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Large hole is for fuel pickup tube. Paper pattern was made to match the new hole-alignment on flange; it is then transferred to cork gasket material. Some other gasket materials may be a little tougher to do this with.

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Sender was cut to a little less than half of the fuel tank depth and a new hole drilled and tapped for the clamping bracket. Cut down sender is adjusted to half the depth of the fuel tank and the clamps tightened. Center of float pivot point should be the reference for half the depth. Float is installed in our mockup of the tank and positioned just off the bottom of the tank. Float is then swung through full travel to determine that it ends its travel just below the top of the tank.

Once the travel of the float through its full swing has been determined the rod can be cut to length and the screw tightened on the pivot shaft. Sender unit is installed into the tank using the new gasket and appropriate hardware. Next the fuel pickup tube is screwed into the sender flange. The finished unit provides for the signal to the fuel gauge and site for the fuel pickup. Fuel line continues along the frame rail taking care not to route it too close to any exhaust components.

I chose to use a continuous piece of line because I was able do so while the body was off. Some applications might need to join more than one length of line at strategic points to allow for routing in close quarters. Here is the finished end in the engine compartment where a short fuel hose will complete the connection from the fuel tank to the fuel pump.

Wiring for the gauge chosen will vary depending on the application. Instructions for this are usually included with the gauge package. Your fuel gauge may seem like a minor item until you find yourself out on the open road in the middle of nowhere and without a fuel stop insight.

Then you may learn to appreciate this often-overlooked item. Installing A Fuel Gauge and Sender. Installing a Fuel Gauge and Sender By: Fuel gauges seem like a simple device that we would assume to be standard across most all vehicle lines. Actually they vary widely from one make of vehicle to the other. This table of offerings from a fuel gauge sender supplier illustrates how they differ from one make to the next.

Therefore it is important to use the gauge and matching sender in your project. Only one hole for the sender is supplied in an original tank, unlike the fine reproduction tanks that come with two. I took me ten minutes to find that dang harness, it fell down behind a bunch of other wires. It was a long day. Thanks for the help.

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Well still no gas gauge. I hooked the positive wire to the pink and the ground to the tan wire and still no reading??

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  • How to Install a Moeller Fuel Gauge;
  • Installing A Fuel Gauge and Sender | Hotrod Hotline!
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  • How to Hook Up Fuel Gauges on a Boat!

I haven't hooked my Speedhut gauges up yet, but I noticed that you have to change the settings to match the ohms of the sending unit. You may have to change that in order for it to read correctly. Do you have a wiring diagram for what wires go to what? I am interested to know since I will be doing something similar to my car in the near future. The old instructions for the Speedhut gauges that i cant find on their website anymore. You had to program the gauge, do whatever to the buttons to set it for Empty, and then full, and it did the math in between itself.

January 24, , Services and Tech Dept at DeatschWerks. Yeah I finally read the instructions later that day. I tend to read the directions when all else fails, just my nature. I still need to get the gas gauge set up but I did get in to the programing part a little bit. I'll button it up this weekend. Thanks for the post though! I know that when I replaced my fuel gauge with a AutoMeter one, I used the factory wiring and mine would not work.

Well it did, but pegged out past full everytime. I just ran my own wiring from sender to gauge.

How to Hook Up Fuel Gauges on a Boat | Gone Outdoors | Your Adventure Awaits

I think what the problem was is that the factory wire was pink which is a hot wire, so I think putting power to it caused it to wig out. My new sending unit is grounded to the car by fuel neck and the other wire runs straight to the gauge. Works just fine now..

I am not sure how the speedhut gauge works, but the factory gauge is actually a 3-wire affair, really.


When more power starts flowing to the sender wire, that pulls it down toward empty. Empty gas tank is zero ohms through the sender, I think. Gas gauges aren't standardized at all, so it would have to be calibrated somehow. The Speedhut has programing built in. It lets you set the ohms for both full and empty.

You can also set an ohm reading to turn on the low fuel light. I don't remember how much fuel is in the car so when I get it set I'll just go fill it up and see how accurate it is.

Well I'm still stumped. I filled the car up with gas and of course the gas gauge still reads full like it did before so I called Speedhut and they walked me through the settings while I was in the car. I had my OHM's set right already 0 empty and 90 full in their gauge. So we tried the automatic feature, basically the gauge will automatically test resistance and tell you how many OHM's it's reading.

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  7. Mine said which according to them means I'm NOT getting a reading. I have a feeling that pink or black wire in the above photo needs to be hooked up to something to complete the circuit. Can someone post the wiring diagram for the fuel gauge? Survival is the exception.