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  1. Dating with Chinese characteristics
  2. Online Dating in China: Serious Business
  3. Technology is changing how China's youth find love · TechNode
  4. Revenue of China's Online Dating & Matchmaking Market Hit 4.0 Bn Yuan

These statistics may be even higher in the countryside where poverty is rife, and men are expected to accumulate enough money to attract a prospective wife. Additionally, the rate of separation has soared while the marriage rate has dwindled. The crude divorce rate, indicated by the number of splits for every people, has increased from 1.

Dating with Chinese characteristics

She ex plains that the increase in the divorce rat e is caused in part by rising gender equality and decreasing stigma associated with separations. Also, simplified divorce laws are helping people leave loveless marriages. Despite this, Mu Guangzong, a professor at the Population Research Institute at Peking University, insists that young people should avoid the growing trend of staying single.

Platforms like Momo, Tantan, Jiayuan, and Baihe are, in their own ways, seeking to address these concerns. He says his company offers users a way for more introverted users to meet new people, and in doing so, tackle the concerns of there being too many singles. Baihe also started to help individuals with little time meet a prospective life partner.

The company claims to achieve this by introducing psychology into the field of matchmaking. Like Jiayuan, it was created out of necessity. Founder Wang Lifan noticed the difficulty her single friends had finding partners and decided to start an online matchmaking service. According to researchers, online dating can also have a profound effect on marriage diversity within an online community.

Previously, potential partners would be introduced by family members or friends, sourcing them from their social circles. With the rise of internet dating, people are meeting complete strangers. This significantly increases the chances of pairing with someone from an entirely different background.

Want to more about Tinder? While you may have to do some digging to find high quality matches on Badoo , it earns a spot on this list out of sheer popularity.

Online Dating in China: Serious Business

The Encounters section is similar to Tinder and Tantan, where you can swipe your way left or right through a feed of singles in your area. The display will also show you when and where you encountered them.

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Badoo is a totally free Chinese dating site, with a great app version as well. To get even more details on Badoo, go here. Having started in , Cherry Blossoms is one of the oldest, and most popular, Asian dating sites out there. Unlike many other international dating sites, Cherry Blossoms is run by an American company based in Hawaii.

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  • Quite a few of them join this Chinese dating site hoping to find a Western man to marry and start a life with. That helps keep you focused on legit profiles. To read more about this Asian dating site, go here. Date In Asia is worth taking a look. By Manya Koetse Follow whatsonweibo. Directly support Manya Koetse. By supporting this author you make future articles possible and help the maintenance and independence of this site.

    Donate directly through Paypal here. Spotted a mistake or want to add something? Please let us know in comments below or email us. Do not reproduce our content without permission — you can contact us at info whatsonweibo. The success of K-Pop in China and beyond is evident — the causes for its success are less obvious.

    Although its popularity is obvious, the reasons why K-Pop became so big, from China to the US and beyond, are less evident. O n coming Saturday, October 13, the South-Korean boy band BTS will perform in an Amsterdam area in front of thousands of fans who have been looking forward to this event for months. And BTS is not alone. Although the English-language media attention for the K-pop phenomenon is more recent, the Korean entertainment industry has since long been extremely popular in China and on Chinese social media.

    Initial auditions for the band were held in , followed by roughly three years during which the band was formed and prepared for their major debut, that was promoted on social media months before their actual launch in June of The band consists of multi-talented young men. Lead rapper Kim Namjoon RM aka Rap Monster, was already active in the music scene as rapper and producer; dancer and vocalist Park Jimin Jimin was a top student as Busan School of Arts before joining; vocalist Kim Taehyung V is known to have one of the most expressing voices of the group; and main vocalist Jeon Jungguk Jungkook was only 12 years old when he auditioned for BTS, followed by three years of intense training.

    Technology is changing how China's youth find love · TechNode

    The band has more than 16 million followers on Twitter , 3. Although BTS is the band that is currently dominating the headlines, there are many more K-Pop bands that are extremely popular on Weibo and beyond. Band member Oh Se-hun alone already has almost 9,5 million fans on his Weibo page. Besides media attention, there has been ample scholarly attention for the Korean pop culture phenomenon over the past decade. But before K-Pop became a global force to reckon with — that seemingly rose out of nowhere -, it had already made its first international successes in neighboring countries China and Japan since the early s.

    Hallyu encompasses far more than idol bands; it includes the boom of South-Korean dramas, films, celebrity idols, and entertainment programs. The former Exo formation has now altered: It was followed by the second wave from the mids to , when the K-Pop music genre popularized in China.

    Revenue of China's Online Dating & Matchmaking Market Hit 4.0 Bn Yuan

    The third period, after , marks the moment when K-Pop was further incorporated into mainstream Chinese popular culture, with a ubiquity of K-Pop idols in everyday Chinese pop culture, and the launch of Chinese versions of Korean entertainment programs Ahn , Formed in , that band incorporates both Korean and Chinese members, performing in both languages.

    Different from many international big players in the entertainment world, K-Pop entertainment companies integrate processes of artist selection, songwriting, management, signing advertisement deals, etc.

    What's on Weibo

    Significant about the founders of these entertainment powerhouses is that they all had ample experience in the music industry themselves before starting their studios. Lee was inspired by the transforming American music market after spending time there in the s, and decided to replicate US entertainment in a new way. In , eight years after Lee Soo Man started his entertainment company, and going through years of changing, refining, and improving his strategies, the first success was there.

    The boy band H. With frequently held auditions and training programmes that can last for years, some trainees start as young as 5 or 6 so that they are fully equipped for the entertainment industry by the time they reach adolescence ibid. More than being teachers, producers, songwriters, marketers, etc.

    Companies such as SM place an emphasis on the export of music, and focus on appealing to global audiences, making use of hundreds of composers and experts from around the world in doing so. The Korean government contributed to the initial success of K-Pop by developing a world-leading internet infrastructure although the goal of developing that infrastructure, obviously, was not to promote K-Pop , which helped the rapid rise of the genre through online strategies. According to some studies e. Online strategies were particularly relevant in the context of the early K-Pop industry because 1 it was dominated by relatively small businesses that did not have the means to invest in other major publishing platforms than that of efficient online distribution and 2 they did not have costly plants where they could produce CDs, DVDs, or vinyl.

    More so than focusing on traditional album releases, the release of digital singles that come with visually attractive online videos, for example, is one important K-Pop production characteristic. By now, six years after its release, the world-famous song by Psy, who was signed by YG Entertainment, has over 3,2 billion plays on YouTube.

    Best Dating Apps in China

    The revenue of concert tickets for K-pop performances, its merchandise industry, the digital singles, advertisement income, the many brands wanting to associate themselves with the star industry that K-pop has generated, etc. Different from the initial spread of K-Pop in China or other Asian countries — where K-Pop has become common in everyday pop culture -, is that many consumers of the genre in the US, Europe, or elsewhere, fully depend on the internet and social media to access K-Pop, as it is not a genre that is prevalent in the mainstream popular culture of their own countries.

    They have become part of enormous online subcultures in various countries across Europe and America. What further strengthens this fandom is that the successful K-Pop bands are anything but one-dimensional. More than just building on their synced choreography, flawless singing, fashionable looks, and visually attractive videos, the band members of groups such as BTS, EXO, or TWICE, have their own identities, voices, and goals that go beyond music; their various characters and roles within the group resonate with their different fans.

    Many find their voice in K-Pop. And that is a sound, from a local Korean product to a global force, we can expect to grow much louder in the future. Transnational Culture in the Age of Social Media. Jin, Dal Yong, and Kyong Yoon. How Big and Why So Fast? When Ad Breaks Get Weird: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Backgrounder This Was Trending in China in The 18 Biggest Weibo Hashtags of the Year.

    Published 1 month ago: See article There have been many topics over the past year that involved national pride and Chinese social media users feeling insulted or discriminated against. Published 3 months ago: Lee Soo Man, image via AllKpop.