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  1. Girlfriends spoilers: Will there be a season 2? Shock CONFIRMS Miranda Richardson return?
  2. Girlfriends: a dating show that offers more than the first rush of infatuation
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Meanwhile, Paula almost sleeps with Calvin Young, the potential new and important client of the law firm. Rebecca's overly critical mother, Naomi, comes to West Covina and Rebecca struggles to impress her with her new life. Greg takes Heather to his estranged mother's house for a holiday dinner, where Heather criticizes him for being callous to his family. He apologizes to his mother and begins a relationship with Heather.

Josh reunites with his old dance crew at the mall, where Rebecca's mother finds out that he is the reason for her daughter's move. My Virtual Girlfriend - Episode 3 - An Arre Original Web Series

Rebecca feels she has no friends and tries to hang out with Josh's group. Valencia notices her flirting with Josh and invites her to their beach trip to prove to the whole group that Rebecca is a crazy stalker. To bring herself to the center of attention, Rebecca rents a party bus, but still ends up feeling alone in there. When the situation escalates, all lies and secrets are discovered, but in the end Rebecca can make Josh believe that she moved for the same reason that he did: Josh volunteers at a camp for at-risk teens, with Valencia's disapproval.

Rebecca buys herself in as a donor to lead empowerment seminars for the girls, but she secretly tries to recreate her own teenage summer camp experience with Josh.

Girlfriends spoilers: Will there be a season 2? Shock CONFIRMS Miranda Richardson return?

Meanwhile, Greg works on his commitment issues for Heather. Darryl invites the boys over for a party, but as he does not know any girls, he has to hire some. His evening ends with a surprising good-night kiss from White Josh. Rebecca mistakenly texts Josh instead of Paula that she moved to West Covina only because she loves him.

To prevent Josh from seeing the message, she enters his apartment and deletes it from his phone, but he catches her when he returns, so she makes up a story about a burglary at her place. Meanwhile, Paula attempts to mend her marriage with Father Brah's help. When Josh decides to take Rebecca back to her apartment, Paula and her husband have to fake breaking in, and their little adventure brings them back together.

Girlfriends: a dating show that offers more than the first rush of infatuation

Josh, however, becomes suspicious about Rebecca's increasingly complicated lies and leaves her alone, where she blames herself for ruining her relationships. Rebecca hopes to redeem herself by working on a case that she thinks will bring her closer to Josh. Rebecca tries to get people who live in Josh's apartment complex to sign a petition about the water pressure. Rebecca originally wants to spend time alone with him, but Josh ends up inviting a lot of his friends. Darryl struggles with his feelings for White Josh. Paula recruits Trent, whom she found on the internet, to pose as Rebecca's boyfriend.

Greg searches for Rebecca's true motives for taking on the case. Rebecca and Josh present their case in Los Angeles while also confronting their buried feelings.

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Greg still harbors feelings for Rebecca, which leads to Heather and Greg breaking up. After struggling with it, Darryl declares his love for White Josh in public. Rebecca learns how Josh feels about her and contemplates her role in life. Darryl announces his newfound sexuality to everyone at the firm. Heather and Greg struggle to work together after their break-up.

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Rebecca is stuck on a plane with Dr. Akopian, heading to New York to get her old job back, and recounts her turbulent track-record with the men in her life. Back in West Covina, Rebecca's friends attempt to search for her. Rebecca is hiding a big secret from Paula, which begins to strain their friendship. Josh Chan and Greg Serrano trade places when Josh makes a discovery that angers him, while Greg is happier than he has been in a long time. Rebecca has a revelation about her feelings for Greg. Rebecca and Greg struggle with communication.

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At Jayma's wedding, Rebecca anticipates a romantic evening with Greg but things take an unexpected turn. Rebecca and Paula mend fences. Josh is at a crossroads in his relationship with his girlfriend. The series was originally developed for Showtime , and a pilot was produced, but Showtime opted not to proceed with it on February 9, Original Television Soundtrack Season 1 - Volume 1 " was released on February 19, in both explicit and clean versions.

Original Television Soundtrack Season 1 - Vol. The first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend received critical acclaim.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (season 1) - Wikipedia

At Metacritic , which assigns a rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, the first season received "generally favorable reviews" with an average score of 78 based on 23 reviews. But the three lead performances, particularly on the part of Miranda Richardson, are more than enough to carry the day. This increasingly bizarre series has morphed from drama to comedy to utter farce. There were moments of greatness at the beginning of Girlfriends, but recently we have been left staring at our screens perplexed.

Think Golden Girls by way of Desperate Housewives and you have Kay Mellor's deliciously dishy Girlfriends, one of the juicier British imports since the original Mistresses. This rollicking menopausal melodrama boasts an all-star cast and a writer at the height of her powers. This cheerful clarion call is going to find many friends among the baby boomer demographic, and possibly beyond. Girlfriends is part mystery, and we're hooked on wanting to know what happened to Micky.

But the more important "mysteries," really, are the lives of these three women, each one heroic in her own life. And, actually, Girlfriends delivers all of these things. But it is not awful or depressing. Girlfriends trades on some standard older-ladies-doing-wacky-things humor, but that's just to put you at ease. There are no featured audience reviews yet. Click the link below to see what others say about Girlfriends: More Top Movies Trailers Forums. The Girlfriend Experience is the perfect show to binge because it's a bit like a mosaic - each episode has these rewarding little moments but they're not self-contained, it's only when it starts to piece together does it tell an enriching story.

Into this minefield saunters Starz's fascinating The Girlfriend Experience, which is not merely in conversation with questions of the male gaze, female autonomy, titillation, sex, and violence but quite literally about them. The Girlfriend Experience refuses to judge Christine, and thus defies you to judge its central thesis. It's an extremely cynical outlook -- the idea that every relationship But on our most cynical days, doesn't that feel true. In its own muted way, The Girlfriend Experience won me over. The show is a canny look at business and capitalism.

The Girlfriend Experience is sometimes uncomfortable to watch, other times it stops in its tracks; then he throws himself into an unexpected place. But everything fits and, above all, attracts. The Girlfriend Experience shows how two formats on an accelerating collision course can merge successfully. The show moves in such a rapid-fire manner that it doesn't suggest passing judgment on any character's actions.

It merely points the camera at them and shoots, catching them in whatever acts they choose to engage. There are no featured audience reviews yet. Click the link below to see what others say about The Girlfriend Experience: More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Season 7 Black Lightning: