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Sep 16, Well maybe I can push my luck tryna snag prince William or Harry shit either will do.

If I can recall correctly, my co-worker who used to be in the Air Force overseas [Britain, Holland] etc, said it's more of a class issue, than race. I became friends with a girl from England, and she said most brown people refer to themselves as nubian. AND both said they could not for the life of them figure out why Americans find it such a big deal to date IR. Not too long ago yrs ago? Any one remember that article where a black man was beaten while waiting for a bus with his white girlfriend?

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Then they interviewed people saying it was still frowned upon. Now this articles shows up? This is why I have to laugh at some of the fools on this site. Something smells a little biased to me. I have gotten love in all cities I have visited. No issues with my hair texture.

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I plan on moving there eventually. There is still a stigma around dating outside your race in the US. I was able to pinpoint the difference when I was in Europe last month. My friend and I get approached by men of every color of the rainbow in the US, but the white boys are usually very hesitant.

I get the vibe that they are not sure how they will be perceived and they think they're going to get shot down. In Europe, I never felt that hesitation or awkwardness when we got approached by white guys. I've lived in diff countries in Europe and the U. Sep 17, Well doesn't the US have a history of Xenophobia as well?

Now the problem is with Mexican immigrants but a while ago it was Irish, German, and Jewish immigrants. The question is at what point does racism meet Xenophobia Good example of this is the comment the Eric Clapton made a while back This kind of ethnic diversity means that socializing in New York City has a vast array of options.

You could make friends within a particular ethnic or racial group while also having huge opportunities to mingle in multi-cultural settings.

Interracial or Transcultural? Why I Started Dating A European Man

A great date idea would be to explore quaint or ethnic neighborhoods which are full of local color and buzzing with delicious fare. New York City is brimming with such enclaves housing various ethnic communities from all across the world including Africa, Asia and Latin America. Another great thing about this city is that almost all the year through it keeps hosting some festival, fair or parade.

Set out with your partner and soak in all the merriment and energy of the occasion. Later chill out with beer or warm up with a hot cup of joe before you drop your date home. Sydney Sydney is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in entire Oceania. Figures provided by the Census of Australian Bureau of Statistics show that of its four million plus-strong population, almost In fact Asian Australians made up around Singapore In the continent of Asia, perhaps the most cosmopolitan city and certainly is the city state of Singapore.

What attracts people here from different parts of the world is actually its commercial prowess. Singapore is the world's fourth leading financial centre, and its port is one of the five busiest ports in the world. In terms of purchasing power parity, Singapore has the third highest per capita income in the world.

Interracial couple - Rome Forum

There are slightly over 5 million people in Singapore, of which only 2. According to the government census of ,t Reflecting this diversity, the country has four official languages: Now granted, every country, state, city, town or village will have its fair share of "bad apples". My best advice to you is this. Go with an open mind and heart.

You may even create some lasting friendships because of it.

Interracial Dating & Europe! | Lipstick Alley

Become a sponge and just take it all in because no matter how long you have to spend in Rome, there is simply not enough time to waste worrying about what people may think or say. I cannot think of one moment when i felt or my wife felt as if we were on an island simply because we are inter racial couple. I wont lie - i did look for it our first time there but it never materialized.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me and i will be happy to lend some support. Our trips may be a few months out but it is never to early to start getting excited!!! The single most important thing that a person of color can do is to travel abroad; in doing so we act as not only ambassadors for our respective race but for human kind as well.

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  4. There is racism within the black race based on physical appearance as well as social status. According to some of my Asian friends this direction also follows suit when speaking of the various Asian ethnicities. There are divisions in religion as well — probably the oldest form of direct hatred towards another group. I have spent some time in Italy and on each visit I have been rewarded with graciousness, appreciation and respect.

    I must admit that I too read and heard of the many stories associated with racism in Italy.

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    At one point I felt as if I may have made a travel mistake — lol. The one thing I did was to allow my personality free reign. I spoke to people. I made eye contact and smiled. I asked questions and when I did, I asked them in Italian. I may have botched it up a few times but the fact that I tried went a long way. I always thanked with a gratzie. I made an effort to learn and understand the culture that I was honored to see.

    To be honest, in all of my travels I have encountered a higher degree of perceived racism here in the states than anywhere in Europe.