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Sometimes the pairing seems too perfect, sparking rumors that the whole thing was a sham Michael Jackson and both his wives, anyone? However, when huge A-listers marry, their images become almost inseparable, hence the Bennifer and Brangelina portmanteaus. Han Solo married Ally McBeal? Despite the year age gap, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford tied the knot in after dating for eight years. Aside from the officiators, the only other person in attendance was Flockhart's nine-year-old adopted son, Liam, whom Ford eventually adopted as well.

While it was and still is rumored that Flockhart spilled wine on Ford just to get a little face time, she set the record straight in a interview with Hello! It also provided her with an introduction to her future husband and fellow actor, Peter Sarsgaard. Married in and with two school-aged daughters, Gyllenhaal and Sarsgaard have mostly kept their marriage under the radar.

That has to work wonders for their marriage. Even actors have celebrity crushes.

However, after finding out that their engagement had been broken off, Manganiello immediately pursued Vergara by asking Ferguson for her phone number and flying to New Orleans where she was filming Hot Pursuit. After only six months of dating, Manganiello popped the question while the couple was vacationing in Hawaii, and the two lovebirds were married a few months later in early Despite their adorable love story, trouble might be brewing in paradise.

Aside from his obsession with becoming a parent at all costs, Loeb has sued Vergara over custody of the embryos, which he intends to find a surrogate for despite her objections. Shortly after filming concluded for Dream House , Craig and Weisz married in a private New York ceremony with only their children and a few friends present. The two met on the set of Bosom Buddies , a short-lived TV show starring Hanks about two guys who dress in drag to get affordable housing.

Hanks was actually married to his college sweetheart when he met Wilson, but their marriage was already on the rocks at the time. I asked Rita if it was the real thing for her, and it just couldn't be denied. Joss Whedon fans might not realize that two Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-stars had an off-screen romance. Although Hannigan was smitten with Denisof right away, the latter was wary about dating someone he worked with.

Hollywood relationships that seemed completely fake

It took two years for them to start dating, and another four to get married according to a interview with Contact Music. Needless to say, Denisof finally surprised Hannigan while on vacation together in These two got engaged after four months of dating, but despite sharing a daughter together, Chyna and Rob eventually broke up However, in April , the two announced they called off their wedding, only to get back together, and call off their wedding again. Mariah and James officially got engaged in January , after roughly seven months of dating.

However, they broke things off later that year while on vacation in Greece. After just six months of dating, Naya and Big Sean announced their engagement Just a few months later, Big Sean called it all off because he apparently couldn't take her "anger and jealousy. The Victoria's Secret model and Nick Canon were only engaged for five months before calling it quits. Paris and Paris didn't last long. The two were engaged for four months before Paris squared went their separate ways.

This engagement was so quick that it was never actually confirmed!

100 Gay Celebrity Couples in Hollywood in 2018

This relationship was filled with some major ups and downs. After only a few months of dating, Carrie Ann and former General Hospital star Robb Derringer got engaged , but the two broke up within a year.


The two got engaged in October , but ended things five short months later. The country singer and cyclist announced their engagement in September And by February , things were already over between them. Johnny Depp with ex girlfriend Jennifer Grey, pic. Johnny Depp is nothing short of infamous for his whirlwind relationships see: Was it a hot fling? Or just one giant internet troll? Of course, the rumored couple did very little to squash the rumors, often appearing in cuddly posts on Instagram without offering much explanation.

Only later, when Lopez confirmed she was making music with Drake , did people begin to roll their eyes.


People also reported that Lopez was linked to New York Yankees icon Alex Rodriguez — who she's still dating , as of this writing — the day after The Daily Show interview aired. Maybe it was because they always looked so miserable on the red carpet. Maybe it was because they were the stars of the biggest movie franchise in years. Whatever the case, tabloids speculated for years that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's relationship was nothing more than great PR for the uber-successful Twilight Saga movies.

Pattinson laughed off the suggestion to The Washington Post in , the year the franchise ended. He said, "[His relationship with Stewart] would be a terrible marketing tool, and it's not utilized very well at all. According to People , the pair split up briefly after that, then for good about a year later.

It's just young people it's normal! Perhaps even more curiously, Stewart looked back on everything with even more dubious sentiment. And that was gross to me.

15 wonderful Hollywood couples who convinced us that true love still exists

Sure, let's go with that. Of all the random celebrity hookups over the years, few have raised more eyebrows than Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney, who eloped suddenly in May , only to divorce a few months later, when Zellweger cited the now-infamous "fraud" in her papers. In a statement to People , Zellweger quickly clarified that "the term 'fraud' as listed in the documentation is simply legal language and not a reflection of Kenny's character. Still, that didn't stop the tabloids from wondering whether that confirmed the rumors that Chesney was actually gay.

Speaking to the Advocate in , Zellweger revealed that the gossip made her very upset for Chesney. Young love can be intense, dramatic, and complicated, especially when one of the people in the relationship is coming to grips with their sexuality.

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Enter Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel. While the two dated for about a year, attended Fishel's prom together, and said "I love you" to each other, even Bass has admitted their relationship became a sign that he needed to, you know, come out of the closet. To me, I loved her, as much as I knew what love was; this is what love was. That's when I knew I was totally gay and I didn't want to do that to someone, you know?

And when she told me she was a virgin and everything — and at that point I had had sex with a woman — I was like … I can't be that first person for you and [know later on that I will] eventually come out. Of course, Bass' very believable description of his love for Fishel means we know this entry comes with a bit of an asterisk, but in a sea of depressing sham relationships, we felt a bright spot wouldn't hurt.

Even better, Bass — who came out in and later married Michael Turchin — remained close friends with Fishel. Come on, that is kind of the best ending ever. Hollywood relationships that seemed completely fake.

Age is just a When Kim and Kris called it quits real quick Getty Images. Thanks for the kids. Here's a house Getty Images. Were they really just … friends? They were all just airplay for Tay-Tay Getty Images. Real or fake, this was a disaster Getty Images.

Wait, something Steve-O did was gross? Well, this is one way to promote a single. Twilight drained the life out of Robsten Getty Images.