Speed dating @ stk los angeles singles stk november 4


  1. Speed Dating @ Stk Los Angeles Singles Stk November 4
  2. STK – Los Angeles
  3. Stop Searching for the Best Steakhouse in LA When There’s STK in Beverly Hills
  4. Speed Dating @ Stk Los Angeles Singles Stk November 4

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Speed Dating @ Stk Los Angeles Singles Stk November 4

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STK – Los Angeles

But what stole the show between the two sides was the sweet corn pudding. I never thought I would say that I would express so much more adoration for a sweet corn pudding over a lobster mac and cheese, but I do. This pudding had such a casual sweetness, a rich creaminess, and a beautiful amount of juiciness that made its way through the corn. I think there are so many great aspects in this dish and love how well they worked together.

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Once we cleared the starters and the sides held a strong place on the table we took our utensils and focused on the entrees. Slicing through the pork belly and taking a quiet moment to actually explore the taste of this dish brought forth an incredibly succulent and hearty cut of meat. In each bite was an equal amount of the sweet and light mint.

Although the fish is small in size, the taste of it immediately made up for what you might have thought was missing. The fish was so light and the burnt taste of the creama alongside it enhanced what would be a bland fish at any other restaurant. The type of meat which the restaurant is named after exceed all of my expectations. While the plate appeared unassuming and simple, the taste was anything but that.

Aligning my knife and fork to slice through the meat was a gorgeous sight to behold. The moment I tasted it, the immediate thought that came to mind as I chewed through the marbled meat with a seared crust so dark and deep was that this was what Jesus eats in heaven. Those who got to enjoy the steak in STK just happened to be so lucky to take part in such a heavenly meal.

Stop Searching for the Best Steakhouse in LA When There’s STK in Beverly Hills

Amplifying the impeccable taste of the steak were the array of sauces from blue butter, horseradish, red wine, and a few others. Closing off the perfect dinner we split dessert. STK took what would have been a traditional cheesecake, but added their spin to it.

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The addition of the petite flowers was a beautiful touch as well. An oversized chocolate chip cookie was drizzled with chocolate sauce, caramel, and vanilla ice cream.

Dating In LA, Part VII: Speed Dating

The piping hot cookie was full of large chucks of chocolate which melted with the vanilla ice cream in the best way possible. Sunday to Thursday — 6: Website , Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter.

Speed Dating @ Stk Los Angeles Singles Stk November 4

Sign up now to get the latest restaurant reviews, culinary interviews, blogging tips, and so much more! I treat your contact information like food, I'll never give it away. I thoroughly relished reading this and the food photos, omg, they are clearly heavenly and based on your fantastic review of each of the plates, I felt I was in heaven with jesus eating what he must be eating there.

Girl, you made me laugh so hard reading what you wrote: He is not about to have kids now, but I since he might be some time in the future, I just wanted to say that. Hahaha so glad you like this post Shanaz. But that why I love them, they do the most amazing things with potatoes and seafood pretty much all steak house sides make my mouth water and my heart sing and I see STK is no different.

I would devour that halibut in seconds. Wow, you always have such droolworthy photos!