Benefits of dating a bong girl

1. You’ll rarely hear her say “I’m on a salad diet.”

  1. Awesome Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Bengali Girl!
  2. Awesome Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Bengali Girl! - The Social Monk
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If TBBT is your benchmark for geekiness, you need to step up your game. I love the show too, by the way, for the laughs. Not trying to come across as a chauvinistic prick here, but do not judge a person by a set of rules. Marriage is way too overrated anyway. Thank you for succinctly putting what I was thinking exactly.

Being a Bong girl, the piece did not make me very happy. A cool dude not beefy like a WWF wrestler, but at least well-built up who has his brains in the right place is more welcome as a husband than a nerd with spectacles who only writes poetries and has his nose stuck in a book all day. I have no offences to one who thinks a Punjab ki kudi is hotter, they are hotter by the scale of looks, but it is the personality and intellect of Bong girls that make them hot. So they basically dont compare. And some points in the piece give a feeling that Bong girls are all about dominating and enslaving their partners.

Give it a break. We too want partners, not some puppy. I dont know if all these disqualify me for being regarded as a Bong girl, only the facct still remains that by birth, I am one. Hi Ria — This was a piece of satire and humour. Please do not be distressed by taking it too seriously. This was supposed to be funny people! Also, just so you know this was satire on stereotypes! We can either frown at it all our life or accept it and laugh at it.. Best of all we can laugh at ourselves! This blog post was written with tongue-in-cheek. After all you are a bong!!

I agree with all the points except no- 13, Bong women always force their sons to wear monkey caps, my mother did that to me when i was young. We are nothing without our mothers. Bengali mothers are fiercely protective of their sons. Well, being a probashi bangali.. I dont really have a prob if my guy cnt differentiate between rui and katla.. Why is it exactly opposite with me then? You are in the armed forces!!

I just have one suggestion. The points 8, 20 and 43 should be made 1, 2 and 3 respectively! Interesting piece of article! Inspite of being a Bong myself, never knew that girls were also interested in Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal rivalries. By the way, I hate fish, so does that mean am not getting a Bangali Bodhu for marriage?


Awesome Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Bengali Girl!

M a regular bong guy.. You see, i think computer is the best thing to have happened after electricity. Rather eat a crocodile. I hate begun bhaaja. Sherlock beats Sheldon Cooper anyday. A very small piece of advice: Never say Die before you are actually dead and all your negative points can be substituted by positive alternatives, eg.: At least such notions are in vogue; either wrongly or rightly but they are there.

When I wrote this, it was supposed to be funny, self deprecating humour. Had not intended to either glorify or demean anyone…A little shocked at some of the people attacking me personally. Hope good sense will prevail. Good on you Rimjhim Ray!! Like you said…………………hope good sense prevails! But, above all, you are really good at spinning tales and selling stuff for a living.

Fair points, well made. It is quite irritating to read through a piece with so many errors. Saree r pleat ta korte shekhoni keno? Your post has become viral, I guess it is nicely written.

Awesome Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Bengali Girl! - The Social Monk

Otherwise, why would so many people like it? Hey, I just felt, you got dumped by some Punjabi guy. It is perfectly fine. Things happen, we learn slowly. Without having knowledge about all these 50 points , I accidently have married a Bong lady about 36 years ago. Gradually I got to know what are my drawbacks and so on.

Marrying a Bong lady is surely a learning method to know about yourself. Absolutely loved the piece! Where will I find such a guy, who happily and willingly puts up with all my Bong quirks!!!!! Loved it…Very well written.. This is priceless advice for me!! Awesome piece of article…. Could relate to most of the points wid myself… though instead of luchi n begun bhaja i wud hv preferred luchi aar khejurer gur bt nonetheless begun bhaja is gud enuf…. This piece is a delight to read! So no compromise stands a change. Whether I agree with all your points or not is a different thing, but, girl, surely, you have a fantastic sense of humor.

Not a single point failed to make me laugh… laugh out loud, I mean. I laughed so laughed that my neighbor knocked on my door and asked if everything was okay, if I was out of mind. I assured him everything was okay, but I could sense he doubted it. Its upsetting to observe the dearth of good harmless humour these days..

Iv been reading the posts, whats with everyone attacking the woman who took out precious time to post this fairy impressive article? Reblogged this on Dreams and Dramas and commented: It is pretty amazing how I managed it so far with my girl-friend. Jeff Hardy taught himself how to play the guitar and is a member of a band called Peroxy?

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Gen Chris Jericho is the lead singer in a globe-trotting Band named Fozzy. The Rock no less!! Saw this doing the rounds, so had to read it. Why did I take the trouble to write this comment? If I were to write the same article I would have fared no better. Bong girls are Supperr hawwwtt…. Just like all bongs think they are Rabindra Naths, nobel laureates each of them, all bong girls think they are Bipasha.

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So stop being so self obsessed. I so so soooo loved this list!! Was hooked on, and with a Bengali best friend forever who dotes on me, I can say this is perfect. Marry and see, as I do, between me and her, It is always she and hers who talk, All I do is, at oppurtunity, offer, While she stands at the blackboard, to hand her the chalk. Nice and witty but you missed out on the Satyajit Ray bit and arthouse cinema! Ignorance of that is certainly a strong ground for dismissal. I could now relate this to most of my encounters with bong babes.. Now I know why we are happy together!!

I love my butter chicken as well as malaikaris. Yes,amritsari fish is an acceptable substitute for paturi. As is Chhole for Ghoogni. By the way,this write-up presents some questions at least in my mind. Gotta say this-Loved it. The cheekiness,the dry wit,the humour,the absurd,the bullets,the intro. In my view, Bengallis are amongst the most highly educated and intellectual people in India atleast the ones I have met. I fail to understand how they allow themselves to be ruled by thugs like Bannerjee and the Left Front.

8 Reasons Why You should Date A Bengali Girl

The thing is …. Ashakori sobai bujhe gechhe…50 reasons not enough! Aami Bengali aar aami jaani eilish ki aar katla ki…. Married to a bong, most of the points exist. Fortunately dint have to go through most of them to win her hand. U forgot to mention that in arguments of intelligence over rest of India, they are the only state to have the the most number of Nobel Prize Winners and this is constantly used.

LOL well written though after some point it became too much to handle. Its kind of a turn of reading such qualities in a women.. I think only Gay men can marry a bong women. HI Rimjhim…first time visit here saw this post shared on my FB wall and wow! Guess that is why I am a still single…. Love the comments and the little sorse-narkol tel war in between……..

Reblogged this on IN: SIDE out and commented: Im not Bengali by birth but a keralite… But brought up in kolkata… N i think point number 10, 11, 12, 21, 23, 38, 39, 40, 43, These are the 10 things dat make me bangalish… N for da record narkel tel is tasty too…. Its a brilliant article, I dont see why we have some trying to nitpick here..

Correct me, if am wrong: Bong is all about smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other stuffs. But you used that to refer to females from Bengal. Is that a common usage? Like Malayalees known as Mallu etc? Bong is used as a anglicized slang for bengali like mallus mean malayalees. I did not know about the other usage of bong. I should check it out. Loved the write up. To matter how much you deny, you just edited the article came in telegraph. And for bongs luchi and cholar dal are like conjoined twins.

I stand in total agreement with you, I do have a lack of sense of humour for repeated satires. More Fictional than Factual but enjoyable one never knows when what turns into what…. The best point i liked best: You think slower than she speaks — A bong girl beats any Chennai express hollow. You will be left fishing for words or thoughts. I am not a bengali but I am born and brought in west bengal.

And the above holds very true for all of my bengali friends. They really defeat my thoughts while speaking. I am a Bong married to a Gujarati! Its hilarious and should be taken in the right spirit.. If the original article or this adapted version or the other way round depicts what Bengali women are like, it seems they are a breed that are so comfortable with their surroundings that they would never dare to venture out and see what the world is like.

And yes it puts the bechara Bengali babus in a very poor light. As for the writing, it should have been kept shorter to keep most people engaged or hooked to the article. Yes, if the TRG is a self-consumed group of Bengalis or any other state for that matter , they would have enough time on their hands to actually read through all of this.

Yes, I have strong opinions. A south-Indian cannot survive in North India. A North-Indian would feel like an alien in a group of Bengalis. Love the passion in Punjabis, they will go any length to protect their friends. Love the intelligence of South-Indians, they will tell you the importance of living life simple. Love the talent in Bengalis, they will amaze you with the things that you can do apart from just your job.

And appreciate the industrious Gujjus who can turn everything to gold. I know that not all Punjabis are passionate and not all Bengalis talented. Then my dear, you are undermining the power of the pen and internet. May I tell you what was going through my mind while I wrote this? Having a small laugh at at our idiosyncrasies, my idiosyncrasies. Maybe it came out right. Great fitting reply Rimjhim… And as you know a better piece of writing has more than one interpretation. In real life, I try to break prejudices though I am guilty of the crimes at times. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves and not get caught up in cross-cultural debates.

Woman, I am gonna troll you henceforth! And for the record, now I know why so many alliances I hoped for a certain someone…………….. But insulting other culture shows how much culture you have. Your minds are petty and closed. Dont judge any culture just because you dont understand it.

People enjoy being racist and bashing others like some people just want to watch the world burn: There is no plural of brawn its just brawn. BrawnS on the other hand is a type of cold cut which im pretty sure is not what you were referring to in reason no. Infact my bong girl forwarded this to me and asked me read. What you have written actually makes sense and to an extent, it is true. Guys only god can save you. Well written…but too long…life itself is too complex to get involved with a bengali girl.

Rimjhim, Just a little clarification wanted…. I get a feel, more than a sarcastic approach it was some sort of subtle insult towards the Ladies. Being one of the bengali girls in my 20s I and most of my lady- friends beg to differ from most of your points. Cmon Madhurima, its just a witty cultural personification, am sure todays world is globalised enough to realise this, chill and have enjoy!.. This is definitely a well written article and quite hilarious at times but too often it borders on extreme regionalism. A lot of these traits are not typical to Bengali women and it makes me sad to see the degree of regional stereotyping you have resorted to.

I have some really intelligent Bengali friends but then I have met quite as many Bengalis who are appallingly stupid. Satire is effective when it criticizes social stereotypes, not when it endorses them. This was meant to laugh at the odd idiosyncrasy or two and any offence if caused is purely unintentional. I am a Bengali guy. I ace them in all totality. Given the number of hate forums against Bengalis in general and Bengali men in particular, a lot of negative hype has built up.

Bong girls are never bad. In fact, I find that occasional childish tantrum very sweet. Brings the protective side within every male to bear. Only that many a girl imprisons herself in the glass cell of false security when she is in a relationship. A tragic cutie-pie who loses her faith in herself and others.

No, this is not chauvinism. This is the truth. Had a good laugh reading your piece: Of course I am Bong! I dated a bong girl for some time, and I believe if anyone can get close to bong girls … its us Mallus probably the communism and the fish in the blood!! Ray for the elaborateness, I just felt I had to. The answer is not giving an answer but say — Tumi bolo. And let this go into an infinite loop. Hilarious…wasnt sure whom to go for??? Have found unmistakable clarity….

Useful or not, it is most hillarious. Especially to bong men like me, who upon self-reflection feel almost arrogant of having so many of the enlisted properties by default. It ached my stomach in the best of all ways — laughing..!! Hi, Sumit forwarded me this link because I am a bong. All your points made me laugh through out..!! Well written piece indeed with an objective to have a positive sense of fun for those who understand as wat this is. Very well written and funny to boot…married to a Bong for over a decade…Biggest change.. Apologies to all for the incorrect grammer and text..

One study says thousands of bong girls are failed to get married even at their 35s.

Wake up bong girls! I just had to come with no choice thank her… and what I find is.. Lots of comments, huh! Had fun reading it … even more fun reposting it on FB. Not sure all of this is true but what the heck….. For some reason, this reminded me of Vicky Donor. Inter-culture associations are often funny. Guys, please be careful while replying to such racial slurs. I can bet that this is a Paki and not a Tam!

Some of the stereotypes are probably true, but some are too specific. I know a remarkably large number of nubile Bengali women who are not interested in Big Bang Theory and are swayed by ostentation of wealth and muscles. In fact, a good percentage of urban. I have been after a bong girl for some time, and I believe this is the best post about Bong Girls you ever find anywhere..

Whatever it may be…i like bong girl very much as they having beuty…. I do agree to all of these points… being a supposedly fiery Bong myself. Sharing this on Twitter IshitaUnblogged. Look forward to more: Your blog going viral like wildfire, sis! Some fellow is up his sleeves to make his point. Felt like sharing with you. Check this out — https: Extraordinary and amazingly honest, incredible sensitivity and empathy… you exemplify all this and more. More power to you and your pen. A big yawn to the attitude! Enjoyed the comments more than the article, it was way too lengthy, witty probably but humorous or not is to each their own perception.

This is trending in our family FB group and cousins are having a field day. Other day one of themforwarded this to my hubby too. I too a bong girl. I have lived in almost every corner of India and can speak and understand almost all the languages of India. I find Bengali to be the sweetest language and Bengali girls are the most beautiful. They are creative and they love reading incessantly. They love singing, dancing, poetry, Golgappas puchkas , watching football and Dhaki dancing at Aarti dance competition of Durgo pujo.

They love fish, prawns, mustard oil, singhadhas samosas , loochis poories , Mishty Dohee Yoghurt-sweetened and of course, Rosogullas. I forgot to mention Mosala Mudhi, aloo chaat and Rabindro Songeet. Rimjhim your new post https: Hey how uncannily close to what I am — especially the Sheldon Cooper bit! Love u for assessing us right!!!!!! We r like this…love it or hate it.. They are really talented and can beat the shit out of you!!!! In few things mostly related to literature. I have to praise my gf everyday, no matter what she wears and I am short of it now.

No matter what she cooks you need to give feedback exactly after first bite…maybe you can give a feedback even before having the first morsel, she wont mind…but if u finish the first one and move towards the second one…. No-one has ever spelled or written her name correctly since last 5 years as I know her.

Bong guys are most champu I have ever seen.. Can start crying in anykinda bollywood movies u just need to put some mamta and masala in it…. Bong guys are the real drama-queens here! Really enjoyed that one. Very nicely written with loads of humour.. But that guy was a Brahmin so that probably gave him extra bit of fire. Another Bong Brahmin guy said bong girls are primitive and dumb too. I leave you to the fury of the primitive, dumb bengali women.

But I guess because I am not a man, I do not qualify to be intelligent. Our countymen do put women in their proper places. Man you really have too much free time to think of all these shits.. Go get a job man or you cannot measure up to any girl and really forget a bong girl, you are not up to that level. Sourav-You are a Bengali but definitely belong to low IQ retarded one because you should know that your blogger being scared in names of Sampan and Sunny did not moderate our comments. And you should know Sunny is my friend and Sunny knows Sampan very well as well as Sambit because he has one record of winning 2 gold medals in both Physics and Mathematics Olympiad.

Sunny told Sampan about it and he showed as much interest as someone would show to a naive,mentally retarded people. BTW,I have nothing against Bengali girls but compared to your Brahmin-Kayastha guys they have not achieved significant in intellectual field. Our condolences for the Romanian American that she has to see the worst side of a nation plagued by caste and gender myopia.

10 Reasons Why It’s Amazing To Date A Bong Girl

If you do not stop abusing me and my readers, we will have to report and ban you. Pandey is such an entertainer. Rimjhim Ray-the caste discussion was brought thereby Sambit,sampan and Rik Sengupta who were all Brahmins. Matter of fact the foreigners know that apart from Brahmin there is no intelligence group there in India. Sampan made a post on 11th Sept about research of Razib Khan and his genetic analysis where you can find the genetic distribution of Brahmin of a particular ethnicity is completely different to that of a vaishya of that same community.

You better read his comments and Brahmin,Khatriya ,Jat etc are Aryan tribes,rest of them are not. Totally loved it…the post and the comments that followed…while you are telling others to take it as humor you should also take it easy by not defending it so much. That only means one thing, you took it personally too…all in all a totally enjoyable experience!!! Been dating the most beautiful bong girl ever for 7 years…With every line I was like.. Bong girls have straying inclinations these days… which just means, they prefer Twilight to Charulata.

I read to your blog via a thread on facebook and i am mighty impressed with the wordplay in all your blogs.. And talking about stereotypes, atleast try befriending a Punjabi girl, before claiming your supremacy. Indulging in such kind of narrow mindedness, not too good for our country. Bongs have people like rabindranath tagore, amartya sen, suchitra sen,satyajeet ray to boast about. Articles like this are just used to boost the ego of some self centered bengalis. Reasons why you will not marry a bong girl: Reasons not to marry a bengali girl: She is invariably from Kolkata, even if apparently she is from Murshidabad, Ichhapore, Muzzafarnagar, Patna or other parts of Bihar or Jharkhand.

She might even turn out to be a Bihari, proclaiming to be Bengali. She is supremely self confident about her looks and intellect, her self estimate will deviate from reality with a standard deviation of minus 9 sigma. Her physical temperature will lead her to presume she is hot. She knows Bharatnatyam, Kathak or some other classical dance form.

A few women having a crush on the boyfriend is an ego boost… but god save the husband if he is caught being chivalrous to any woman. As a wife, she will still do it, to see whether you are in constant touch with that hot colleague. And have less patience than most of her tribe with the sports channel. She prefers stability over risk. And then complain when those risks taken by someone else pay off. So your wife will not be the woman you dated. Also her bonsais and cacti.

Bengali Guys & Their Traits

And she expects you to do the same. Even if she is a science graduate and had three papers in maths. She must feed the kid during a minute Metro journey and she will preserve a half-decaying, smelly banana for the purpose. As if the kid would get malnourished if the feeding happened 16 minutes later! They have to be pulled out and scrutinised right in the middle of a crowded Metro compartment. The really beautiful ones leave for Bollywood. The ones who are left behind are not worth marrying.

The modern Bong woman often smokes more and drinks more than her husband. And no man compares to her Daddy to find a place in her heart. There something about those eyes and the dusky skin. She looks like she has promise. But she seldom lives up to it. All you can do is ogle discreetly. She is a firm practitioner of mind over matter. Look,Men are not jealous of strong women ,independent women Infact they prefer people who know to stand on their own feet Infact nobody would like to date people who are frail,who have flimsy egos and the sort I do agree that there are people who envy women who advocate genuine feminism I don't think it would be fair to 'stereotype' bengali women as a whole,I have met many people who are stark opposites of what i've read here.

Talking about possessiveness,You pointed out that a bengali woman is entitled to have boyfriends Infact people with double standards and a false notion of feminism should be shown the door and if they have an egoistic attitude and if they possess the so called Superiority complex Mam what ever u say have some argumentative issues in it how abt the character issues they have in their whole life does it called to be liberal or something else. Maybe no one likes them because they're too busy obsessing over themselves? Don't use a 'tree' to justify the whole forest!

For sure there is good and imperfect one. Once you choose, you have to love it than complaining! Always just yourself first before others! Here I have something wish to share with all of you. Please go to below Sulekha link:. China vs India strength in term of economy, military, education, entertainment, land dispute and every things There are many true videos to explain the latest China in term of technology, development, cities, entertainments, cultures, etc. Indians people like to compare themselves with China. There are many real evidences, data, video to prove which one is true.

Please read all the comments only and watch all the suggested video links. You will find something very difference at India compared with world second largest economy powerhouse. Please share your comment and feedback about the comments and videos. If you like these videos, please share it or invite your Indian friends to visit this page. Hope more Indians know more true China I just LOVE the comments section of this post! Butt-hurt, grown-ass men, unable to handle strong, independent, opinionated women who refuse to take over the role of their moms or hide behind pallus, venting their anger and frustration here on a public post.

Being house is also a great job Argumentative over silliest of matters! Life is too short for spending on that type!!