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Brawling against less-skilled opponents is definitely do-able. The terrain resistance is decent to make sure Type 58 move just as fast if not faster than T First of all, I didn't use the auto loader. Yea yea, it's great to be able to kill other light tanks, but what happens when you come up against something beefy? The Stock 57 is great in that you still get good RoF, and are able to help out against the most heavily armored targets.

Personally, is my pick. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Started by secret , Nov 18 - Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. China members have cast votes Tank 52 votes [ Does the play like an AMX 12T or is it a sit back and relax scout.

Is the Type 58 a good tank for brawling? Which one is better for exploiting break-throughs?

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WeaponsCrate 2 Posted Nov 18 - From the stats, all I can say about the is that it's a gold digger for WG. The type 58 can do a lot of flanking movements where its rather meagre penetration can work, but it needs to watch out for hills, and remember to use gun elevation to its advantage rather than gun depression.

Weak points of Type 58

Rypper 3 Posted Nov 19 - Unlike 12t, it's not a bad scout - both active as long as you take care to stay outside enemy view range or use terrain to break LoS and passive - and anti-scout. Turret armor may even bounce a shell or two. Type 58 is considerably easier to play well than 59 Also, researching 59 16 gives you a radio for free. I drove both - because I wanted WZ and one can get the best engine and first 85 mm gun for WZ by playing Type In the end, I sold 59 16 after getting WZ and kept Type Edited by Rypper, Nov 19 - I don't think the plays anything at all like the AMX lights.

or Type 58? - Medium Tanks - World of Tanks official forum

Sure, there's the 76mm auto-loader, but it gets crap for penetration. I decided to stick with the stock 57mm gun instead. Being able to actually penetrate most of what I encounter just makes me feel good. The Type 58 gets decent enough pen, but it's still pretty poor. It might if the gun fired faster. If I were you, I'd avoid brawling in the I think its successors might be good brawlers, though. The is rubbish, I could barely contain my laughter today as I ignored the one at the rear of my is6 not penning me while I walked through his team.

The real question is what do you want out of your journey to the ? The WZ and are both fine tanks, they can passive scout and can turn on a decent amount of damage but firing the good guns will expose you more often than not, its the light approach and I am a guy who loved light tanks, I have many, many games in them.

HOWEVER, recent camo changes have hurt lights, passive scouting is now harder and generally lights have poorer view ranges than the other tanks they will be facing thanks to scout matchmaking. Active scouting was hurt by the general accuracy buff from a few releases back.

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  8. Life as a light has never been harder. Though I havent played the 58 I have played mediums and the WZ and , the medium branch will set you up better for the t9 and t10 tanks as you will be well versed in your role and the tanks deficiencies depression One thing I will point out is that if you do the heavy line first you get the top gun for the WZ for free and saves you a metric crapton of xp.

    Seabo 6 Posted Nov 29 - I am by no means an expert. Battle ratung shows for itself lol, but here's my take on it. For me the Type 58 excels at flanking and rear shots. Pubs are always a mixed bag but in Team battles I've found my niche in generally hiding out in cover till the enemy makes its push then whipping into the rear and picking off the damaged ones.

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    Also great for ranging out on flanks looking for pesky artillery and camping Hellcats. The turret armour can be downright Trollish sometimes. One game I survived with 4Hps left after get nailed with a potential of dmg lol. Enough to kill close to three times over ;. With rammer and GLD it aims quickly and is surprisingly very good on the snapfire. I'm really enjoying this tank so far, now having unlocked all upgrades and halfway through the grind till next tier, thinking this is a keeper: Type 58 is a perfectly capable t6 med.

    The on the other hand SeasonEnd 8 Posted Nov 30 - Jimbru 9 Posted Nov 30 - Sure, the is fast enough, and its view and signal ranges are competitive with other scouts.

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    But compared to most scouts, it is relatively fragile and its guns are absolutely terrible. Now you can unlock the remaining modules. Since the difference between the V engine, and the best one- L - is negligible, I recommend that you take advantage of the above facilitations and give up developing the driving unit for the Type Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.

    The armor on the Type 58 is nearly identical with the one on the Type T and it does not provide any protection against the vehicles of tier V and higher: The turret has been slightly improved and its front part is now protected by 90mm steel plate. Shells fired at it will ricochet sometimes but, in most cases you will be able to damage the vehicle. The ammo compartment is located at the back of the turret and directly under it; the engine, which is a standard, at the back of the hull. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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