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I have had a crush on the same girl for more than three years.

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I'm a rising high school sophomore. Should I tell her? I don't want to destroy our friendship. I like my crush a lot, and he knows I do. But I suspect that one of his friends like me, and my crush has seen us together, laughing. I even asked for the friend's number from him! Now my crush is kind of quiet.

What does that mean? By asking for his friend's number, you communicated to your crush that you like his friend or at the very least were trying to make him jealous. Maybe that wasn't your intent, but a reasonable person could assume that. However, in your defense, your crush knew you liked him and what was he doing about it? Was he stepping up to say that he liked you too? Love doesn't usually favor the timid.

I like this guy and he likes me. However, when he's around his friends he says he doesn't like me and he avoids conversation. Today, I was crying and he asked me what was wrong. I am confused and don't know if he likes me or not. I like this guy. He has no idea how I feel, but he looks over at me all the time. My friends say he's different around me in a good way. Should I ask him if he likes me?

My crush knows how I feel about him, yet he likes one of my best friends. I have a crush on this guy and so does a friend. She doesn't know I like him too, so she is always trying to flirt with him and hang out with him! Do I tell him that I like him, or just let it all fall into place? For the sake of your friendship, you need to have a conversation with your friend and come to an agreement. Let her know that you are attracted to the same guy and don't want your friendship to be damaged by your mutual interest in him. The more important this friendship is to you, the more important it is to have the conversation early and to agree on a plan.

I started talking to this guy because he would flirt with me frequently, and ask me questions about myself trying to get know me. One day I added him on Facebook, and the next day he added me on Snapchat, then messaged me. We had been talking for days, but it turns out he had a girlfriend! I kinda like him, but I know that I shouldn't since he's not available. I assume there was flirtation involved in your talking for several days. During that several days he had a moral obligation to mention that he had a girlfriend.

Instead he behaved like a player. What he did was cheat on his girlfriend, and he made you his unwitting accomplice to it. That was not your fault. You deserve the full love and attention of a guy rather than sloppy seconds. People teach others how they want to be treated. Also, always be sure to check relationship status on Facebook and other social media platforms.

You might have already done that. Good luck to you. Do I pursue my feelings or just walk away? When you initially agreed to this relationship, you probably didn't expect to develop an emotional attachment to the person you were sleeping with. You simply wanted to use one another for convenient, no-strings-attached sex. Sex, however, is an intimate act that always has some strings attached.

While it's not impossible for a friends with benefits relationship to transition into a love relationship, communication regarding changing expectations and feelings is essential. You've become emotionally attached, and it seems like he has become either bored or wary of your attachment. It's clear that you've exchanged benefits -- the car for sex -- but are you sure there's any friendship left? From what you describe, there's little emotionality between the two of you.

You deserve someone who will cherish and respect you. Put a halt to the sexual part of the relationship and see if he's still interested in the friendship. That'll tell you everything you need to know. Better verbal communication is needed to supplement the physical communication that's been going on. How can I tell if a guy is into me? He keeps reminding me of the day when we went to the beach with a group of friends. We both still laugh about it. You ask a good question. I recall when my daughter was beginning high school, running on the cross country team.

A cute guy would slow down while running so he could talk to her, and she didn't know why he was doing that so she would run faster to get away from him. I had to explain to her that he was trying to flirt. Now we laugh about it, but she was puzzled at the time. Your guy is probably interested but may not know where to take it next. Here are some signs that a guy is interested in you:. I'd suggest additional group outings with friends. Watch the signs above and maybe have a female friend look for the signs, too.

That should tell you what you need to know! I have a hard time talking to my crush whether it's in person or over text. What do you think I should do? You're letting your nerves get the best of you which is common when you have a crush. You can find yourself tongue-tied. You might freeze up, worrying about saying or doing something silly. You may become all self-conscious and focus more on what you're saying or doing instead of concentrating on the other person and the moment.

The world will not end if you make a mistake. Think of this as practice in gaining interaction skills with people you are attracted to. To ensure that you get this practice, try to get closer to your crush. See if you can sit next to them in a classroom, for example, or adjust your daily schedule so that you run into them more often.

Listen carefully to what your crush is saying instead of thinking about what you will say next. Respond naturally and smile. Don't feel obligated to fill up every second of silence with noise. Use one topic to build on another. Ask open-ended questions, especially if you don't know what else to say. Or start with what you have in common. This especially works if you can then volunteer some related information about yourself. Suddenly you have a conversation going! Practice becoming better at conversations by paying closer attention when you're talking to your friends and others.

You build off what each person says, right? Your crush is just another person, not larger than life. Become good at asking questions and listening to the answers and you'll be seen as an excellent conversationalist. People love to talk about themselves, plus you obviously want to know more about your crush. This is a matter of practice, so perhaps start with texting even though that makes you nervous right now. Take a deep breath and don't overthink it. Your crush is just a person like you are. When I was a shy teen, my mother knew I had a crush on a grocery store bagger but she stopped by the grocery store anyway and made me purchase maxi pads in his line.

He blushed as he bagged them and I brushed it off, saying, "They're for my mother. She made me come in and buy them even though she knew I like you.

Songs About Loving Someone You Can’t Have

I had liked him for two years with no luck. Sometimes you just have to go with the moment instead of overthinking it. If I could get through that, you can build up your confidence in talking with your crush! If he already knows you like him, the ball is now in his court to respond -- if he feels the same. Still, some people are shy. I assume you know already whether he's single and straight. Here are a couple of ways to figure out how he feels while you're waiting for him to potentially express his feelings for you.

If there's no flirting back, that's your answer. It's a good sign if he chooses to spend more alone time with you separate from friends or at least if he chooses to sit next to you. Pay attention to whether he initiates contact rather than you always being the one to do so. Ask whether he had a good weekend, what kind of fun things he did over the weekend, then ask if he's seeing anyone.

If he says yes, tell him, you didn't know that, but she's a lucky girl. If he says no, playfully ask if there's something that's stopping him from asking you out. That's good and direct and should get you your answer. Share your problem and ask your friend for any insight into how your crush feels. Be ready for whatever information you share to go straight to your crush. This may be an easier option if you think he's not into you and just want to confirm it. Whatever option you choose, do pay attention to the cues that you crush gives you. If he doesn't flirt back, rejects offers to connect on social media or doesn't respond, those are huge giveaways.

If he ignores you and makes you feel like you're chasing him, you probably are. There are plenty of guys who aren't so high maintenance if that is the case. I wish you the best of luck. Leave us a follow-up note in the Comments Section of the playlist article to let us know what happened and how it all worked out. I like my crush a lot and find myself talking a lot about her and thinking about her.

The problem is that I'm a girl, and so is she. She also likes my best friend who's a boy. I don't know what to do. Do you have any suggestions? You said your love interest "also" likes your best friend who is male. Do you know for sure that she is bisexual and likes you in return? Consider discussing it with her. Also, ask about how she feels your male friend and what she wants in a relationship. Clarify with your male friend, too, how he feels about your love interest. If he only likes her as a friend, there's no conflict.

However, if there's a two-way attraction between you and her and she and him, then there's a conflict brewing over the same girl. Usually, when two friends like the same person, one agrees to stand down and let the other pursue the relationship. They do this in the interest of the overall friendship. Maybe you want to have that conversation with your male friend if he is also attracted to her.

Agree on a solution, whether that's. If one of you ends up dating her, be respectful of showing any public displays of affection and sharing details regarding the romance. Good luck solving the dilemma. Give us an update letting us know what happened by writing a follow-up comment in the Comments Section of the playlist.

I still have a crush on my ex and miss his hugs and how safe I felt with him. I broke up with him because I thought he liked another girl. I have a crush on this guy at school. He's had a girlfriend before, but he was very young when they were dating. I've sent letters to him in his locker, and I've memorized his schedule so I can see him.

The problem is, we don't know each other. He has gotten the hint, but he seems unsure. How do I start a friendship when he knows I like him? How do I write a song for my crush? I can't see him every day because he's too busy with his studies. However, the good thing is sometimes we talk through social media. We haven't met yet in person, and the problem is that I can't share my feelings with him directly. Therefore, I want to write a song. Take a look at the lyrics of your favorite songs, especially love songs, as they are really just poems set to music.

Now remember that not all poems have to rhyme in the standard singsong AABB way that we are all too familiar with seeing them in.

Some don't rhyme at all. Some have complex schemes. You decide what works for you. Here are some questions to get you thinking:. Review what you expressed. This message should be consistent in both the title and the lines or phrases that are repeated. Now that you have the lyrics, just set it to music. I have a crush on a guy and a month ago I asked him about it. However, a few days ago one of my trusted friends told me he likes me. He even told me to go away while he was talking to her as if it was a very big secret.

Since that day, he has been hanging out with me all the time and keeps saying he has a big secret. Does he like me? I like a guy at school. My friends know I like him and he has a girlfriend. I want to tell him that I like him, but I'm too shy. There's a girl in my school that I love but we've only talked a couple of times. I see her stare at me all the time, and when I look at her she looks away. Her group of friends and her look at me smiling. We have a lot of similar interests. She's single, but I'm too shy.

There's this guy at school and I want to tell him I like him but I'm too shy. My friends already know I like him, and he has a girlfriend. They started talking first, before I realized I had feelings for him, plus they started talking back when she and I were friends. While it's honorable of you to try to obey this girl code, you might be limiting yourself unnecessarily since they aren't in a committed relationship, you're not doing anything intentional out of malice to come between them, and she's not your good friend.

You just happen to have a crush on the same guy. She's not his girlfriend, and guys can make up their own minds about who they are attracted to! Be sensitive about it, but full speed ahead with your crush! Let him figure out who he's into. I like a guy who makes me laugh out loud. Sometimes I cry with laughter. We have long conversations even with his friends around. This guy sees you either as one of his funniest friends almost like "one of the guys" or as a potential romantic partner.

The key to whether you are being friend zoned can be found in whether this guy flirts with you and expresses a physical attraction -- lots of leaning in, touching, eye contact, smiling, etc. If this is the case, it's likely that your conversations have involved topics about dating, romance, sexuality, and similar topics.

If you're such good friends, play a game of 20 questions or "ask me anything" with him to see where that leads. Or talk seriously when you get the chance about what you're looking for in your dating life and future. You can also look at his friends for a hint. If they tend to leave the two of you alone so you can be a "couple" or seem to joke about you two, he's probably shared how he feels about you.

I like this girl who has a boyfriend. I can't stop thinking about her all the time. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Rickeisha - Take a chance. Send him a special song that describes your feelings and take it slow.

Start with a lunch date or something short and see how that goes. There's no time like the present. If either of you wait too long, the opportunity could pass! I want to tell my crush how I feel about him. I really do have strong feelings for him but im afraid of rejection. WE been friends for sometime now and we both are single. IM ready take things to another level but im scared what should I do.

Maddy McPaddy - We cannot make others like us in return and we cannot make them be decent people. What you described is clearly disinterest on her part, although she should have simply told you in the first place she wasn't interested. There is game playing going on. Move on from it all. Find someone who will treat you well. Hey it's me again. I just want to say, that i confessed to my new crush that ive liked all of , and i confessed twice. What do i do? Wolf in Distress - Listen to the part of you that says to slow down and just stay friends. He's not honoring your signals that indicate you don't want to move so fast, and it seems his interests may be primarily physical in nature.

If you make friendship the basis of your relationship and take it slow, getting to know him well, you'll know better whether this is someone you want to date. The anger thing about being mistreated is either immaturity or a red flag. Watch that because in relationships you can easily be perceived as mistreating the other.

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There is no objective timetable so if you lose him because he wants to rush things that's probably a good thing in the end -- the wasn't worth it. Honor what YOU want. He has brunette hair with light brown eyes and is tall and really cute. He is nice but he will get angry at people who mistreat him. He and I both love the same video game and love the same types of things. Part of me thinks we would be better off as friends but part of me wants to pursue a relationship.

Michelle - If he's following you on two social media accounts he has interest in you. Make sure to comment on his photos rather than just like them on FB or view them on IG. It's easiest to strike up a conversation by asking questions and letting the other person answer then building on what they say or answering the question for yourself after they do. Hi, I'm really going nuts about telling him how I feel. We're social media friends, he adds and followed me first on facebook and Instagram. He keeps on viewing my stories. But I want to know what he really thinks about me.

Cause I'm starting to like him. He's smart and a very great man. How can I know the truth? I'm also not good with starting the conversation first. Jade is Love - Since you are friends, have a heart to heart conversation with him. At least you will know where he stands.

Do it now before you lose your nerve. Two plus years is too long to hide your feelings. He sounds like a guy with a real sense of humor on top of everything else you find good about him. It's certainly not too early to 'fess up about how you feel about him.

Why wait until after Christmas Break? The holidays have a way of softening people's emotional defenses so they share what's on their minds. After the start of the new year, people tend to shift their priorities from interpersonal relationships to personal success, so don't wait. Perhaps consider sending him a funny e-card such as the ones on JibJab with a personalized message that shares your feelings. Maybe use the words that the card is funny but one thing that is "no joke" is the way you feel about him then describe.

That should start the conversation at least. Your goals should be to get the information out there in the open between you, to see what he's feeling towards you, and to build an ongoing conversation while you're apart. Sometimes people who are shy or reluctant can be more open about their feelings when it's not face-to-face, and the fact that you are physically separated works to your advantage here. Don't be afraid to take a chance. If he doesn't share the same feelings, it's okay.

You will have time to readjust without experiencing too much awkwardness regarding your friendship. The next big chance is leading up to Valentine's Day but don't wait! You've liked him for awhile. So a couple weeks ago, I was getting out of my car to walk into work.

I had to cross the street and after walking on the sidewalk for a bit I hear someone shout while running at me, "Have you heard of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?! He really got me good, we both just had a good laugh about it after I got over being shocked and chatted a little bit before I went into work. But anyways, besides that incident, we had not really seen each other much or gotten to talk due to the semester ending and finals, but since we both finished our finals yesterday, we did meet for dinner this evening and he introduced me to two of his closest friends one of them I knew of because we have the same major, but I didn't actually know-know him.

They both seemed really nice and cool and we all had a good time talking. I was thinking while I'm home for Christmas break I might try to get him a small gift I was thinking possibly something souvenir-like from my hometown , it was my friend's idea. Yeah I still don't actually know if he likes me back, like my gut tells me that there could be a chance, I just don't want to jump to conclusions yet I was thinking that maybe its coming close to the time of just telling him, not directly after the next semester starts but maybe a few weeks in.

Do you think it would be too soon? By the way, I seriously appreciate your advice and input. I remember when I first posted on this page about my old crush, not completely knowing if you'd reply or not, so yeah I totally appreciate you. It's the honorable thing to do to follow your parents' wishes at this point in your lives especially if they feel very strongly. They probably understand your maturity levels and emotions development best. As an alternative to dating at this point, perhaps consider requesting permission for one or more of the following if your parents are open:.

When my daughter was a ninth grader, the parents of one of the guys she went out with consistently sent the guy's little brother along everywhere they went. The kid brother was supposed to be the parents' "spy" but for him, it beat not being able to go. There are creative solutions for your dilemma if you work constructively with your parents. In the meantime, continue to be open and honest with your crush about how you feel about him. Whether you express how much you value him and your special relationship via playlists, art, poetry, or conversations, this is a special time in your life.

Don't be in too big of a hurry to grow up. It goes by fast! Best of luck to you! We met four years ago during math trainings and started talking more. He started hanging out with me and my best friends about two years ago and quickly became one of my closest friends. We have shared so many moments together. We have so many things in common as well. He has a beautiful soul, and will protect his friends any time. He has beautiful chocolate eyes and soft auburn hair. He liked a couple of girls before, and now he likes me.

The thing is, we both know we like each other. Hope you can give me some advice for that. Crushing - Attraction is not all about looks. It's about trust, personality, shared connections, humor, listening, and so much more. I think you understand that. He obviously likes you as much as you like him.

Maybe you both should take a chance on one another? It's great when you can find someone you can trust these days. Trust your heart and how someone treats you and makes you feel rather than your eyes. My crush is rlly funny. He always finds time to talk to me and we're really good friends. He knows about things that happen to me that no one else does, and I trust him and i think he trusts me just as much.

I'm not even rlly sure why i like him because hes not the cutest person i can find, but theres just something Eva - Thanks for the recommendation. It's a very sweet song.

I'm Falling For You - Original version

I put it on the playlist. I hadn't heard that one before. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Taylor - During class changes, you can at least make eye contact, smile, and try to say hi or a few words as much as class changes will permit. Or you could always go old school and write him a note, passing it to him during class change with a smile. Eudora Yao - Aww, this certainly sounds like good news. Thank you for the update! Wishing you all the best in your sweet romance with Mr. I have a crush on this one guy that used to like me.

We only see each other during class switches and when there is a lot of people around. Nithya - I appreciate your stopping by. Hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend. A great list of songs, have heard some of them. Hats off to you for putting together this list. James - I'm sure you're a better man for staying in that lit class, no matter the motivation!

This hub made me think of a crush like experience from some years back. I say crush like because it wasn't a crush as your hub describes. However, I was smitten more like a lust at first sight. During my first week at the University of Iowa, classes began on Wednesday. Having studied my schedule, I noticed that if I dropped my literature class, I would still have a full load thus insuring continued eligibility for my guaranteed student loan and leave my Fridays class free.

So, the plan on Friday was to attend class and promptly get the teacher's signature and say adios to lit class.


I go to the English Philosiphy Building and head towards the classroom. But upon reaching the classroom, I saw the teacher and stopped in my tracks. Upon seeing her the teacher I immediately changed my mind. I was struck by the vision before my eyes. I stayed in her class and I believe my grade was a "B" for that course. Eudora Yao - Hooray!

You're the young woman who ran into romantic Mr. Snuggles who kept saying you were cute, right!? Sounds like a really good start. So glad this is progressing nicely. He sounds like a decent young man, and I hope that there is something genuine there between you. I wish you luck!

A big high five from me to you from across the Internet! Ready to bring love back into your life? Find out if you're ready to start dating again. And then, someone comes along and you find yourself thawing and falling in love despite your fears. Alanis nails the conflicting feelings perfectly. You're living your happily single life and then boom - someone comes along and rocks you to your core.

22 Song Lyrics That Perfectly Capture The Spirit Of Dating In The Modern Era

In this catchy track, Holly Miranda makes the argument that embracing that feeling is the quickest route to joy. I wasn't looking for love but she found me. Looking for more gay or lesbian love songs? Find our favourite LGBT songs about love here! Sometimes you just want something that matches your upbeat mood. What I Like About You is the perfect song for those dance-like-a-loon moments - it even has a solo for you to do air harmonica! Never wanna' let you go, know you make me feel alright, yea. I'm A Believer - The Monkees Being hurt by love can make you a cynic, but here The Monkees argue that it just takes one person to blow all your carefully constructed walls away.

One of the all-time classic songs about falling in love, this track is ideal for anyone who has experienced love at first sight. Is it possible to fall in love so fast?

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We found out the truth about love at first sight. Do you want to know? According to Cher there's one way to tell: Bellow it out, then hug your sweetie tight and find out what you want to know. New love is thrilling, but is there anything better? Discover the 7 types of love here. Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows Although it's most famous for its inclusion on the Shrek 2 soundtrack it was even nominated for an Oscar as a result! Instead the joyous lyrics and catchy tune make it perfect for anyone feeling smitten. Summer Love - Justin Timberlake That addictive beat.

Summer Love is the ideal tune for anyone falling in love during the summer months: Want your own summer love? Here's our guide to the best summer date ideas. So lady, whoever you are, we ask you to take a chance on the Beiber he might just be the best one for you. This song by Ellie is one the that is quite self-explanatory. Here, she tells him to give them a chance that anything could happen, he might be surprised to discover that she is the girl for him.

The title says it all. Here the group talks about leaving a side chick to stay loyal to the day one girl in their lives. They admit that though they love their side chicks they feel it will be better to stay faithful to one woman. Even though it hurts them to let the side girl go but they have to do it and they seem quite heartbroken by it.

In the video, however, she becomes highly obsessed with the guy to the point that she gets him drunk and lures him to her house and thus bounds him in the closet in order to keep him for herself. He manages to escape and this throws her into a terrible state of paranoia. It seems really bad. In this song, Aerosmith sings about being in a relationship that was full of struggles, though he loved her deeply, she still left him.

Therefore he desperately tries to find out what it takes to let the one you loved dearly out of your heart and mind.