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  1. These women stickhandle far more than a hockey puck.
  2. 'Hockey Wives' Season 2 To Feature Keshia Chante, Rhianna Weaver
  3. Drake’s Rumoured Relationships: A Retrospective |
  4. R&B/Soul Recording of the Year 2018

These women stickhandle far more than a hockey puck.

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Justin Timberlake is married, so no.

'Hockey Wives' Season 2 To Feature Keshia Chante, Rhianna Weaver

Matt Kemp already lived through the entirety of his prime. And Chris Brown is, well, Chris Brown. Drake is charming and soothing and just the right amount of corny. He is on a streamline to being one of the most successful musicians ever, as is RiRi. He seems like a perfect fit for her.

Keshia Chanté - Table Dancer

And Rihanna, well, I can only imagine. An all-time model, an all-time tennis player, and an all-time pop star, all on the same list? As is very common with celebrity relationships, there is speculation that it is just being put on.

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The fact that these two met over seven years ago, before they were Rihanna and Drake like they are today, and have been canoodling ever since, says otherwise. There is more than just fitting together as a couple, there is also fitting into the society that surrounds you.

Drake’s Rumoured Relationships: A Retrospective |

Picture the duo walking red carpets with their arms linked. Picture the business ventures they could set out on together.

Good Lord, picture the children the two would create. Finally, nothing is more important for these two, and whether or not they are right for one another, than how they act together.

Relationships Overview

Here we go kids. This has been the grind chain we have been witness to on both of their tours since the Work video dropped. Every single time it happens, it seems like the first time. The fact that this interaction took place on camera does not matter.

R&B/Soul Recording of the Year 2018

It looks, pretty clearly, like the blossoming of a very deep and profound love. Now here they are acting like a real couple who have realized their full potential. Watch as Ri finally succeeds at linking her perfect arm around his newly acquired massive bicep. Two weeks from now, Drake could be spotted with someone else and shatter all of our dreams.