally makes no sense, but it's your opinion. Have you seen how complex and how detailed the Spring Map is? Knowing SEMC, they would probably exceed expectations on the quality of another map. Vainglory already takes up mb of space, and I really don't think it should take up any more than that. Just get rid of the jungle map completely? Im not an expert in gaming programming , but taking off the jungle map in battle royal should be better then adding a barrier.

You're saying that they're not busy making skins?

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SEMC is still hiring other people , but the question is what is everyone else is doing? Not everyone is an artist in SEMC my friend only i say that 1 guy who makes the skins and i dont know how many people work on the map.

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  4. Your assuming all of them are artist? Getting a random hero is the quickest way to do that. If you're not happy with the way things are, the new game mode is probably not for you. All i said to those who dont have any friends if you look at the twitch chat people complain about having no friends you should consider making some.

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    Where did i say i dont have any friends?! We play aram most of the days you dont know what aram is so this is irrelevant Also how am i new to the game?

    ARAM matchmaking?

    I am Simply amazing silver at this point of the season. How can you assume 1 is new to the game? If this is a feature that the majority of the players providing feedback want, I'm pretty sure that SEMC will listen to them. Are you trying to start a fight?

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    It's you're opinion, but I'm pretty sure that a large portion of players, including myself, will tell you that a lot of times, solo queueing can be pretty painful because the matchmaker is a little off this update. It was the idea about bringing this game mode from private to a normal mode. If battle royal does because a normal mode , then they better decide to let us choose our heroes.

    Now there is another map for ARAM games: The map has a lot of fun new effects as well as a completely new look. Lore-wise it is in the northern regions of the Freljord, implied to be above Lissandra's seat of power. First will be rerolls, giving players who play ARAM regularly the chance to reroll their random champion if they get a bad matchup. This is something a player can only do a limited number of times, based on how many ARAM games they have played, so it is not a free pass every game.

    Second are some new items, one of which designed to make it easier for melee characters to engage against a much longer-range team composition.