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  1. Lets Integrate Our Curves': Students Seek Casual Encounters on Site 'UChicago Hookups - TheBlaze
  2. Lets Integrate Our Curves': Students Seek Casual Encounters on Site 'UChicago Hookups
  3. Wednesday, March 30, 2011
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  5. UChicago Hookups Expands, Changes Name

He said if this site sparks something of a sexual revolution in Hyde Park, then that would be good for the stuffy academic oasis. But not everyone is welcoming a new transit stop in their backyard.

Lets Integrate Our Curves': Students Seek Casual Encounters on Site 'UChicago Hookups - TheBlaze

Downers Grove North H. Principal Responds To Racist Language Incidents One of the incidents, a student writing a racial slur on a white board, was shared on Facebook. Get ready for some snow, and then some of the coldest temperatures so far this season.

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The University of Chicago is a famous location for love: Fourth-years were more likely than any others to be in a relationship: Now I'm more interested in a serious relationship. The survey revealed that a majority of the campus would prefer to be in a relationship over casually hooking up, and yet, a majority of undergraduates are not in a relationship. You can view all of our Orientation Issue coverage here.

Lets Integrate Our Curves': Students Seek Casual Encounters on Site 'UChicago Hookups

I will just say this: I never want to see a man in pink and purple spandex again. House trips are really fun. You get to spend time with people on your floor and they are usually subsidized with House funds.

Can I write about two things? My favorite thing to do is to explore.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Gothic architecture is just gorgeous, and there are a lot of hidden places. In all the buildings on the main quad there are these mysterious quotes such as, "Illusion, the occurence of illusions is not an, 20," and "Plants, lamps, chairs, thunder and lightning, rocks, etc, So cryptic, and so cool.

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I personally feel that dorm life is really important as an incoming student. It gives you a solid base that you can come back to after exploring your other options, a friendly face to come home to after a hard day of work, or people to keep you motivated or even stay up with you till sunrise working on their own assignments.

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I have since moved out of my house, but still hang out with the people that I lived with and keep in regular contact with my resident heads and resident assistant. I had a really great dorm experience, but I also recognize that it does not happen for everyone. The great thing about UC is that you can always find somewhere to live in Hyde Park that is affordable and close to campus. If you've not heard it yet, prepare to be disappointed with the almost non-existing Greek life here in the UofC.

UChicago Hookups Expands, Changes Name

But I don't care, anyways, since I am not the party type. However, the dorms here are based on the house system, and I guess house tables in the dining hall are geared to bringing students together. And I do love the fact that there will be plenty of house trips maybe to go watch a Cubs game, or go to a restaurant in Greektown, K-Town, etc. We also have a bunch of annual traditions, like Scav Hunt a series of crazy ideas that students have to fulfill , Assassins Game prepare to get doused with a water gun on your way to class , and the Kuvia Kungaserk exercise to the rising sun in winter.

Frats are more the center of social life for first years, then you go to apartment or dorm parties more.