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This app is pretty much perfect regarding the functions that it offers and the wide pool of users available to chat with. It loses half a star for the pressure to upgrade and half a star for its imbalanced gender ratio. In short, though, I recommend this app. I was tired of having both the OK Cupid and Tinder apps open on my phone and having to flick between them, and Clover provides the perfect mid point between them. Not sure which dating app to use?

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What you need to know Are you on Tinder? You can then choose to start a 7-day free trial of Clover Premium, or just start using the app for free. You can also purchase boosts to give your profile more exposure.

‎Clover Dating App on the App Store

Badges can be earned by doing things like using the app between 10 pm and 6 am, getting liked by people, or making 5 people laugh in a chat. It does, however, display how many miles you are away from your matches.

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Whether you stick with Tinder or give Clover a try, you still have to spend hours scrolling through profiles, sending messages, and hopefully scheduling dates. Your intention can be "looking for people to chat with", "looking for new friends", "looking for dating", or "looking for long-term". If you sign in through your email, you have to provide your basic information before you can proceed in using the site. If you chose the Facebook option, we imagine that your the basic details would just be automatically imported into your account.

Clover Dating App Review

Usernames can be up to 50 characters but that's not advisable because it could be annoying for other users. Overall, you have to provide your:. But none of these are mandatory. Clover only states that providing more information improves the quality of your matches. True to their "we are not like other dating apps" theme, Clover profiles are not swiped left or right, but clicked on. On profiles, you'll see a user's location, gender, intention, height, ethnicity, occupation, and more.

There are three options below that: If they haven't played it yet, you can "ask" them to with one click of a button.

You can request a date just by suggesting a time and place, and get notified if the other person confirms. As simple as that.

What you need to know

Lastly, you can recommend a profile to a friend and it well send as a text message. You can validate your account through an SMS code or through your app store account. Though tedious for some, this is actually a good call because it reduces spam and fake profiles. The only type of free messaging you can use is when you and another user like each other, similar to Tinder. But if you pay for a premium subscription, you can message anyone regardless of like status. There are still other ways of communicating with another user: This feature is the one that sets Clover apart from other dating apps.

For the more popular apps, the most common complaint are people who seem to be there just to browse profiles without any intention of meeting up, and people who "ghost" on others mid-conversation. Clover aims to end these problems, and for the most part, they've succeeded. With this feature, you can browse through the profiles of people who have turned on this option and just choose between "I'm interested" or "No thanks". If you're interested, you can either suggest a time or place, or let the other user do it.

You just need a confirmation, and you've got a date. No more beating around the bush, no more awkward segues. Mixers are basically chat rooms or events that have a common theme. All the existing mixers are available on a separate tab and you can join any of them for free. Once you're in a Mixer, you can invite other users in. Since most of the popular mixers have upwards of 50, members, they will not be good ways of discovering other users.

An alternative would be to find mixers with a smaller number of members, or create your own and invite others. There are no limits to topics, so you can be as specific or creative as you want.

Clover Dating App Review (12222) – Everything You Want To Know

You can use a Mixer to plan an event with other members or to just chat with a large group of people. The common flirting game has been brought to life in the digital realm by Clover. To start with, you are presented with two cards labeled with contrasting personality traits e. Your 20 answers can be seen by others and you can see everyone else's as well. Playing this is optional, but it is a fun way to show your personality to the public and to get a glimpse of other people's personalities even without talking to them.