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Trying to buy a ticket for a friend? I appreciate the effort that was put into it. I like how it was organized and it was cool to meet lots of people in a short amount of time. It gives you a chance to see a little about that person and see if you want to pursue something or not, or just make a new friend. Veg Speed Date is the only singles event just for vegans and vegetarians in cities across North America. Think of it like mini chats, just getting to know someone for a few minutes. There's no judgment or rejection. Zero pressure to tell anyone whether you like them.

Vegan Singles Meetups in Los Angeles

And no exchanging contact info at the event. In short, it's dating without the awkwardness. We create life-changing matches and love stories in the veg community. We are the creators of Veg Speed Date, the first and only speed dating for vegans and vegetarians across North America. We have thought through every detail to make sure people have a great time, don't need to worry about feeling rejected, and have the best chance of making that special connection. Expect a fun, friendly, and incredibly effective way to meet veg singles.

Native to west los angeles; Studies nature; travel; classes;walks;listens to lectures at UCLA; family oriented;easy living;cultural events;. Living in Los Angeles , california Vegan diet. Hi I'm a recent transplant to the LA area. I grew up in the midwest near St. Louis, so I have a lot of those down-to-earth characteristics.

I like to work hard and do the right thing in life and am not too interested in the glitz and glam. I've generally been adventurous most my life. I went to college in Michigan and got a degree in mechanical engineering. I then worked in the automotive industry in Ohio for a couple years. Then I moved to Mexico and lived in villages designing water filtration systems for villagers. I've worked at non-profits and at some point I got my Master's in teaching and worked in Washington state.

I now live in LA and enjoying the warm weather and the people here. I've been really getting into cycling and yoga lately. I've done some mile rides on the bike and looking to tackle some bigger challenges. For work I work for a charter school and design math curriculum that's my nerdy side. I'm pretty straight edge, I don't drink or smoke.

Ace is a 57 year old, spiritual male. Living in Los angeles , california Raw food diet. Im active and physically fit ,live in west LA. Looking for new female friends,. If youre interested in finding out more,message me. Living in Los Angeles , california Vegetarian diet. Eric is a 30 year old, spiritual male. Monique is a 45 year old, spiritual female. My acting, teaching, and activism are my children. Looking for a compassionate thinking person, who is into their's and the planet's health. Primary reason for being vegan is not to hurt the animals. MadRabbit is a 44 year old, spiritual male.

Living in Los Angeles , california Almost veg diet. Thanks for checking out my profile. My meat-eating friends ask me why I don't eat meat, and my vegan friends ask me why I'm not totally vegan yet I love all kinds of things, including yoga, guitar, Thai massage, traveling recent travels include Taiwan and Japan , good jokes, reading a good book, watching a good movie, wearing my fave jeans, candlelight in a dark room Phillip is a 62 year old, Jewish male.

I organize the street salsa club on the 3rd Street Promenade. Come up and introduce yourself. Perhaps we can dance. I am a 61 year old man, 6'1", lbs, brownish-grey hair and brown eyes. I am vegetarian and a father. I live in the Pacific Palisades in a small condo at the beach surrounded by mountains and Lake Shrine. I love the outdoors. I am a retired educator. I worked as a Resource Specialist with incarcerated teens that had exceptional needs at Juvenile Detention Facilities.

I studied and interned in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis years ago. I like to spend time with my 14 year old son. When I am free, I may visit local espresso or funky cafes, dance salsa poorly but I organize a street dance club , bookstores, cinema, a walk through the Promenade in Santa Monica, a hike or long distance run.

Best date restaurants los angeles 2015

I have an environmental and social consciousness. I seek someone to date with the possibiity of it leading to a serious relationship. I am divorced and a father to a skateboarding teen boy. Mike is a 64 year old, spiritual gay male. I work as a nonprofit administrator by day and a writer by night.

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I love exercise, deep conversations, travel, and going to arts events theater, museums, etc. I love inventing things in the kitchen. Holland is a 61 year old, spiritual gay male. Quit driving in and fond of saying the world is now a safer place for everyone. I happily kick around town on my Yedoo scooter see pictures. Enjoy light hiking, day trips, board games, Father Brown, and good conversation. See life through a spiritual lens. Currently a student of Advaita non-duality. Not much into "real sex," but very into sensuous touch, hugging, kissing, and frottage.

The thought of someone to snuggle with puts a smile on my face. In addition to acting, I am also passionate about my second career -- teaching English as a second language to adults. I get way too excited about grammar. Don't even get me started on the present perfect. I want to end up in some guy's arms, not his laptop! Best wishes to all. Michael is a 55 year old, Atheist male. Living in los angeles , california Vegan diet. I am an atheist so if you are religious we probably don't match. I'm an easy going person, a little quiet maybe.

I like music and reading.

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I have a science education and work as an engineer. I like the outdoors. I try to exercise regularly. I have a cat. I have been vegan since around I have no children and do not wish to have any. I'm looking for someone to share life with. I have been a vegetarian since I was 21 and a vegan since I was 23 for health as well as ethical reasons.

I'm easy-going, a bit on the quiet side, and I have an off-beat sense of humor. I work with animals and moved back recently from Chicago. I like to be active but enjoy being a homebody as well. I collect records and comics and have two cats I rescued. J is a 62 year old, spiritual female. Doctor of nontraditional chiropractic, nutritional counseling, Reiki and Qi Gong. Spirituality is the center of my life. I make several treks a year to Northern California redwoods. Anjonez is a 42 year old, spiritual male. I'd say the best word to describe me would be "eclectic".

I'm a very down to earth, openminded, easy going guy just seeing if there are any fellow eclectic females out there. I'm 5 11 slim build mixed heritage living in Los Angeles,CA. Wide variety of interests beach, music, sports, vegas on occasion, gym, travel in general Feel free to ask me anything Bob is a 64 year old, Jewish male.

I like chocolate and sleeping in on a weekend morning, raking leaves, and rolling my eyes when life turns stranger than fiction. I have close friends scattered hither and yon, 3 wonderful boys, and would enjoy a relationship that offers connection and depth My family of origin was wonderful and close with parents who had commitment to each A wonderful and other and cared deeply for each other as well as others. There was a Jewish youth group, an engineering degree, Israel, marriage with high hopes and divorce and cooperatively sharing some wonderful boys.

Connection with others and love Someone meaningful and who grows quite special. And if never materializes, well I value honesty and altruism. I strive to make life meaningful through giving. I often do that giving in a Jewish context. I believe that life is good and something to enjoy and celebrate with others. I have many interests, and like to enrich myself by learning about and sharing the interests of those people who are close to me. I emphasize values and integrity in daily living. I see enjoyment in life as part of promoting and facilitating those values.

So, I enjoy natural beauty in people and in the world around us , outdoor recreation, sports, music, stimulating discussion and debate, and participating in social service activities. I love Shabbat and having people over to celebrate it together for hours on end with great healthy food, singing, laughing, and discussion. Vegan persons for many years. Camille is a 50 year old, Buddhist female. I am a passionate, creative soul.

Passionate about the things I care about in life; animal rights, vegan living, healing and healing our world. I enjoy creating spoken word music when I'm not working as a dentist. Paul is a 49 year old, Jewish male. I enjoy exploring both locally and internationally and hearing people's stories.

I was in the Dominican Republic last month and was very fortunate to go to Poland a week ago for a very meaningful and once in a lifetime trip. I'm a runner and try to stay healthy. I love kids but not planning to have any at this point. If there's anything you want to know, just ask. Alisha is a 30 year old, spiritual female. My name is Alisha and I would call myself a humanitarian first and foremost. I have a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy but currently Lyft drive full time. I do videos with passengers and homeless people having them share their sweet simple things in life with everyone!

I love to be active and hit the gym as well as hiking! I love any kind of adventure that includes exploring the beauty mother nature has gifted us with! I'm originally from the East Coast and have been living in LA for the past 5 or so years. I work in healthcare. I love animals and have been vegetarian over half my life. Adventurous, very polite, somewhat intelligent, and not an ogre to look at. I have been essentially meat-free since , I am well-traveled and travel is my passion, and I also enjoy movies, music, sports, animals, history, and learning, among other things.

JD is a 39 year old, spiritual male. I hope to find someone with a similar outlook in this community. Living in los angeles , california Almost veg diet. Now for taste reasons i dont consume red meat. Talyn is a 53 year old, spiritual female. I am a native of Los Angeles, working in the real estate industry. I like to dance, socialize, cook, go to intimate dinner parties, do yoga, travel and learn about different cultures.

I also like dogs, but have an allergy to most cats. Have not volunteered in awhile now and want to get back to it. I also like music, mostly alternative. I LOVE movies, indies for the most part. I'm starting to delve into my spiritual side and have a ways to go-I'm starting a journey, not sure where it will lead, but I have good feelings about it all. I write in my journal mostly everyday now, It's comforting for me. I also like to be free to express myself and welcome that from whomever I'm with. Sharing is important for me.

I drink socially and have one roommate currently. Hoping to have my own place in the next year. Alvarez is a 28 year old, Atheist bi-female. Am quite, humble and obedient to the last command, searching for relationship that leads to marriage. Happyvegangirl is a 56 year old, spiritual female. Health and fitness spirituality and mentally, as well as physically are very important to me. I do a lot of animal rights activism. Those that like me appreciate my intelligence, wit, inquisitive nature, and at some point with endearingly call me a dork while laughing.

I teach kinder-first grade, special education. I love to exercise and stay fit, partially to bring a good name to vegan nutrition! Butterfly8 is a 53 year old, Catholic female. I am a bit confusing I am a dreamer, but responsible. I take risks, but calculated ones. I am intrepid, but also cautious. I think I have a few contradictory characteristics. I'm not sure if this makes me interesting or just plain confusing.

However, I am very down to earth. I could easily live in a one room studio if it was with someone I loved, as opposed to a 20 room mansion with someone I can't talk to. I love the outdoors, animals, and driving into the woods and pitching a tent. I am equally comfortable in an evening gown but would probably take my shoes off at the end of the night to run in the surf I am looking to travel more , I have travelled some, but not enough. I would love to be fluent in spanish.

I love all things old -- old houses, cars, clothing, books I love good wine, good coffee, martini's and beer. I am caring and trustworthy. I have a solid work ethic and feel that you have to work for things, and are not simply entitled to them. Missmywalkman is a 31 year old, spiritual male. Vegan for the animals, healthy eater for myself. I try to keep all my choices as ethical as possible.

Living in los angeles , california Vegetarian diet. I am an easy going sweet person, who always puts others before myself. I am capable of real love and devotion, and in touch with my feminine side. I love to travel and do so frequently and would love a great travelling partner. I am into yoga, meditation, hiking,massage,ocean,mtns and deserts. Like silly teasing and cuddling. Value friends and family very much. Do not like drama or to be around negativity. Like to find the positive and the good in people. Very much into yoga, hiking and spending time reading spiritual books. Favorite destinations are India, Thailand, Hawaii, Europe-and go to them all at least once a year.

Saku is a 42 year old, Buddhist female. Hello, I'm a musician, artist, dancer, and yoga instructor. Love traveling and try to do it as often as life allows me to. Not very religious, I choose to practice and live my spirituality rather than going to temple every week. I love spontaneous random adventure and weird artsy stuff, and dogs and cats and other animals. Activism on some level is important to me, especially for animals, the environment, racism, feminism, and LGBT issues. Sunny days on the beach, chillin' out in nature, dancing in the club to the right music , going out to experience live music, soaking up the art in museums, lazy movies under the covers at home, cooking vegan food at home are my thing.

I make BOMB vegan ice cream and cheeses by the way! I'm a variety of stuff - I can rock an elegant evening gown as well as rough it and talk trash if we're shooting pool or whatever. I like to be treated like a lady, and I also like to have determination over my own life. Happiness, peace, independence, and having space to create my art is important to me - and so is bonding with and loving my partner.

There are so many kids on this planet that need a home to live in with loving parents, and I would rather be that loving parent to adopt one of these rather than create babies from scratch IF I decide to be a mom one day. But no rush or urgency on this. Ann is a 40 year old, Atheist female.

Sheek vegan looking for long term relationship. I'm a painter although I work at a Non Profit working with animals. I'm a music fan and record collector. Byron is a 66 year old, Baha'i male. You will find that I am quite a bit different than most other men. I have had a lot of different experiences in life that have led me to be very open to different people and cultures. I have a deep interest in multi-cultural and creative activities that I would love to share with someone very special.

I sing and would love to find someone who really loves music. My life has been a process of spiritual seeking to discover my true self and learning to unselfishly offer loving-kindness to others. I have always been very open and expressive with my feelings and would hope to find someone who also needs that in a relationship. Friendly, honest, somewhat introvert. I enjoy the arts movies, museums, concerts, etc. I also enjoy travelling having a vegetarian or vegan travel partner would be great! I am also looking for veggie friends. I actually only have one! Manife is a 30 year old, Catholic bi-male.

I am young man fond of traveling. I love exploring new places. Also i like swimming. I am interested in connecting people of different regions and different school of minds. Hoping to graduate soon though: Well This Is ME too! I definitely Want My Match! I am more than looking forward to hearing back from You with a Positive Response some time in the very near future. Kathleen is a 28 year old, Atheist female. I don't have children. But my older sister has 2 sons so I like my nephews and their children are great. Raised Methodist but now Agnostic but willing to be open to my partners choice.

I like listening to music: BS degree and much more continuing studies in theatre, economics, finance, stock market. Semi- retired Finance field. I travel a lot and always willing to visit a new country. I am somewhat impatient and not fond of procrastination, Example, don't want to date but instead get to the relationship part haha.

I like Netflix movies, Live small theatre productions, I am financially conservative and generous with relatives and friends. Travel to friends in Ecuador yearly, I am curious about all things in life. I follow some politics and I like to keep abreast of recent news with sites like Flipboard and Quora.

I like Wired Magazine. My personality ratio serious vs. I need to work on playfulness. I am goal oriented and focused. Money directed and I like to complete projects. I set smart goals and visualize achieving them. I see a lot men allow their sexuality to define themselves. They do "gay this" and "gay that". They rarely go beyond the gay bubble they have created. I am more of man from the straight community that can love.

I like women too. I would like to learn to Juggle balls. I can believe I can be devoted, stable, romantic, supportive and financially secure. I believe that we should not make the other animals we share our planet with suffer. Just because we have the ability to needlessly abuse animals does not mean we should.

I like skiing and sports. GeorgeTheVegan is a 24 year old, Christian Scientist male. Sandra is a 49 year old, spiritual female. I'm a fun easy going person who loves life. I started up a non profit to make a difference for people and animals. Our main program helps people who can't afford their vet care so pets are not put down because of lack of funding. I have finally found a career path to express my passion for animals and people. I am optimistic and strive for finding the good in people.

I Love my family and friends. I enjoy learning new things, dancing, people, outdoors, animals of course , laughter, traveling, being creative, playful and witty and pretty much anything thing from going out on the town to staying home snuggled in my PJs. I'm happy, fun, outspoken, brutally honest, sarcastic at times, intelligent, down to earth, open minded, romantic, affectionate, trustworthy, kind, loyal, loving, generous, and am looking to share that with someone else.

Love to read, learn and absorb new information, joke around, listen to all kinds of music, dance, concerts, festivals, theme parks, museums, the theater, political causes, travel visited Sweden, Germany, Amsterdam, France, Rome, Cuba , swimming, being in nature, having intellectual conversations, and am up for anything new and interesting.

I believe life is beautiful and too short to waste time being unhappy or having a life full of drama. I don't blame others and take full responsibility for my life. Therefore, I enjoy every moment and see the brighter things in all aspects of my life and am looking for someone who looks at life in the same way. I'm very liberal and always rooting for the under dog.

I'm very environmental and political, which means I believe we are all part of the problem and therefore, are apart of the solution. So I do my part to be part of the solution in my day-to-day affairs. I love animals and have pets. I'm also very spiritual and practice Buddhism. Buddhism is a huge part of my life and makes me the awesome person I am: VeganMan is a 47 year old, spiritual male.

I love to laugh. I gravitate towards people, books, films and TV shows that elicit lots of light and laughter. Paradoxically, I also love watching 1-hour dramas and listening to really sad ballads. I love feeling deeply about life, enjoy having new experiences and learning new ideas that add to both my depth of feelings and broaden my awareness. I am an avid reader, love to travel internationally and enjoy binge watching a good TV series.

Marcie is a 48 year old, Catholic female.

Vegan Singles Meetups in Los Angeles - Meetup

Not all those who wander are lost. I've been described at straightforward and direct I'm honest and truthful because it's important for me. A fair amount of self awareness and curiosity is attractive to me. I'm not looking for a hookup. Some basics - I have a 19 yo son who doesn't live with me but the coolest guy you will ever meet.

Two young dogs - who are hilarious and make me smile every day. Test is a 25 year old, Rastafari male. I love to read about various religions and how cultures affect people. I can be a little intimidated by pretty women so I might be quiet at first but I warm up really quick. Michelle is a 30 year old, spiritual female. I am a vegan foodie and believe food is your medicine. I love experimenting and preparing plant-based foods. I was vegetarian for 12 years and have been vegan for 3 years. I am vegan because I firmly believe in living out a cruelty free, environmentally and socially just, and spiritually balanced life.

I love traveling, running, and view challenges in life as opportunities for personal growth. I'm a committed vegan looking for another vegan to explore this crazy world with. I work in tech and am inspired to educate the world in new ways, especespec through games. I love exploration and communication and strive to make the world a better place.

Nature loving naturist being naked is tied into my personal sense of freedom. I help local vegetarians keep in touch. I value and promote free thought and compassion. Active in other things too You could say I am an activist. Since Nov , I state my religion as Veganism been vegan since I selected "not religious" instead of "other" or "atheist" since I am an atypical atheist who amongst other factors religiously adheres to vegan principles.

Also, if it has to be one or the other, then I would prefer friendship even if it is simply acquaintanceship to casual sexual fun. I would recommend most people view any plans we make or suggest as a non-date say an outing, or meeting a friend, or meeting a friendly neighborhood vegan. You can email me directly from " Aouie. I am very passionate about social and environmental conciousness, I believe that is a major way a person can learn and grow mentally and spiritually as well as help others.

I care deeply about art, music, literature, exercise, friendships, love, learning, experiencing nature and other ways to enjoy life. I have been a vegetarian for 5 years or so, I've been living and working in Los Angeles for 8 years or so. Eliane is a 48 year old, spiritual female.

Work as video editor and translator as contractor. Looking for company for evening and weekends, a friendship at first, but open for what it will bring. I am an engineer and a film-maker directing, acting, producing, and writing and focusing on non-violent material. I was married for 8 years no kids and am now divorced. Sports-wise I have run 3 marathons and may do another someday. I also enjoy taekwondo I am a black belt as of June , tennis, hiking and biking. I have other things going on in my life, but that is enough for now.

Sway is a 25 year old, Taoist bi-female. Top 3 love languages are acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time. Currently focusing on video production, editing, writing. Elina is a 26 year old, spiritual female. I've been vegan for 3 years now and before that I was vegetarian for another 3 years. I like to read books, my favorite Author is Stephen King.

I like hiking and going to the gym at least twice a week. International Man of Mystery! You are ambling along a woodland path.

Which would you rather encounter: Vegan Gal is a 42 year old, spiritual female. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool graphic designer, even though after 20 years of practice it's not how I make my living anymore. My work now makes me feel better about what I do and leaves me enough free time to devote to ceramics, which I love. I have a deep love for all animals. If you don't like cats or aren't open to liking them it's gonna be difficult. I mean impossible - I live with one whom I adore. I'm sensitive, passionate but tempered with good sense, down-to-earth, opinionated, curious, caring, loving, tenacious, faithful, strong yet vulnerable and loyal to a fault.

I have a terrible memory, a potty mouth mostly in private, don't worry , discerning taste, a sharp wit, a sweet tooth, a warm heart, a handle on my baggage, and I'm embarrassingly inept for mathematical-type thinking. I like to nest. I'm an incurable aesthete. I'm adaptable to most situations, except maybe for those where hygiene is compromised.

Simple things make me extremely happy. Pretentiousness bores me to tears, bullsht irritates me, injustice angers and saddens me. I have a wide range of tastes and interests, including in no particular order design, rock and roll, travel, Fellini, nature, languages, Keith Richards, non-fiction, fiction, Kubrick, art, animal rights, Led Zeppelin, healthy eating although pizza IS the bomb , Jack Handey, ceramics, architecture, ok, this list could get really long.

I take good care of myself physically, emotionally and otherwise, all my photos are recent less than a year old. I'M 49 I only changed my age because it seemed I was being omitted from a lot of searches, given the people that have been contacting me - hope you'll understand. If the above checks with you, I'd love to hear from you. Sophia is a 27 year old, spiritual female. Loving life and my careers. Super passionate about holistic healing and nutrition, yet not defined by it. Open for friendship or a relationship.

I love being very active and adventurous. Ambitious yet simultaneously carefree and fun loving. Prabhat is a 42 year old, Atheist male. I enjoy thought-provoking conversation and especially enjoy being taken on adventures through other people's stories. I live my life trying to work to make the world better and enjoy discussions on creating real social change. I run my own company called Positive Television, which highlights he charity work done by celebrities. I'm idealistic, but also the most realistic person most people meet. I want to know the truth about everything and forever hopeful that the truth is that people will help one another once they understand how they can help.

We can all be better citizens of the world and better individuals, so I am driven to grow as much as I can.