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See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention easy to install light switch pull chain light fixture junction box perfect solution works well works perfectly old house small enough chain light every time like a normal wireless light enough to fit works flawlessly ceiling fan great easy well worth turn the light. Showing of reviews.

Where should you install your wall lights?

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I am very happy with this, which amounts to a 2-part kit. It does everything the Skylink SK8 equivalent system is supposed to do, except this one actually works. The receiver mounts to a standard knockout, making it easy to give it maximum RF exposure and leaving room in the junction box. No ground wire - definitely leaves it less vulnerable to ESD damage a factor in my detached garage.

Doesn't look difficult, but it's a nice touch. Nice mounting adapter for surface mounting the switch. I didn't, but I admired the mount before I threw it away. In my case I added the switch to the left of a pre-existing 3-gang box. I cut out around the switch with a knife, got a 4-gang plate, attached the switch to it, and was able to remount the plate by simply pushing the other 3 switches as left as possible with their standard mounting slots.

Not just usually, but almost always! The return-to-center toggle is unlike a standard single pole switch, but not unlike most modern Decora dimmers, whereby you press the top for on and the bottom for off.

The exposed plastic bits are a very nice match to standard and other Decora devices. It should - it's made by Leviton. The switch doesn't need batteries so no replacements needed.

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Considering what Lutron charges for dimmers nowadays, not so bad, I suppose. A slightly narrower switch module footprint would make next-to-box installation a little easier. Works great for wirelessly connecting 4 sections of kitchen under cabinet LED puck lights to this single switch. I have 2 doorways and range hood separating 4 areas of cabinets and counters.

House sits on a concrete pad and a bedroom on top prevented going into the ceiling for electrical lines.

Pairing was quick and easy. I repeated the pairing 4 times to get all 4 of my switches to work together the other 3 receivers I bought separately. Used fish tape to get regular 10A electrical line from existing outlet boxes up through holes I drilled in the cabinet. Ran the line into a shallow blue electrical box and mounted the receiver into the box making it snug using the provided metal threaded ring.

Installed with some LED puck lights and a transformer and looks great, especially at night - nice bright counters without needing overhead lights on! I don't have to go around and turn on each section individually, one switch works them all! Saw this used on an episode of This Old House, and fell in love. Over my sink in my house, there was this hideous light fixture that relied on a pull chain.

I've hated it since I got the house, but without ripping out the entire wall to wire the light, what could I do? I bought a new fixture, just like the lady in the episode, and in about an hour in a half, we had the old, ugly fixture gone, and the new one in place. This is the ultimate Do-It-Yourself project, and best of all, I was able to stick the light switch underneath my top cabinets so it's hidden from view.

And it works perfectly. This is one of the best improvements I've made to the house, and this is an absolute must have for homeowners or renovators of old homes. There are similar products available at cheaper prices, but since this is the exact same one used in This Old House, I coughed up the money to buy what they used. I was wary of the cheaper ones.

This product works exactly as described. My condo was remodeled by the previous owner which resulted in a guest room where the light switch was outside the room. This system was easy to install, and solved my problem without the need to bother with rewiring. There is a firm, audible "click" sound when the switch is fully depressed up or down on or off -- this force is actually generating the electricity used to send a radio signal that controls the light. Very cool technology that requires no battery or power source of any kind! I didn't even know this existed until I found this product.

This let me just tie wiring together I hesitated to buy this, thinking it'd be cheaper to open up a wall and move the wiring. A friend suggested that it was worth my time to avoid all the hassle of moving wiring and just pay someone to do it. When I found this I realized I had an even better solution.

A Word About Choosing Light Bulbs

This let me just tie wiring together where the old switch was, put the relay in the light fixture and put the switch wherever I want. It's worked great for a month. It's nice to know I'll never have to change batteries. I also used it on a wall with a pocket door, where an ordinary light switch wouldn't fit. The very shallow depth of this switch worked beautifully. This wireless light switch works great! This is the second time I've bought this product for different locations.

It is great for existing places where it is very difficult if not impossible to install new wiring from a switch to a device or fixture. I used it for installing new lighting at a ceiling mounted recessed box that was wired with power but it wasn't switched.

Wireless light switch

In order to mount a light fixture to be controlled with a wall switch, I used this wireless light switch. The only comment I have for the manufacturer is to try to make relay device smaller as an improvement in the near future. Wireless switches do not need any channels, holes, boxes or wire in the wall. This reduces the amount of electrical work required when installing a switch. All remote light switches require a power source in order to facilitate the transmission of a signal to the receiving device. Some of these switches rely on batteries for power output while most are required to be wired into an existing electrical system.

The mechanical energy created by pressing the switch generates enough electricity to power a built-in transmitter that sends a radio signal to the receiver. There are more and more light switches can be controlled by smartphone.

Putting a Sonoff in your wall switch box - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community

Usually user can control the light using mobile app. But for some products, extra corresponding hub is needed to connect those smart switches. In order to avoid the hub, wireless light switch and luminaire needs to share the same protocol, e. Bluetooth mesh Lighting model or Zigbee LightLink. Apple also provide HomeKit which try to integrate all those user interfaces.

How to Add an Outlet, a Wall Switch and Light Fixture to Existing Wall - Part 1

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