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I've played this both in beta and after its release on steam. The biggest change at official release is the introduction of punkbuster and the elimination of cheaters running aimbots, etc. Two big thumbs up in this area, almost all cheaters are out of the game and banned now. The game can be very addictive and has lots of continual play value as you constantly unlock weapons, vehicles, and perks. At first i really enjoyed this game, saw a good amount of potential, but once you get into it the game begins to show its flaws. Stick with it and it can be a fun game. A very nice idea, however with an idea alone you just don't make it sadly enough.

While fun to play with friends, the game starts developing issues like repetitive gameplay and a lack of good quality content. There is a reason why they couldn't keep up with the idea of "Pay to Play" and "Free to play" is not going to help this game to get any better. Also, the idea of Premium is A very nice idea, however with an idea alone you just don't make it sadly enough.

Also, the idea of Premium is getting a bit annoying because you get to see if everywhere. Good Game like Auto theft gaud.. APB Reloaded is just a disaster after G1. There is a truckload of bugs, unbalanced matchmaking system and unfair missions for Enforecers. For example fi you are a crminial you just need to destroy the camera and you can do it by shooting it from m!! And if you are an Enforcer you need to Raid and it takes like forever. My advice is don't waste your internet by downloading this boring APB Reloaded is just a disaster after G1.

My advice is don't waste your internet by downloading this boring and stupid game … Expand. Having recently started playing, I have no idea about the past issues of this program, but I can see it has very far to go to be considered a game, its completely unbalanced, connection issues, and the biggest problem it has is the rampant number of players using the Punkbuster aimbot hack in game. That alone removes every bit of the fun this game could acheive. I for one cannot fathom Having recently started playing, I have no idea about the past issues of this program, but I can see it has very far to go to be considered a game, its completely unbalanced, connection issues, and the biggest problem it has is the rampant number of players using the Punkbuster aimbot hack in game.

I for one cannot fathom what enjoyment someone could get out of having to cheat to win at anything, guess it speaks of upbringing but thats their problems not mine. That said I dont feel the company is doing enough to address such issues being as its free 2 play - Pay 2 win which is an automatic fail in my book, sad too because this "game" had so much potential to be great but when the cheaters are paying the bills nothing ever gets done about it.

All in all at this point its realy nothing more than a hanout for cheats and hackers but its not alone in the online game community where lack of skills can be fixed with a hack. Give it a try but dont expect anything phenominal and dont plan to get serious about the game it lacks in the player quality area mosty but the best thing about it is you can try for free and in my opinion free is all I would ever put into this my two cents is really more than its worth.

Love the new fight club which makes the game more exciting than anything else out there. And, wow, just love the hot chicks in the trailer!! If you ever played cops and robbers as a kid you'll love this game. I have never seen a game that allows you to customize your avatar as much as this game.

These are strong visuals, especially for a F2P game. On my moderate system I wasable to run the game at maximum settings with 8xAA beta feature enabled. Pop-in of vehicles is common, but buildings are rendered at a good draw distance except when you spawn. If they manage to keep updating and fixing stuffm, then they are absolutely doing a great job. I liked the RTW version but it was so broken, i certainly see great improvements. Very good team game, playing alone when being a high rank is risky though. Been playing since Open Beta was announced. The game is quite enjoyable.

I have over hours log, and can say i have the best knowledge about the game. Lets start off with the customization tool in this game, its brilliant! The level of customization you can do to your character is beyond your imagination. All it takes is time, and manipulation of the tools. I have seen designs that I Been playing since Open Beta was announced. I have seen designs that I thought wouldn't have worked. The vehicle customize tool is just as good, you can also buy upgrades parts to your car either by Unlock or some by the Armas Market.

Music is in this game, is another factor that makes your character unique. When you kill a player in APB a theme is played to the person you killed. This is another customize tool that is limitless. Now on to game play. APB Reloaded has two functions as of right now. Missions, and Fight club. Missions are supplied by the contact you pledge to, and by pledging to certain contact, you will unlock new gear, weapons, and vehicles. The deeper you go into contacts the better the items you can unlock. Missions are played in to open worlds Financial District, and Waterfront District.

You can go anywhere freely when in these districts. Once you pledge to a contact, you then will receive a mission. These mission most of the time start off unopposed, then you get opposition to fight against. Either you will be attacking, or defending. Fight Club This game play is a team death match, or a capture points type missions.

You can not pledge to contacts while in this district, but you can level up your roles by killing players with certain weapons. Its more for endgame players. The matches take place in two districts Baylon, or beacon. The matches are fast pace, and can be quite fun. All i can say is try it. Its free2play, with option to upgrade to premium for 10dollars a month. Its well worth the price, for what you get.

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Plus the discount on weapons if you choose to buy them from the armas market. The terrible latency and laggs destroy the gameplay. Although, it's original concept makes it kinda good. Even if your not the best shooter in the game, you can always find friendly people with which you can become friends or even form a clan. In-game graphics look great on maximum settings everything is glistering, and even on everything on minimum, game still looks really good.

Gamersfirst have done a lot to this game to bring it forward from RTW with the new FIGHT CLUB it just got better where you can just get in shoot to your hears content best thing of all for me is you can do so much with customization with cars , Crims , Enforcer , Theams , guns , mods the list goes on. Ive played this game for a long time now and love it i dont know why ppl must dog it its one of the best shooters on the market. This game is endless fun! On top of destroying most of the bugs in the game they have also made the game transition to a F2P very well!

This game is one of the better out there. I really haven't seen what this game provides in many other games. This is indeed what you'd call a multiplayer version of GTA, but at the same time I prefer this. The freedom in this game is a lot bigger than in GTA. One, if not the only This game is one of the better out there. One, if not the only downside is that the missions might get a little repetitive after a while. However the game provides so much else to do that it's just a minor problem. And if you decide to play it, try the street racing.

This game shows promise but comes up short in many areas. I join the game and have no idea what to do, spent almost half an hour trying to find my This game shows promise but comes up short in many areas. I join the game and have no idea what to do, spent almost half an hour trying to find my friend. There's not even a tutorial on how to play the game, I felt like a fish out of water. Played 5 hours and still have no idea what to do. Not even the amazing character customization can save this game, which was the only part I liked. I sure hope this game is still in beta mode for it needs a ton of polishing.

Its a fun little free distraction, played it over summer break. Near infinite character customization is awesome but the game play can get repetitive. This game does have a Pay to win strategy and the matchmaking can at time be completely brain dead. They have no interest in what the community thinks about the content they add, which have also resulted in them adding a huge amount of really badly balanced items that's only obtainable by paying real life money. So the game isn't about skill, and team play, but about whatever teenager can hustle the most money out of the moms credit card.

They did manage to fix a few bugs that remained from when Real Time Worlds was in control.

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  7. They tried, but what a horrible try it was. Could have been a good game, but sadly isn't. In general the character and vehicle customization are quite nice even though almost everything needs to be unlocked, and a lot of the vehicle customization appears to be pay only. However, the core gameplay is atrocious. High-level gold players with the best weapons and vehicles will be everywhere, giving new players hardly any chance. The Could have been a good game, but sadly isn't.

    The third-person over-the-shoulder-view is awkward and allows sight round some corners but not others. Grenades often bounce in a counter-intuitive way. Even if you do stick it out, the missions soon become very repetitive. Criminals have the option of 'open-world crime': The city itself looks bad, feels small, and is dull and lifeless.

    Steal someone's car and they'll disappear shortly after, even if they were driving an armored bank van. There is little variety to the pedestrians. The game constantly pressures you to upgrade, but please, don't give the cynical bastards who made this game with the minimum of effort to cash in on the success of the GTA and Saints' Row franchises any of your hard-earned cash. So I have a few pro's and cons of the game. I played a decent amount and I have to say that 26 hours is actually a bit. So here's my review! Pros- Really fun to play with your friends and your teammates!

    Game requires strategy and thinking. You need to work with your teammates to achieve an objective. You can ride vehicles! This game is similar to GTA 4! Cons- So I have a few pro's and cons of the game. Cons- The game physics are horrible! When you ram into someone with a car they don't get sent flying, instead they just go over your car and end up where they started. Another thing is when you ram a car into another car it takes forever to knock them over!

    And when you finally manage to do that they just go right back straight up! The community itself is horrible. Having access to better and modified guns is unfair for the new player. They are able to get the rocket launcher, grenade launcher, they have an over powered Tommy Gun which you need to be premium to get! Lag is a serious issue with this game, it can get really bad. And almost everyone uses the shotgun! Just like the AA in MW3 they spam it faster then sonic can jerk off so it's almost impossible to get to your objective with your team with everyone else is camping and shooting their little shots.

    Also the unfair match making is really getting on my nerves. When I was just a beginner I was frustrated when I went up against gold rank players. The chat bar itself is full of shazbot! You see all the crying and the community is a little to hard core. Wait did I say a little? I mean a lot. I got kicked just because I made a wrong turn to get to an objective and I said whatever. Conversation went a little like this, Me: I'm not a great driver just letting you know Leader: Look dude it's just a game just chill?

    Man that was kind of close Leader: No I'm just saying that car almost hit us derp. Just go for the objective.

    Apb Reloaded-Ep18! Apb Matchmaking and U WORTHLESS F#*K

    Did you just say whatever? Is there a problem? But unlike the GTA universe this game is a little different. You drive a car and then they crash into you making your car tip over. The enemy gets out of a car right behind you and throws a grenade. Before you can get back up your dead. I know all games have griefers but really? I liked the idea of a massive multiplayer open world idea but this is a major problem. Sometimes the game feels like it's missing something.

    With all the npc's that look the same it just doesn't feel right. The game feels bare. And pop up distance, when you drive you can only see about 50 meters or 30 meters away! When you drive or even walk you can't expect what's coming next when a speeding race car just pops out and just rams into you. The guns, I have no problem with but the feel just isn't right to me. I normally use the Sub-Machine gun because I find it it's the most easy to use, but unlike GTA 4 when you zoom in into a sniper rifle scope you don't see cross hairs. Instead you just look over your shoulder which just frustrates me because when I snipe and take cover behind a wall I shoot the wall instead of the player coming towards me.

    It's a shot to the face and I can see why the score is so low. At first it was fun but then it just gets on your nerves. I just can't stand the game mostly because of the community which is just a shot to the face! Even if this is a good idea it has to many flaws. The 'open world' is misused because you can't go into most buildings and the graphics aren't that great I know this maybe good for people who have low graded graphic cards but can't they put an option to create high-def graphics?

    This game needs a lot of work, I'd like to never play this game again because this is to stressful. Not happy at all. The game itself is good, but the pay-real-money-for-extra-items is a very bad thing. If you want to make a free game, make it completely free and open, don't try to get money via extra items.

    If it didn't have this problem, I'd give it 5. This game is the worst f2p game I have ever downloaded. It's a bland experience that is not worth the download. There are plenty of f2p games out there that are more enjoyable than this hot mess of a game. No wonder This game is the worst f2p game I have ever downloaded. No wonder why they shut servers down back in the day. I'm giving it a 4 because there are no permanent guns for Free Players. Otherwise, I might give it an 8 or 9. I came in thinking "wow! I wish i could play it but for some reason I crash randomly and my friend gets kicked for so called "hacking".

    I would much rather just go play some gta. The neglect of this game by the creators has to be the biggest I have ever seen besides the one in Dota 2. Early attempts to connect with the community was promising with the TMC being announced Test Monkey Crew whereas a select few out of thousands of applications from the community were chosen to spearhead testing and feedback of test versions of APB.

    It mostly consisted of everyone sending group emails which caused massive waves of spam, the traffic from a non-busy hour being enough to fill maybe pages of hotmail's email list within an hour. Times and plans for actual testing You had to do it with everyone else with maybe minutes notice on beforehand was made up and changed frequently. Needless to say me knowing all this, I was a part of the hand-picked elite team and thus, when I say GamerFirst's ability to organize and create proper communication is putrid, It's an understatement.

    Why are people still playing APB Reloaded?

    There has been promises on their blog that a revamp of the game's outdated Unreal 3 Engine is under way but seeing the active and current years of neglect, I don't see the likelyhood of G1 getting back any of the respect they've lost to be very big. New Anti-cheat system, hackers gone the first day. This game is not P2W at all. I've seen teams get ruined by the starting gun. I have a friend who forced himself to use nothing but the pistol, he started out horrible, now he takes out entire groups with just the pistol.

    This game is about skill and practice. You will not jump in and be the greatest shooter on the planet. You will lose, you will rage, you will either sink or swim. I recommend not getting this game If you have anger issues. I am not the greatest player, I lose a lot , but I still have fun. It is those close matches where you really enjoy the game. The customization in this game is on an entirely different level. You can pretty much make anything I am a ninja turtle with a shotgun.

    I created the turtle van. I've seen some really great designs in this game. There really is no other game that can match this type of customization. They are working on improving the matchmaking system, and will be upgrading the game engine soon as well. It's definitely worth checking out. I really wanted to enjoy this game, I really did. But the issues of instability, rubberbanding, FPS dropping to single digits even when I can play this game at 60 FPS easily, and a playerbase that's perpetually angry drove me away.

    Planetside 2, a horribly optimized game runs better than APB: Now that's saying something.

    Horrible matchmaking system. :: APB Reloaded General Discussions

    Have been playing APB since the release, i've been a fan since and i do think that Gamersfirst improved the game as much as they could do They are still amateurs so dont expect it to go well and fast, The base created by Realtime Worlds a few years ago is really good and i do think if Realtime Worlds made it F2P i probably would have gave it a 10, i will give it a 8 since the base is Have been playing APB since the release, i've been a fan since and i do think that Gamersfirst improved the game as much as they could do They are still amateurs so dont expect it to go well and fast, The base created by Realtime Worlds a few years ago is really good and i do think if Realtime Worlds made it F2P i probably would have gave it a 10, i will give it a 8 since the base is really good but the improvements are minimal!

    This game is one of the best I have ever played. Gamersfirst have done a lot to help the game and the community related side to the game. The recent additions to content have also given a taste of what is to come and the game is getting better and better. I Was so glad to see it come back after it was taken off the market.

    I'm only rating this game a 0 because of the stupid amount of 10's there is here. Customization is more or less the only great thing about the game and it seems as if it started out as a character customizer and then the devs just needed an excuse for it to become a game so they can make some money out of it I'm only rating this game a 0 because of the stupid amount of 10's there is here. Customization is more or less the only great thing about the game and it seems as if it started out as a character customizer and then the devs just needed an excuse for it to become a game so they can make some money out of it so they slapped this together.

    As far as gameplay goes it is unbalanced and repetitive. It consists mainly of go fetch this thing and then bring it to this location and then do that again and then just kill everyone. For the other side it just consists of camping there and waiting for the other team to come and try to do the objective so you can jump out from behind the dustbin and fill a poor unexpectant enemy full of lead. Roof tops and high places are phenomenally advantageous and in most instances, mission winners.

    And alot of the weapons are very overpowered and some are just very underpowered. The modifications are pretty expensive and do almost nothing other than give the weapon a nice blue muzzleflash. The city of the game is lifeless and the pedestrians and traffic are stupid and robotic and are in all a more or less just another pointless addition to the game. The community is awful. So i find this right here unfair, my account got banned for no apparent reason or as they call it "Hacking" with no proof.

    What is it that these GM do in their office? Instead of using "PunkBuster" as an excuse to ban a legit player why don't you give me a good reason? This is without a doubt the WORST game I've played back in good 'ol 11, it tried to be like GTA but fails in that regard, there are basically no quests just constant PVP "encounters" Drive there kill someone click on something, get shot in the back rinse and repeat for all eternity.

    Your time is better spent on other MMOs. An absolutely disgusting game. They are also MUCH more powerful than the ones you can get by playing. Most guns are also absolutely rediculous to the point of it boggling your brain how they have not been removed. Enforcers are able to get An absolutely disgusting game. Enforcers are able to get Tazers and stun guns, which when you get shot about 5 times, you're tazed. It lasts about 10 seconds. THEN you have to load in again and respawn. There is no counter to this at all, either, and only enforcers get it. It's better to just die, because you respawn after a few seconds.

    Moving on, the games performance and graphics are pitiful. They still have all the major problems from the original launch.

    Review this game

    Pop ins cause the game to freeze up for seconds at a time. During a mission, this can get you killed quite easily. Randomly, the server will pause for about seconds, freezing the game. The graphics are also something you'd expect out of a game. To give you an idea, Anti-Aliasing is in "beta" I'm not kidding. The missions are all very bland and very unbalanced, go here do this take this here do this. The enforcers sometimes get a VIP mission, where if their VIP dies X amount of times usually about 8 then the criminals win, but if X number of criminals die about then the enforcers win.

    This is incredibly stupid because the enforcers can just hide their VIP in the top of a building and have their whole team defend them, with no penalty of death. All of the missions involve camping as well, so if you were expecting lots of team fighting going on in the streets, well, sorry about your luck.

    There are also a LOT of hackers in this game, and they run rampant. The hits are also server based, so you'll be tearing your hair out asking how you didn't kill that guy you just shot 5 feet from you. The worst part about this game though is the way they handle the real money system.

    Randomly, messages will pop up telling you to premium, saying you will get some kind of bonus. The bonus is HUGE. This will allow you to breeze through the unlocks, whereas the free player will have a long grind. All in all, the game is as mediocre as ever and nothing has been improved from the original release. The biggest slap to the face is that the people who bought that game are going under the name "Gamersfirst" which is most definitely untrue.

    I played this game for a while in Beta before i just utterly got bored. The character creation is very limited, and as I like creating my character close to what I have in mind, it was pretty much impossible with the narrow and bad graphical design of features. Now, Imagine doing the above paragraph perhaps times.

    Yes, the first times are fun to some, but after 'the fun level' rapidly decreases, you will do what I did, and move onto something else. When you complete the missions, you gain money which you can go to the social district and buy cars, clothes, change your looks etc But with the update a few months ago while allows you to gain half of what you would have got, it takes weeks even months to get decent cars. So if you want to spend your life on actually doing a good few hundred missions to get one of the best cars in the game, then go for it.

    But I guarantee that your time will be wasted as you feel completely sick in doing the same missions over and over again.

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    8. It's not all bad though. It is a really fun game to play with friends and team members. On the other hand, a group of friends more than 4 can't play with each other because the max you can have in a team is 4 players. Nevertheless, it is fun and playing tactical and talking on Teamspeak does make the game more fun to play At the first hour I played it, I would have scored APB around , however that number started to decrease after I played maybe 20 missions. I wouldn't let my enemy play this game, it is that bad overall.

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      I further will not guarantee wins or claim I can level you up. I simply can show you some ways to play better than a beginner level. Originally posted by KiLLeR:. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.