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I wanted to show off my dope cooking skills and fight the occasional fires! So it all worked out. So how does a firefighter get recruited to be in these calendars? Well, there's a fax that comes over to each and every house. There's basic criteria you have to follow in terms of personality, looks and extra curricular activities.

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So you submit a little bio of yourself, you have a face-to-face interview and then you're selected. So you nominated yourself? Or do your buddies nominate you? No, I definitely nominated myself. When you see the fax come over it's up to you to venture your name out, if you so choose to be that bold.

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Was there anyone else from your unit that applied? No, no, nobody else. As much as anybody would think it's that easy to just stand out there, shirtless, it's not. You're leaving yourself open to a lot of attention that maybe you don't want.

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So is this a one time gig with the calendar? Can you only appear in it for one year? Yes, it's a one time deal only. I'm one out of 11, Are you hoping that this calendar could maybe help you meet a lady?

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No, I'm not hoping that this calendar will increase my chances of meeting a special someone because if I'm relying on the calendar to do that then I'm in dire straits as a person. Do you get teased by other firefighters for doing this? Lots of gentle ribbing. As gentle as it gets in the firehouse, which is not gentle at all. But it's all in good fun, it's all in good fun.

It definitely helps ground you. This calendar has been a great ego boost and sometimes that can be very unhealthy.

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  4. What do you mean? I mean in terms of thinking too highly of yourself. Nobody is really that important. I mean, you get a lot of attention at times. It's nice to be important, but it's very important to be nice.

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    Can you tell me what the scariest incident you've had on the job has been? Any time I walk through these doors it's scary because you never know what to expect. It can be a myriad of car accidents or maybe, occasionally, really bad fires.

    We go to a wide range of emergencies. The scariest part is when you finally get your radio and you're on duty. What's a "typical" day in the firehouse like? On a basic day we gather at roll call, assign positions to each and every person that's riding that day and we go on with our day, starting with our committee work.

    We have to clean the house, straighten up, get the kitchen tight and look to get a meal. So we'll go to the supermarket, that's how you guys see us. That's usually in the morning. We go pick up lunch and we'll bring it back and usually we either have training at Randall's Island. That's where our training facility is. Or we'll have building inspection, which we have nine hours a week. So we either have A. So the days are pretty packed. The DVD shows the muscular Biserta stripping naked at the urging of several excited women who stand off-camera.

    Did any firemen 'Rescue Me' at this singles mixer?

    In that case, the FDNY was caught off-guard by the video, which surfaced after the annual firefighter calendar was printed with Biserta and other shirtless firemen. This gives new meaning to a probie. A friend said the rookie smoke-eater was "excited" about his new gig at the Bronx's Engine But Jesensky tells people he's not gay and that his porn work was just a job. He continues to pile on the accolades.

    Earlier this month, he graduated in the top 10 of his member class of new firefighters. Jesensky is not the first city firefighter to cash in his five-alarm frame.

    Former NYC Firefighter Says Experience As Child ‘Contributed To My Interest In Dating Trans’

    Officials say Jesensky was upfront about his X-rated film past before he was hired by the city. With Tina Moore and Joe Stepansky.