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Having experienced bullying throughout Secondary School, this in itself shattered my self-esteem and confidence level. I was never good with women, in fact, I had women in my early years tell me that I was unattractive and at times even ugly.

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I was unable to get passed that friends stage. I was just the nice guy. Jag will change the way you think. He will challenge your negative self-perceptions, push your perceived limits and give you tools to reduce your approach anxiety for lasting change. Jag's tailored approach helps him identify psychological blocks that are holding you back and design a tailored program to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

When it comes to night game, Aphrodisiac knows his stuff Not only will he help you to both identify and crush your weaknesses, but he will be in your ear when you approach, listening and giving you on the spot advice on what to do next if you get stuck to help guide the interaction to where you desire.

London PUA (Pick Up Artist)

Your night game will never be the same! Andy K is an actor, film director and Martial Arts expert. In the Dating Mastery Program we help you to develop these tools, and we teach how to use them to convey the vibrancy of your personality. This is what will distinguish you from the people around you. Not wealth, not status, not power, we want women to like you for who you are. Touch anxieties about when and how to touch, aversion to physical contact. But the truth is that touch is an essential component of human interaction.

And lack of touch is one of the most common mistakes that people make when they fail to strengthen their relationships.

WHITE MALE learns Seduction from an Ugly Asian Dating Coach - John Wayne Bootcamp

Both in friendships, or as someone attempts to progress a relationship into intimacy. This begins with the trust built by a simple handshake and can continue into the most intimate forms of physical and sexual contact.

Coaching Programs

In the Dating Mastery Program we will teach you to move past this anxiety. To touch with emotional intelligence, so that the people you interact with always feel comfortable. Not only will this help to develop stronger bonds with the people in your life, it will ensure that the relationships that you want to progress intimately, move in that direction. Rejection women challenging you, rejecting you, and effecting your self esteem. Sometimes this is in the form of pretentious attitude, an insult, a challenge, and in others a flat out rejection.

Often, the woman is dealing with her own set of anxieties. Anxieties about safety, about herself, and about the potential of your presence in her life. Recognizing this, and dealing with these situations takes a special type of social flexibility. It also takes a certain level of esteem. Confidence anxieties about yourself, image, self esteem.

Often this means taking risks and breaking from your culture, society, peer group, family, religion, or status-quo. People will discourage you. But the rewards for great leadership are substantial. They will affect your business, family, personal, and intimate life in more ways than you can imagine. In the dating mastery program we drill specifics, and get you accustomed to leading. This could be leading a social circle or group, a conversation, a woman by the hand, plans for an evenings, or taking her home.

Comfort helping a woman past her anxieties: Women have a lot of anxieties, but they want to have sex.

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  5. At the extremes, you only need one of two things to have sex with a woman. If a women has enough attraction, she will take risks that will compromise her safety to have sex with a man. As part of your training, you will be able to use our special mobile app which is full of some great challenges and games to play with women in a nightclub, all in all a great climax to your training weekend. Social Attraction is located in the heart of London in central Hammersmith.

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