Barney start dating patrice

When do robin and barney start dating

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Must have really let go… self. Maybe this was a charity case. I wonder if you can write that off on your taxes.. Seems pretty plausible considering the character. He might be lying. Or he slept with her in between the two episodes. Oh but he would. The only plausible conclusion that people have reached is of this woman gaining weight after sleeping with Barney. Some will note that Barney burned the Playbook, and he has obviously changed his views on marriage and long-term relationships.

TV Reviews, HIMYM, Disney Princesses, Politics, and More

But those changes took literally years to pan out, and we saw a ton of development leading up to his new perspective on such things. It took human interactions — with Robin, with Nora, with Quinn, and with the rest of the group — for Barney to progress into someone capable of commitment and monogamy.

Patrice could well be a starting step towards that, but she has always been presented as the butt of the joke. I think the scenes with Robin screaming at Patrice are hilarious.

When does barney and robin start dating

But those jokes were making fun of her for being naive, for being clingy, for being sweet to an annoying degree. I was comfortable laughing, because those are obviously fictional traits attributed to this character. This episode, though, was a mockery of her size. She is a beautiful woman, and I think Barney would be able to see that if she were in a smaller package.

Her gullible personality is practically begging for Barney to at least try to run a play on her, but it never happens. They are both rebound bros — they are both backup friends. Their character similarities are striking, and I really want them to get together. It would be nice to see two underdog characters find love.

Barney dating patrice - Mediazione Linguistica Perugia

My point, though, is that even Randy is presented as a viable sexual prospect for women. It makes me wonder…if Patrice knew how Barney talked about fat people, would she still have wanted to help him? Robin is continuously horrible to her and Patrice is never deterred. But it seems mean to the character and actress to have her pretend to be a legitimate love interest for Barney. Barney is supposed to be an asshole about these things, but now the writers have added insult to injury. When you try to play it so that Barney is suddenly a-ok with fat chicks, you make all of his past comments even more insulting.

Suddenly all those mean fat jokes that were dubbed necessary to his character are just mean fat jokes. If Barney had actually changed, it would be a perfectly acceptable if distasteful, at least to some method of showing character development. Barney does not actually like Patrice. He does not actually love Patrice. He is using her, plain and simple.

Yes, Barney has evolved into a nicer, more sympathetic version of himself. But no, he has not evolved to the point where he is suddenly opening his dating pool up to the fatties. So why spend a whole episode pretending that anyone in the group would buy that?

Trying to make us buy this impossible concept pushes fans to disregard everything they know about Barney up to this point. That Barney and Patrice thing is so bogus. I mean coming to women, the guy has always been a jerk. Yeah I am very conflicted regarding Barney.

I would like the show so much more if it went in that direction. I thought they showed Barney as reaching a real life moment where he was truly reflecting on his previous escapades. Of course, this was shown to be false a couple episodes later, but Patrice was shown positively and wanting to help. Yeah, the dude is a liar.

The Over-Correction

I think you are right about Barney and his lies. You are right in that Patrice is portrayed as a positive character, despite her weight. Also, Patrice being a nice and sweet and positive character should not and does not make it more offensive. If she was overweight and made fun of and shown in a bad way for no other reason than being over weight..

THEN it would be offensive. I agree with some of your points, but the fact that Robin was showing that dating Patrice was so out of character for Barney should not be an offensive thing… everyone who watches the show knows Barney is a total jerkw ehn it comes to women. This was not surprising at all. Barney Stinson Alyson Hannigan Lily Aldrin Chris Elliott Sandra Amy Holland Pennell Edit Did You Know? Trivia About 9 minutes in, Barney's Christmas tree is up and it is completely decorated with red and green ties.

What is good about this? Well, first of all, respect to Mickey. Your mom's a piece - she's no Ted's mom, but she's a piece. Secondly, I mean, it's nice that they found each other. Sometimes, you fall for someone you never expect, but that doesn't make it wrong. Doesn't everyone deserve to be happy? I guess none of us ever thought of it that way. Next round's on me.

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HIMYM: Why The Fake Barney & Patrice Relationship Was Insulting To Fans

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