Dating my sisters husbands brother

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Just like other affines, or "in-laws", siblings-in-law are related by a type of kinship called affinity. Just like the children of one's siblings, the children of one's siblings-in-law are called simply nieces and nephews — if necessary, specified whether "by marriage", as opposed to " by blood " or " by adoption ".

One study, examining the issue of envy in the triadic system of sibling, sibling-in-law and spouse, concluded that "The sibling-in-law relationship shared similarities with both spousal and sibling relationships " and that "Relational closeness and satisfaction for all relationships in the triad were correlated. Conversely, in Judaism there was the custom of yibbum , whereby a man had a non-obligatory duty to wed his deceased brother's childless widow so she might have progeny by him. If one pair of siblings is married to another pair of siblings, the siblings-in-law are thus doubly related, each of the four both through one's spouse and through one's sibling, while the children of the two couples are double cousins.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. In particular, the first paragraph mentions both 'spouse' and 'sibling' excessively, and it can be difficult to understand what the paragraph means. Please help us clarify the article. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page.


July Learn how and when to remove this template message. For other uses, see Brothers in Law disambiguation and Sisters in Law disambiguation. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Parent father mother Child son daughter Sibling brother sister. Grandparent Grandchild Aunt Uncle Niece and nephew. But she should know how you feel. It's hit or miss in this situation.

They may fall in love and be perfect for each other. On the other hand, after a while she may decide to leave and break his heart and he ll resent you for it. Ya she asked me what I thought of it when they first met an even though I didn't like the idea I said yes. I wish I would have told her how I really felt at the beginning because maybe it would have stopped then It is not weird at all! You guys would not be the first sisters to date brothers.

My mom's brother married my Dad's sister and no body thought it was weird because they weren't related and that was 30 years ago!

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I wonder if maybe you have a problem with the relationship itself and not necessarily the fact that its ur BF brother. Please don't think I am being rude but I am truly baffled that your family thinks that two sisters dating two brothers from a different family is weird Also honestly I do not fine it weird eve n if you were married they are not related and never will be family memebers of blood or any deep connection I mean you will marry his brother your family is not marrying his family so there is no deeper connection then your marriage so even if they get married it still not weird in the context.

Speaking from personal experience, even if you had said no, she may have done it anyway.

It seems to be the norm. You tell someone not to do something or that you don't like a certain situation, and they do it anyway. You can tell her how you really feel about the situation, but don't expect to get the result you want. Let things flow naturally.


If both families think its strange then you should let your parents or his say something. But the only thing you really can do is say If something goes wrong you don't wanna hear it from either side and they can't make things awkward for the families when they get together. You just got to wish the best of luck. Maybe they will be be tgt for a very long time or it's just one of those relationships. You are her sister so you would probably feel that way and feel weir because maybe I will too.

But remember, it's not wrong, just uncomfortable situation. Let her know but don't come off as you don't want them together or ban her from seeing him. Let her know it's just make you uncomfortable and maybe she will tell you what's really going On. Exact same boat here as far as my sis dating my BIL.

Can I make love and marry my sister's husband's brother? - The Student Room

The only thing I don't like is that whenever I'm frustrated w my hubby i feel like I can't say anything to my sis for fear she will mention it to my BIL! Besides she is not related to his bro in any way and as an adult is free to date who she pleases. If they have been hanging out for 6 weeks, they may know each other pretty well. Your reaction makes me wonder about you having some jealousy or rivalry with your sis?! I don't see it as weird I have seen and heard plenty of stories like that, like twins marrying brothers.

I think your taking it way to personal if she is happy let her be!!

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Things will work out how they are suppose to. I have 2 aunts that married brothers and while at first it may have been kind of strange now no one thinks any differently of it. But I understand where your feelings are coming from. However I would just keep it to myself. If you say anything you may bring them closer if they feel people are against them.

Or if they get married it could cause tension between the families.