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Sex with teachers can help students can get rid of urges, focus on school work, and get rid of unhealthy social context of sexuality as a prize and rather a natural release. Within the legal age of consent - and so long as they are not the teachers student directly.


Teachers accused of dating learners

The problem is how can an instructor be fair and impartial grading a student if they have a relationship?? The next question should be - is it ok if a student's teacher is their own parent? Is there a problem with this? Yeah i had this as sub when i was a kid - the kids in class acted up - my mom buried them in homework because of it - I didnt have to do it lol.. That is a problem and will always be..

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Other than this - its not the teachers direct student - there is no abuse of power. Teachers are in a position of power and that can be hot asf. A lot of girls like men or other woman depends on your preferences who have power and authority hence why so many women are attracted to successful men. There would be a problem if the student was under age but if the student is of age I don't see the problem.

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  • People should be able to date whomever no matter the role they have in your life. Why tell people otherwise. It makes no sense. The age of a student is a massive point because if the student is under the age of consent then it is wrong. However, if the student is above the age of consent say 17 or 18 in the UK then it should be ok as they are more aware of the severity of relationships. Even though teachers are in a position of power. So are many people in society. If we can't date people in a position of power then we cannot date politicians, anyone in the army, navy, air force or emergency services.

    We can't then also date anyone higher in position then us in our workplace. Therefore it depends on the age under 16 UK no, Over 16 yes. We get so judgmental over the small things like students and teachers, but does it really matter. As long as the student is 18 years old then it is legally responsible for most things. Chances are they are in 12th grade the last year of high school and it's just a fling. But in retrospect they need to know boundaries such as school is school and home is home. Which in turn can be a great lesson no pun intended.

    It would be a confidence booster and effectively a life lesson, and would increase happiness in some cases. I think it should be allowed, providing you are of consenting age. What happens when teachers use their power to pressure their students into sex? What happens when they abuse that power to give their students good grades in exchange for sex?

    There are far too many things that could go askew. It's not worth it. Also, it removes the student from the pool of available people in that age group.

    Should teachers be allowed to have sexual relationships with their students | xiruhivuhy.tk

    Besides teacher's and students having major different ages, regardless if the student is a legal adult, school is made to be a place for people to learn! That is what is was made for! Teacher's and staff are really doing a good job on making school a sexualized place. You are an adult, why can't you find another adult to have a relationship with, hell go on a date another teacher who works there not a student.

    Are Male Professors Obsessed With Female Students?

    I also feel that female teacher's get a pass when they have sex with a male student, because "that's a teenage boy dreams", that's is utter crap, that same teacher would most likely be the one who tells her female students to not wear a tank top, because it's "too revealing". It's psychological abuse, sexual harassment, and should not be allowed anywhere. But I'm am truly disgusted that people agree with this.

    Also I just want to say that title doesn't actually clarify whether this for just strictly high school or high, middle, and elementary school, because believe that still happens there as well. Teachers having sex with an 8 year old Let that sink in.

    Your source of local breaking news and trending stories from across the country.

    I assume we are talking about two adult here, 18 or older, Such as a college student and a professor. I won't even discuss an adult teacher having a relationship with a minor. Talk about boundary violation! There are way too many necessary boundaries at stake. A teacher is an authority figure with power, Possibly great power, Over the student's academic and vocational career. There is no way that teacher can be as objective as he or she usually is however great or little that may be if dating or sleeping with a student.

    There is no way that student can develop a normal educational relationship or mentoring relationship or advisory relationship with that teacher, While sleeping with him or her, Either.

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    • And that is assuming the relationship ends well! If it doesn't, Look out, One or both parties! It can spell career destruction for either person. And, The whole thing is not a necessary risk, So why allow oneself to get dragged into it: If the people involved really care about each other and want to get to know one another, They can and wait until the teacher-student relationship has ended to pursue their physical relationship, Or end the teacher-student relationship earlier than planned in order to move on to the physical relationship.

      If the people involved just want sex, They can easily look elsewhere. Teachers should not date students because they are practically our parents in school and they should be teaching us right from wrong. And having a relationship with a teacher or a student will have a negative impact at the end, like that specific teacher could fired from work and will not be able to get a job ever again or get arrested for statutory rape.

      No matter the age of the student, a teacher should definitely go to prison for trying to have sex with a student. It is not your job to have sex with your students, it is your job to teach your students. People say that love is ageless, but with minors. Listen as he opens up the lines on a very controversial topic - students and teachers dating. Simon and I received an email a few weeks ago and we were quite apprehensive about airing this topic. East Coast Urban is a show where I talk about real issues with real people and it was time to bring up the topic of teachers dating students. Technically speaking, if a student is of age then there are no illegalities regarding a teacher-pupil relationship.

      As long as both parties are consenting to the relationship then it should be okay, shouldn't it? I almost feel bad for the teacher because why are teachers given such a bad rap? Would this even be a topic for discussion if the teacher was actually a doctor, or a policeman or just a regular receptionist?

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      Probably not, but then again, the moral implications of a teacher, who is seen as a person of great responsibility and influence, is called into question.