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Understanding the Male Brain and How it Works

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Speaking of which, does your lifestyle not have any unique and interesting activities built into it? Mouth breathers not your thing? No tolerance for homophobic people? Do you need to date someone who falls within a certain height range? Example from my old online dating profile. Many men have resorted to firing off copy and paste messages to hundreds of women to see what comes of it. First off, you respect women more than that.

And second, you respect yourself and your time more than that! Instead, take the time to scan profiles for women that do really interest you. Then, message only a few of your prospective partners per week. And be sure you are sending them high quality messages. What does a high quality message look like? It is basically the opposite of a generic message that could be copy and pasted to hundreds of women. A high quality message is specific.

Of course, messaging a handful of women per month will give you a lower number of dates, but the dates you do go on have a much higher probability of being successful. In the book The Paradox of Choice , author Barry Schwartz discusses the impact of excessive options on consumers- the presentation of more options makes for more confused, irritable, and ultimately unhappy shoppers who often question their final decision. This concept can be tied to online dating- if you spend months scanning thousands of profiles, you start to lose touch with the fact that each profile you view is tied to a human in the real world.

The possibility of discontentment in your ultimate decision is very real and you might delay choosing as a result. I would highly recommend taking a few precautions to avoid overindulging in never-ending profile scanning. First, focus on your profile and make it as you-congruent as possible before looking anywhere else on the site point 3. Next, search the site using highly-targeted filters that present you with your best possible matches. Some dating sites charge for this feature but it is often worth the low monthly cost! And finally, if you know that you have an addictive personality when it comes to searching through stimulation, set a limit to the number of profiles you will allow yourself to see on a daily basis.

So how are you supposed to make him yours?

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You need to understand the male brain and how it works if you expect to lock him down and make him yours forever. When you are able to dissect his brain, that is when you can throw yourself into the mix and make him realize that you are the one and that he shouldn't let you go! The biggest thing to remember about the male brain is that men love competition, so if you want to be his dream girl, then you need to make him chase after you.

Men don't want women who give it up too easily. The chase is half of the fun and half of the battle! If you can make him want you so bad that he can barely stand it, he will come after you and he will want to hang onto you. You have to have an heir of mystery about you as well. Make it hard for him to understand you, but not too difficult, because that is when it becomes a turn off. We all know that men are not good with reading people or subtly, so if you do want to become a seductive goddess, you have to give a little more and then take some back.

Even though all men are different, all men are still the same and some things are universal between them. Whether he is rough and tumble or a soft sweetie at heart, these 5 tips can be used to become any man's dream girl. Instead of wishing that he would notice you and love you, it's time that you made him. With these tips, he is going to find it nearly impossible not to want to have you in his life!

At the end of the day, the real key to everlasting love is just to be yourself. He is attracted to you for a reason and you need to remember that. Trying to be too showy or trying too hard to impress him, will just make you seem awkward. Men love confidence but what men love more, are women who are confident with who they are and themselves.

He wants to see you love yourself and to love him. He wants to see you let loose, try new things, sometimes make a fool of yourself but most of all, he wants to see you have fun. Love is supposed to be fun and the ride of your life. Make him love you forever and to always be his dream girl by the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Why is dating and attraction so difficult?

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As we touched upon briefly earlier, men love the chase, so you need to make him chase after you. Make sure that you are sexless until monogamy. You can't give it up right away, no matter how intense the attraction is. You can't give him what he wants until you get what you want. Play the game and make it hard for him to get to you. I had a lot of personal and family issues going on the last year or so of our relationship 4. We somehow survived that, but I grew complacent and quit trying. Those two things together are what I think ruined things, but it's hard to say for sure, she hasn't spoken to me in months.

I guess I should add some actual advice rather than just being a downer sorry. The best way I've heard it put is to never stop dating them, surprise them from time to time, go on dates, stuff like that. Don't fall into a boring routine where you quit making them feel loved. My advice to you brother Relax, let it come to you, better yourself as a person, make yourself more desirable and somehow, the girls will just appear.

Let it come to you. Yeah that advice never works I agree with everything else you said, better yourself as a person no doubt!

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You have to go find them. She is my first real relationship and I feel like I should have had one just for experience because I really don't want to fuck this up. Its scary and awesome at the same time! She was my closest friend for years and I admired from afar for the longest time, while we both dated other people. Sometimes it hurt, but it was necessary, because we both grew as people and starting dating over a year ago and it's been the most rewarding experience of my entire life.

She's beautiful, funny, smart, essentially anything you'd want in a partner. I'm in this one for life, probably. She was great but she didn't love me so I broke up with her. We got along, she was beautiful, and we had sex a lot. I have yet to meet another woman like her. We'd waste days doing nothing but also enjoying it.

The best things don't last forever. All the rest of it sounds so awesome. Was it that she knew she'd never develop the same feelings you had, or? Well, you were friends for a lot longer than we were, and you've lasted longer than we did. I think you'll be fine. TBH, I think our entire "friendship" was basically built on us having crazy unrequited feelings for each other. When I look back, it was basically more like we were dating without the physical affection more than we were "best friends".

Why do you think your friendship wasn't real? Did you flirt mostly? Did you not have common interest? It's not that the friendship wasn't real, I just think that we weren't as close friends as we both pretended we were, because in reality the reason we wanted to interact so much was that we both had unrequited feelings for each other. Ah okay I get it! Well good thing you once talked about it? How did it come up? Did one of you say what was really going on? Oh no I meant how did u start talking about being attracted to each other in the first place or did you just make out one day?

Yeah, the second one. We were sitting on a bench next to a river on a random night in September, and fireworks started going off right in front of us for no reason I could discern.

How to Be His Dream Girl | PairedLife

I was friend zoned so hard for the longest time with her. I some how managed to break out of it. She still has that best friend feel though, its good weird. It started out super odd, getting used to physical contact and pet names and whatever after consciously trying to not for so long. If things are weird, or not what you expected, chances are she feels the same way sometimes. Don't worry about "jinxing it" or anything silly like that.

She is in another country teaching ESL and not thinking about me at all. She is in my thoughts constantly. There was nothing that could keep us together, but I cherish the time we had together. Sometimes I dream about her showing back up one day wanting to rekindle what we had. Honestly, I wish I never met her. Those who say it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all have never met their dream girl and lost her.

She got pregnant by another guy, poked a hole in a condom, tried to put it on me and expected me to raise the bastard. On top of that, I had to pay for the abortion. Fucking bitch ruined all women for all time for me. A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current.

As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman also attempting to cross. The young woman asked if they could help her cross to the other side. The two monks glanced at one another because they had taken vows not to touch a woman. Then, without a word, the older monk picked up the woman, carried her across the river, placed her gently on the other side, and carried on his journey. After rejoining his companion, he was speechless, and an hour passed without a word between them.

Whatever it takes to get through to him. It's a more polite way to say that either she had a Magic Pussy that Ruins Men or that he's been carrying that ho around for years. Either way, he needs to really reconsider his life and social outlook. I really needed to read this. Girl has been carrying onin my head for months and reading something like this made me open my eyes a little bit. People do that to themselves sometimes. Don't beat yourself up about it; take it as a chance to learn and grow. Trust me, its like a habit now, for months I can not stop thinking about her and we stopped talking in fucking june.

I just cant get over this. Its very weird and it does influence what I di and who I hang out with because I try my best not to remember her, but everyone seems to bring her up to me The young monk complains that the old man went against scripture, but he is actually just bitter inside because the old man got to touch the woman. There's a great one out there comparing words to pointing at the moon.

It's a surprisingly modern outlook. Married after 3 years. That was followed by 4 years in dead bedroom hell. That was followed by a year of daily sex and happiness. Can't really expect someone to be the exact same person forever. My wife and I have had a rollercoaster of sexual phases, currently on an upswing, it's been crazy daily-sex-for-years and experimentation to "hopefully once a month" to "nothing for 8 months" and back again. The key was always communicating what was going on, and lots of patience. Sounds like they're dynamic enough as a couple to rally when they can though and keep trying.

Props to you guys: It didn't work out. There was no spark despite she and I being pretty much perfect for each other We are so similar, we like the exact same things. You know when something happens and it makes you think of something completely unrelated, but then right before you can bring it up he says it? And then you laugh and say "holy shit I was just about to say that!

Neither of us are atheist, neither of us are religious we're gay , and yet we both discovered our own personal type of spirituality or outlook on life and they're both almost identical. We hate the same things. Our decision making process is identical, we have extremely similar lines of logical thought, so decisions are made so easily we never have that "what do you want for dinner" conversation because we think it through and arrive at the same idea, and if we don't then we are good at thinking of a compromise that makes both person happy.

These are the type of non-sexual things that I value very highly in a boyfriend. Speaking of sexual things, he is good looking, I can plainly see that, and I can also see the looks he draws from guys and girls alike. I don't want to tear his clothes off like I normally do with boyfriends. I don't like his smell. He says and does little things that suggest he is insecure, and they irritate me to no end. I'm beginning to wonder if that's the problem.

I can't even tell if there is a spark. How did you realize that? I knew from the first kiss. There was simply no magic. The relationship was 6 months of us trying to fall in love with each other even though there was nothing there. Your similarity with your boyfriend is exactly how it was with me and my girlfriend. There really isn't much you can do but break it off or hope a spark shows up sometime. Not as good as I had hoped. The expectation and the reality were not the same. That's as much my fault as hers.

The girl you imagined and the girl you are dating are not the same. You need to get that girl you imagined out of your head as much as you can, because she is your enemy.

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She will cause you to judge the girl you are dating all wrong. The worst thing you can do is judge the girl you are dating badly because she doesn't live up to your expectations. Those aren't hers, those are yours. Find out who she is, who she really is, and decide if you like that person enough to be with her. The second worst thing you can do is let your starry-eyed expectations blind you to destructive behavior.

If you're afraid of losing the dream, you will ignore dealbreakers. It's much easier to correct a problematic behavior early on than it is once people get comfortable. Once you both settle into "the new normal" then saying "Hey, I need you to do something uncomfortable I didn't bring up until now" can be a lot worse. Just because you've had a huge crush on her for 7 years doesn't mean she's better or worse than someone you just met a few months ago.

Be with her , not with who you think she is. And if it doesn't work, don't beat yourself up. You might be fundamentally incompatible. It happens, and it sucks when it does, but that's no ones fault. In my case I don't think it was fundamental incompatibility so much as just consciously ignoring anything that bothered me until everything bothered me. By the time I said how serious things were, not in a passive sort of "hey you could maybe do something about this" but "this is a dealbreaker" I was too exhausted to stick it out. Don't let your dreams blind you. The things she does well that you love, you praise her for, you encourage her.

The things which don't work, you either honestly and truthfully ignore and don't bring up, or you fix early. If trying to fix problems creates fights and sends her running, you are probably better off finding that out now. She usually gets over it after a few hours but it still gets pretty heated.

19 Guys Talk About The Difference Between Their Dream Girl And The Girl They’re Actually With

I need to know the way of never marrying again. This will make two marriages that have lasted a combined 18 months. Wow, what an insight. That hadn't fucking occurred to me. You should become a psychologist. There's this ebook online called "stop your divorce" or something similar to that where the author talks about using "jujitsu" to help stop your divorce. I think you can google it but it may help out.

I was in your boat OP for a while. Ended up with her and things where good for a while. Now I don't talk to her as much. But it made me a better person after the dust settled. She'll probably work an additional 5 years or more to bolster our retirement fund. We have issues just like every other relationship that lasts more then a month but I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend and plan on spending the rest of my life with her.

For the most part, pretty good, because we had been close friends for a few years before so I had a decently realistic idea of what kind of girlfriend she'd be instead of this fairy tale expectation based on years of pining after her as my dream girl though there was some of that, of course. People see us together and wish they had our relationship -- we're frequently compared to Jim and Pam from The Office, and honestly that's a mostly accurate comparison. The downside was that, as it turns out, our relationship has basically been a deadbedroom from the start, and that's put so much strain on the relationship that we've nearly broken up a few times.

We're going through one last attempt to fix it, but if it doesn't work then I will be breaking up with her, though that will be hard because the breakup would be due to long term compatibility issues rather than me simply not enjoying her company or no longer loving her. Had a crush on a girl all through highschool. We started dating after we graduated. We've been married almost 15 years, so I think it went ok.

I met my dream girl in We dated for almost four amazing months before I broke it off with her because, frankly, I was an idiot. I finally realized that I was indeed "all that" had severe underconfidence issues most of my life and thought that if I could find one dream girl, I could find another one that would be even more perfect. Took me almost two years to patch myself together. Somehow I got lucky and found another woman who was amazing in her own way. We got married and are expecting our first child at the end of November.

And what happened to my dream girl? I never heard anything about her life after we broke up. A month ago, a mutual friend of ours posted on Facebook that she had died of cancer.

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  • Did some digging, and as near as I can tell I was the last person she ever dated. Well to start only a year in. That said she is everything I have wanted. We are going through the normal learning how to communicate better stuff so there are some real gnarly fights but there is always the desire to get better and close as fast as possible.

    I am happier than I have ever been in a relationship. She's getting a breast reduction this month so that fucking sucks but the rest is good. Married after two years, 7 year old kid together, we were extremely happy with each other and in love, at least I thought so.