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Oddly enough, he wasn't actively looking to get married when we met..

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Clearly, DIY was the way to go. So DIY, join up, get active and find the person who will be your other half.

Matrimonial match-making of a different kind, Footloose No More

And I was pleasantly surprised. Where else was i going to meet people with no pressure and discover them over fun events - in person!

There was no awkwardness and everyone was chilled out. This was the cake. The icing was that I met the perfect girl who matches not only my life, but my family's too!

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Now married and 2 children later, I can happily say, "I'm Footloose no more! FNM started as a group on Facebook in August The people our parents were finding for us were not people we could see ourselves with. Abhishek had been suggested Salsa classes or cocktail making classes to search for single girls, while Varsha was also clueless about where to find single people.

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  8. One night, they made this group on Facebook and sent invitations to their friends to join. And lo behold, next day morning they were inundated with messages from friends asking them what the whole idea was? Back then it was an open group, there was no security and it was open for anyone to join. However, today applications made to the website are scanned thoroughly and after multiple levels of checks only, a member is admitted.

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    Once the word spread and they had a sizable group of people, they organized their first event where they fixed the venue and people who attended the event had to pay for their own food and drinks. Another big group just walked in to see what the whole deal was about and who the crazy people doing this were. Some of them have gone ahead and got married, including me and Abhishek. FNM is very clear that members coming on the platform have marriage on their minds.

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    I could not find someone who I liked or more importantly.. We sent invites to all our friends and asked them to forward it to all their single friends and before we knew it… FNM was being written about in every leading news paper and magazine as a breakthrough idea. It turned into a huge success overnight and as they say… the rest is history. Even my sister varsha… who was single for a really really long time managed to meet someone really nice and got married.