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Casting Call Information

In fact, he's proud of it. Simply put, Pairulli is a mama's boy. And now, he is a part of yet another reality TV series about a cast of Italian-American characters, along with Anthony, 36, an aspiring cartoonist, Chip, 36, a personal trainer, Giovanni, 38, an aspiring fashion designer and Peter, 28, an aspiring actor. All of the boys live at home with mom, with the exception of Giovanni and Peter, who live at home with their Aunt Gina and father, Gus, respectively. And after that, you have 'Jersey Shore,' and I don't even want to go into that.

Half of the people aren't even Italian.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Pairulli and the rest of the stars of "Mama's Boys" said their lives are more true to the real ways of Italian families. We are showing our traditions and values and showing how we were really raised. Nearly 40 percent of grown men in Italy still live at home with their mothers.

Mother's boy

It's so common in Italian culture, there's a word for it, "mammino. Why he gotta move out? If he wants to, he is welcome to move out, but then I am going to worry about what he is going to eat, clean. I am going to worry.

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The TLC show includes its own healthy dose of partying, meticulous "manscaping" and skirt-chasing, but it seems like there is no girl out there that can measure up to mom. Are you outta your mind? I'm smart," Frankie Pairulli said. But there's never that perfect girl. I just want somebody that's compatible to me.

But is staying at home with the folks for decades a healthy way to live? Terry Real, a family therapist, said these "Mama's Boys" are classic Romeos who may not realize their bachelor days have an expiration date.

You Can't Cut the Cord For Him- How to Live With a Mama's Boy

It's good for you. It's about growth and development and depth, and if you stay at this other level, you're doomed to superficiality for the rest of your life," Real said. Pairulli insisted that he would much rather live at home than in a bachelor pad. While he doesn't have a curfew, his mother does seem to check up on him.

The girl has to leave at a certain time at night. So even if I try to sneak them in the door, it ain't happening. But let's face it, who would want to give up maid service and gourmet meal accommodations?

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  • Besides, mama knows best. Sons Close to Mom Not Wimps. A mother-bonded man is seen to give control of his own life to his mother.

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