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There are weapon parts spread out all over the game, found when looting dead enemies, allowing players to customize their weapons in the predeployment menu; the menu also allows equipment loadouts.

Stealth mechanics have been reworked. An eye icon squints or opens to denote the player's level of detection by the enemy. Enemy soldiers will also have a circle meter over their heads to indicate alert status.

Latest update, now live on Xbox 360!

Players are also forced to relocate periodically to prevent detection with a white ghost image to mark their last known position and the enemy will search a wider area. As in the previous game, loud sounds may be used to mask sniper shots. A points system is instituted for actions such as stealth close-combat or sniper kills, with the points accumulating towards promotion to higher ranks. Players can go around the map to collect special reward items such as collectors' cards and unlock sniper nests.

Journal pages also provide further backstory into the events of the game. V2 ' s X-Ray kill cam system is retained as well. Where the previous game only shows the body's internal structure at point of impact, the new game expands to visualize the rest of the cardiovascular, skeletal, and muscular systems.

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The player can still target vehicles, but now has a chance to shoot the engines and disable the vehicle. There is a large selection of maps to play on with large open environments. He helps British soldiers repel General Erwin Rommel's forces, but ultimately, the port of Tobruk is lost. Fairburne heads to the Gaberoune oasis in Libya to kill several officers and reveal Vahlen's whereabouts. He only finds a document revealing the name of Vahlen's project, Project Seuche literally meaning plague.

Fairburne's only hope of finding Vahlen is by rescuing a British informant inside Fort Rifugio previously held by the British during Operation Compass. Fairburne successfully infiltrates Fort Rifugio and frees the informant.

Sniper Elite 3

Fairburne kills the officer tasked as the courier and steals the book, which details Vahlen's plans to conquer Europe when the Afrika Korps win in North Africa, with his base of operations somewhere in the Kasserine Pass. Fairburne and Brauer infiltrate the base and discover from a secret movie reel that Project Seuche is a supertank codenamed Ratte. Tragically, Brauer is killed by a Tiger tank but Fairburne destroys it in revenge.

He buries Brauer and takes a round from Brauer's gun. With the location of the Ratte production facility still unknown, Fairburne joins the LRDG in assaulting the German-controlled Pont du Fahs Airfield and finds a map leading to the facility, which is nestled inside the Mides canyon.

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He gets inside the complex and prepares satchel charges to collapse the base as well as destroy the Ratte prototype. To trigger the detonation, Fairburne puts an explosive on the Ratte' s turret and drops a load of the supertank's massive shells on it. Vahlen is mortally injured trying to escape the hangar and Fairburne takes his Luger, puts Brauer's round in the chamber and kills Vahlen before escaping the base. The effect of Operation Chastise on steel production forces the Germans to scrap work on the Ratte. The DLC pack adds three new missions, one of which the player needs to save Winston Churchill from a German assassination attempt.

In the first mission, "In Shadows", Fairburne must uncover the identity of Churchill's would-be assassins. He does this by sneaking back into the Siwa Oasis in Western Egypt which by this point has been won and lost by the Allies since his last visit. In the process, he learns the identity of the assassins and their leader. The celebrated "bullet cam" from Sniper Elite makes its return and will be more gratifying than ever.


Skillful shots are rewarded with a slow-motion sequence of the bullet running its full trajectory from barrel to target as well as featuring graphic detail of the effects of the bullet entering and destroying a target. This page contains co-op info for Sniper Elite V2 on the Playstation 3. All information about Sniper Elite V2 was correct at the time of posting. We have no control over this, explaining why our release dates were provisional only.

Can't party up with friend: "CONNECTION FAILED"

Below is a list of our projected release dates for the upcoming console patches. We hope we can deliver these dates for you all. The below patches are being tested this weekend and they will be submitted to Microsoft and Sony next week. If you have any other feedback or bugs to report, please fill out http: For those affected, thank you again for your patience and if you have any other feedback please report them here http: The multiplayer update see yesterday's notes below launched yesterday across PS4s in Europe and 'rest of the world' is now live in the US.

The PS4 patch for America is expected imminently.

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Xbox One Players should see more players in their lobbies, while PS4 players should see a significant reduction in the number of connection timeouts. PS4 players please note: This will be reinstated soon. Chat between players in a PSN system party is unaffected. After a lot of hard work from the team, fixes for the multiplayer issues affecting the PS4 and Xbox One editions of Sniper Elite 3 have been cleared through our internal QA and are now in submission with both Microsoft and Sony.

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Depending on your region, submission will begin over the weekend or early next week. If passed by the platform holders we hope these fixes should be live sometime next week.