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  3. Carrot Dating App Lets You 'Bribe Your Way to a Date'

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If I were to criticize, I could wish there was a way to declare a pre-designated cheat day, and that I might get positive comments about some food groups, like veggies, while the rudest comments were reserved for high-calorie treats - but CARROT takes the perspective that a calorie is a calorie, and since that's apparently how my body sees it as well, I'm not complaining. She's the helper I love to hate! I really want to try this app!

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Love the concept, challenge, and sarcastic delivery.. Nor would it allow me to go back, nor forward. It just shows a little avatar standing on a platform pathetically huffing and puffing her slouchy shoulders up and down waiting to find out if she represents a slacker or an athlete..

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I have emailed to ask for app support to solve the glitch, and sure hope to get it resolved! An hour ago I wrote the above review after emailing app support for help. A few minutes ago, I tried it again presto-bingo it works like a charm! Thank you and I already love using this app.. I love this app. I love that it's so very easy to use.

CARROT is Worse Than Your Mom at Guilting You

I have used it now for over a month and my clothes are falling off of me. You choose what foods you believe are healthy. Carrot keeps track of your calories and allows for exercise to give nice payoffs. I did not like that Weight Watchers would give me one point or 2, and I felt cheated. There is something about seeing that "you just earned calories human. When I want a cheat day, I enjoy lying to Carrot.

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It's half the fun. Not for those who are offended at being called a meatbag with a pie hole. I'm still so skinny and good looking that people think I have a high metabolism with all the food I eat.

Opinion: The most crass dating app ever? - CNN

I eat veggies, fruit, meat, and I love Carrot. If this app is ever taken away, I will be very sad! She has gotten even snarkier. Alternatively, you can follow the scripted registration process which requires that you select your gender, sexual orientation, and a couple of other details. Tap on one of the thumbnails to bring up a larger version of the person's main profile picture as well as further details deeper within the profile.

Carrot Dating App Lets You 'Bribe Your Way to a Date'

I would definitely recommend taking a look around to see if you like it. Mark is an opinionated writer who loves to review apps. In , he started reviewing Apple apps on a regular basis and wonders how he survived up to that point without these apps. Sign in with Facebook.

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